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1. "In America, people think being South Asian is still kind of exotic. When you go outside New York and Chicago and L.A., there are people who have never tried Indian food... they've never even tasted it!"
Author: Aasif Mandvi
2. "One thing I carried my whole life, especially from my grandparents in Chicago, was a huge idealism for the world."
Author: Abigail Washburn
3. "I have two homes, like someone who leaves their hometown and/or parents and then establishes a life elsewhere. They might say that they're going home when they return to see old friends or parents, but then they go home as well when they go to where they live now. Sarajevo is home, Chicago is home."
Author: Aleksandar Hemon
4. "No es un maldito "llanto de ayuda" así que retrocede, Sir Lancelot. Estaciona tu corcel blanco en la vida de otra chica."
Author: Anne Eliot
5. "Abraham helped build their cabin and split rails for a fence, but he soon left home for good. The log cabin near Decatur was, I learned, the one that went on tour after the assassination. It was dismantled by John Hanks, Lincoln's second cousin, and taken to Chicago and then to Boston. The last sighting of it, as least as far as we can ascertain, was at P.T. Barnum's museum in New York. It was apparently lost at sea while being shipped to England."
Author: Annie Leibovitz
6. "But my favorite band is Curbside Life, out of Chicago."
Author: Augusten Burroughs
7. "Currently, I am overseeing the construction of the new Trump Tower in Chicago. I am involved in meeting with the construction crews, architects and sales teams. I am learning a lot and working with some of the best in the business."
Author: Bill Rancic
8. "Bud Johnson, God rest his soul of fame, a tenor saxophonist. Bud was always a big, big, big booster of mine and he always when I first met Bud in Pittsburgh when he came through there, he heard me sing and he wanted me to come to Chicago."
Author: Billy Eckstine
9. "I love Chicago. I lived there briefly for three months and kept a boat under one of those space-age buildings. It was very Jetsons."
Author: Candace Bushnell
10. "The impediment to scientific thinking is not, I think, the difficulty of the subject. Complex intellectual feats have been mainstays even of oppressed cultures. Shamans, magicians and theologians are highly skilled in their intricate and arcane arts. No, the impediment is political and hierarchical."
Author: Carl Sagan
11. "The Sixties were different in an isolated place. We got two television channels if the wind was blowing in the right direction. The radio stations went off at sundown. Then you picked up Chicago and heard the teenage music you really yearned for."
Author: Charles Frazier
12. "Oh, Dios mío, Les. No puedo explicarte cómo de perfecta es esta chica. Y cuando digo perfecta, quiero decir imperfecta, porque hay tantas cosas mal con ella. Pero todo lo que está mal con ella es todo lo que me atrae y la hace perfecta"
Author: Colleen Hoover
13. "—Sky, no te voy a besar esta noche, pero créeme cuando te digo, nunca he querido besar más a una chica. Así que deja de pensar que no me siento atraído por ti porque no tienes ni idea de cuánto lo estoy. Puedes sostener mi mano, puedes correr tus dedos a través de mi cabello, puedes sentarte a horcajadas sobre mí mientras te doy de comer espagueti, pero no vas a conseguir ser besada esta noche. Y probablemente mañana, tampoco. Necesito esto. Necesito saber con seguridad que estas sintiendo cada una de las cosas que estoy sintiendo en el momento en que mis labios toquen los tuyos. Porque quiero que tu primer beso sea el mejor primer beso en la historia de los primeros besos."
Author: Colleen Hoover
14. "Kaitlin said, "I'm so sick of that 'Greatest Generation' crap. We finally drove a silver nail through the heart of Generation X, only to have this new monster rear its head. And I'm soooooo sick of Tom Hanks looking earnest all the time. They should make a Tom Hanks movie where Tom kills off Greatest Generation figureheads one by one."Bree arrived on cue: "And then he starts killing other generations. He becomes this supernova of hate--all he wants to do is destroy.""Hate clings to him like a rich, lathery shampoo. His lungs secrete it like anthrax foam."Mom lost it. "Stop it! All of you! Tom Hanks is a fine actor who would never hurt anybody. At least not onscreen."I thought, 'Hey, didn't Tom Hanks mow down half of Chicago in "Road to Perdition?"' Well, whatever."
Author: Douglas Coupland
15. "In TIME June 7, 2010On the sustainability of the publishing industry, in the Chicago Tribune:"I think that book publishing is about to slide into the sea. We live in a literate time, and our children are writing up a storm, often combining letters and numbers.... The future of publishing: 18 million authors in America, each with an average of 14 readers, eight of whom are blood relatives. Average annual earnings: $175." - 5/26/10"
Author: Garrison Keillor
16. "Our friends in the group Chicago, they just numbered theirs and we thought that was kind of neat but it made continuity from album to album and that was our way of doing it."
Author: Gerry Beckley
17. "We're afraid the others will think we're agringadas because we don't speak Chicano Spanish. We oppress each other trying to out-Chicano each other, vying to be "real" Chicanas, to speak like Chicanos. There is no one Chicano language just as there is no one Chicano experience."
Author: Gloria E. Anzaldúa
18. "Puedes estar rodeado de personas y seguir estando solo. Puedes ser la persona más popular de la escuela, envidiada por cada chica y querida por cada chico, y aún así sentirte sin valor.El mundo puede estar en tus pies y tú aún sin saber lo que quieres de él."
Author: Hannah Harrington
19. "Las medias, la franela, el sostén, parecían casas arrasadas por un huracán. Del otro lado del mundo la mamá insistía en decir cosas que ella no lograba descifrar. Se paró frente al espejo y se sobresaltó. Cada día lo mismo. La chica desnuda frente a sí le parecía tan distinta a la que era apenas uno, dos años atrás. No dejaba de asombrarle con qué prisa le crecían los pechos, con sus manchas oscuras que se derramaban espesamente, como sirop de chocolate."
Author: Héctor Torres
20. "When I come to Chicago, I gorge myself. I get off the plane and start with Gene and Jude's for two hot dogs with everything, swing by The Fudge Pot for a taffy apple and a turtle, chocolate clusters at Sarah's Pastries and Candies and steak at Smith and Wollensky. I find time for Gino's pizza within the next 12 hours."
Author: James Belushi
21. "The novel as a form is usually seen to be moral if its readers consider freedom, individuality, democracy, privacy, social connection, tolerance and hope to be morally good, but it is not considered moral if the highest values of a society are adherence to rules and traditional mores, the maintenance of hierarchical relationships, and absolute ideas of right and wrong. Any society based on the latter will find novels inherently immoral and subversive."
Author: Jane Smiley
22. "I have a place in Chicago and I get there as much as I can... The city is so unbelievably beautiful. It's one of the greatest cities on the planet. My heart beats differently when I'm in Chicago. It slows down and I feel more at ease."
Author: Jeremy Piven
23. "That's great advertising when you can turn Chicago into a city you'd want to spend more than three hours in."
Author: Jerry Della Femina
24. "..the hope I have for women: that we can start to see ourselves-and encourage men to see us-as more than just the sum of our sexual parts: not as virgins or whores, as mothers or girlfriends, or as existing only in relation to men, but as people with independent desires, hopes and abilities. But I know that this can't happen as long as American culture continues to inundate us with gender-role messages that place everyone-men and women-in an unnatural hierarchical order that's impossible to maintain without strife. For women to move forward, and for men to break free, we need to overcome the masculinity status quo-together."
Author: Jessica Valenti
25. "My name is Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden. Conjure by it at your own risk. I'm a wizard. I work out of an office in midtown Chicago. As far as I know, I'm the only openly practicing professional wizard in the country. You can find me in the yellow pages, under "Wizards." Believe it or not, I'm the only one there. My ad looks like this:HARRY DRESDEN — WIZARDLost Items Found. Paranormal Investigations.Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates.No Love Potions, Endless Purses, Parties, or Other EntertainmentYou'd be surprised how many people call just to ask me if I'm serious."
Author: Jim Butcher
26. "I think that unless you grew up in New York or Chicago or Los Angeles, you're sheltered."
Author: Jordana Brewster
27. "Chicago will give you a chance. The sporting spirit is the spirit of Chicago."
Author: Lincoln Steffens
28. "Si no sientes nada por mi ¿Por qué siempre que estoy con otra chica te molestas? ¿Por qué aunque estés en los brazos de tu adorado novio me miras a mí?"
Author: Lolo Mayaya
29. "Unlike New York or Chicago, once you were inside Boston, any point in the city was fairly convenient to any other."
Author: Matthew Pearl
30. "All companies can benefit from fostering a more flexible environment (creating a place where the most talented, industrious, and entrepreneurial people want to work) and relinquishing hierarchical control to favor a results-oriented meritocracy."
Author: Maynard Webb
31. "In '75, the year both A Chorus Line and Chicago hit Broadway, my head spun around and I became the ultimate theater queen for life."
Author: Michael Musto
32. "His last 2 shows in the U.S. were in Chicago and St. Louis. I don't know what made me go on the trip with him, but I'm so very glad I did. They were two of the finest concerts I've ever seen."
Author: Nancy Sinatra
33. "Mi padre decía que la primera vez que te enamoras te cambia la vida para siempre, y por más que lo intentes, jamás lograrás borrar ese sentimiento tan profundo. Esa chica fue tu primer amor, y hagas lo que hagas, siempre estará presente en tu corazón."
Author: Nicholas Sparks
34. "Todo lo que hace que las chicas asiáticas parezcan exóticas hace que los chicos asiáticos parezcan como chicas."
Author: Rainbow Rowell
35. "It has to be because unemployment problems in northwest Indiana are similar to those in southeast Chicago."
Author: Richard M. Daley
36. "I grew up in Dolton, just south of Chicago, about a 20-minute drive from old Comiskey Park."
Author: Richard Roeper
37. "And the big issue here, I think, is that the publisher took over the editorial pages, a guy named Jeff Johnson. He's an accountant from Chicago, doesn't know anything about what newspapers are supposed to be about, and he made a decision to get rid of the column."
Author: Robert Scheer
38. "In Dallas for the premier of '9 to 5', I had an uncanny experience, and on the plane home to Chicago I confessed it to Siskel: I had been granted a private half hour with Dolly Parton, and as we spoke I was filled with a strange ethereal grace. This was not spiritual, nor was it sexual. It was healing and comforting. Gene listened and said, "Roger, I felt the exact same thing during my interview with her." We looked at each other. What did this mean? Neither one of us ever felt that feeling again. From time to time we would refer to it in wonder."
Author: Roger Ebert
39. "You can make it all right if you will only be satisfied to remain small,' I told myself. I had to keep saying it over and over to myself. 'Be little. Don't try to be big. Work under the guns. Be a little worm in the fair apple of life.' I got all of these sayings at my tongue's end, used to go through the streets of Chicago muttering them to myself."
Author: Sherwood Anderson
40. "But the final price of freedom is the willingness to face that most frightening of all beings, one's own self. Starlight vision, the "other way of knowing," is the mode of perception of the unconscious, rather than the conscious mind. The depths of our own beings are not all sunlit; to see clearly, we must be willing to dive into the dark, inner abyss and acknowledge the creatures we may find there. For, as Jungian analyst M. Esther Harding explains in Woman's Mysteries, "These subjective factors … are potent psychical entities, they belong to the totality of our being, they cannot be destroyed. So long as they are unrecognized outcasts from our conscious life, they will come between us and all the objects we view, and our whole world will be either distorted or illuminated."
Author: Starhawk
41. "Her name was Melanie Stryder. She was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was in Los Angeles when the occupation became known to her, and she hid in the wilderness for a few years before finding... Hmmm. Sorry, I'll try that one again later. The body has seen twenty years. She drove to Chicago from..." I shook my head. "There were several stages, not all of them alone. The vehicle was stolen. She was searching for a cousin named Sharon, whom she had reason to hope was still human. She neither found nor contacted anyone before she was spotted. But..." I struggled, fighting against another blank wall. "I think... I can't be sure... I think she left a note... somewhere."
Author: Stephenie Meyer
42. "I moved to Chicago in 1980 to go to college."
Author: Steve Albini
43. "What brought me to L.A. was work! I moved to Chicago after college - I went to Kalamazoo - did my nerd thing, graduated, and moved to Chicago to pursue improv."
Author: Steven Yeun
44. "Empiezo a recuperar la concentración cuando Caesar le pregunta si tiene una novia en casa.Peeta vacila y después sacude la cabeza, aunque no muy convencido.—¿Un chico guapo como tú? Tiene que haber una chica especial. Venga, ¿cómo se llama?—Bueno, hay una chica —responde él, suspirando—. Llevo enamorado de ella desde que tengo uso de razón, pero estoy seguro de que ella no sabía nada de mí hasta la cosecha.La multitud expresa su simpatía: comprenden lo que es un amor no correspondido.—¿Tiene otro?—No lo sé, aunque les gusta a muchos chicos.—Entonces te diré lo que tienes que hacer: gana y vuelve a casa. Así no podrá rechazarte, ¿eh? —lo anima Caesar.—Creo que no funcionaría. Ganar… no ayudará en mi caso.—¿Por qué no? —pregunta Caesar, perplejo.—Porque… —empieza a balbucear Peeta, ruborizándose—. Porque… ella esta aquí conmigo."
Author: Suzanne Collins
45. "After three years in Chicago, I decided to call it a career."
Author: Ted Lindsay
46. "When Caroline Meeber boarded the afternoon train for Chicago, her total outfit consisted of a small trunk, a cheap imitation alligator-skin satchel, a small lunch in a paper box, and a yellow leather snap purse, containing her ticket, a scrap of paper with her sister's address in Van Buren Street, and four dollars in money. It was in August, 1889. She was eighteen years of age, bright, timid, and full of the illusions of ignorance and youth. Whatever touch of regret at parting characterised her thoughts, it was certainly not for advantages now being given up. A gush of tears at her mother's farewell kiss, a touch in her throat when the cars clacked by the flour mill where her father worked by the day, a pathetic sigh as the familiar green environs of the village passed in review, and the threads which bound her so lightly to girlhood and home were irretrievably broken."
Author: Theodore Dreiser
47. "Y con ánimo sombrío pensó en que aún estaba muy lejos de llegar a algo con una chica si sólo pretendía idolatrarla y después morir noblemente por ella."
Author: Thomas Brussig
48. "-Terrorífico -dice Will con fingida seriedad-. Esa es mi chica. Dura como bola de algodón."
Author: Veronica Roth
49. "Overall, I think Michael Jordan is the greatest athlete in any particular sport. He dominated the game for the Chicago Bulls and brought the NBA to its greatest peak of popularity."
Author: Will McDonough
50. "May 4th is a particularly memorable day in American history because 84 years to the day before May 4, 1970, there was another demonstration at the Haymarket Square in Chicago."
Author: William Kunstler

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