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Favorite Childrens Books And Reading Quotes

1. "Avid readers are a breed of their own, and we're often accused of being heady. I don't care. I love books and can devour one in a whole day if I'm allowed."
Author: AnnaLisa Grant
2. "I read my books aloud before they were published."
Author: Beverly Cleary
3. "If I'm riding my bike I just replay the same scenarios over and over in my head, like I haven't had a new mental adventure since high school. So that's what I like about books on tape, so my mind can't wander anywhere."
Author: David Sedaris
4. "I did not imagine anyone reading my rambling, ranting stories. I was writing for myself, trying to shape my life outside my terrors and helplessness, to make it visible and real in a tangible way, in the way other people's seemed real -- the lives I had read about in books."
Author: Dorothy Allison
5. "Yes, the early leaders and the people generally of this great nation recognized the necessity for spiritual support if the nation was to endure. They gave humble expression to this conviction in the inscription, ‘In God We Trust' found on the coins of the land. The holy Sabbath was a day of rest and worship. Religious devotion in the home was a common practice. Family prayer, reading of the holy scriptures, and the singing of hymns were an everyday occurrence. There is every evidence that ‘our fathers looked to God for their direction."
Author: Ezra Taft Benson
6. "But one learns from books and reels only that certain things can be done. Actual learning requires that you do those things."
Author: Frank Herbert
7. "Sam loved to listen to music and make his own songs, to wear soft velvets, to play in the castle kitchen beside the cooks, drinking in the rich smells as he snitched lemon cakes and blueberry tarts. His passions were books and kittens and dancing, clumsy as he was."
Author: George R.R. Martin
8. "... one flaw throws the loveliness of [everything else] into focus. I remember reading that Shakers deliberately introduced a mistake into the things they made, to show that man shouldn't aspire to the perfection of God. Flawed can be more perfect than perfection."
Author: Gretchen Rubin
9. "When books are opened, we discover that we have wings"
Author: Helen Hayes
10. "My books are my staple diet. As serious as insulin doses for those who are diabetics!"
Author: Hlovate
11. "I really love folklore. I had read a lot of faerie folklore that informed the books I wrote. I also really love vampire folklore; my eighth grade research paper was on [it]. [With this project,] it was really helpful to think about the way you can use language. When you're writing about faeries, you can't call anyone "fey"; there are certain words that become forbidden because they're actualized in what faeries do. When you write about vampires, you could think the same way about things like the word "red" or "hunger"--it's interesting to think of the ways that the words have double meanings, or different meanings that shifted."
Author: Holly Black
12. "If children are reading well by the 3rd or 4th grade then everything else works."
Author: John Rowland
13. "I can see you, out there, reading between the lines. Come home, stranger. Come home, untangler of my thoughts. Come home and tell me, what do I do with this breaking heart of mine?"
Author: Kamila Shamsie
14. "True love, it's like an illness. I never understood it before. In books and plays. Poems. I never understood what drove otherwise intelligent, right-thinking people to do such extravagant, irrational things. Now I do. It's an illness. You can catch it when you least expect. There's no known cure. And sometimes, in its most extreme, it's fatal."
Author: Kate Morton
15. "The Keys To Happiness1.Finishing the Grave Digger's Handbook.2.Escaping the ire of Santa Maria.3.Recieving two books for Christmas."
Author: Markus Zusak
16. "They do not learn, fixed in their ways as they are. You are naïve tothink otherwise. It's an illness, Assassin, for which there is but one cure.'‘You're wrong. And that's why you must be put to rest.'‘Am I not unlike those precious books you seek to save? A source of knowledgewith which you disagree? Yet you're rather quick to steal my life.'‘A small sacrifice to save many. It is necessary."
Author: Oliver Bowden
17. "So we may use our books to form a barricade against the world,interweaving their words with our own to ward off the heat of the day."
Author: Peter Ackroyd
18. "To this day I always insist on working out a problem from the beginning without reading up on it first, a habit that sometimes gets me into trouble but just as often helps me see things my predecessors have missed."
Author: Robert B. Laughlin
19. "I am so sick of reading about another car bomb, another suicide bomber, another 10, 20, 30, 70, 100 people dead in a day, both Americans and Iraqis."
Author: Rosanne Cash
20. "It was a few minutes before Helena could stop panting. She dared not read any further, or she'd crash through the connecting door and ravish Hastings—and she was far from sure how she felt about him.-- As she was reading the manuscript of The Bride of Larkspear"
Author: Sherry Thomas
21. "I remembered talking with a writer friend who lived in Otisfield and supported his wife and two kids by raising chickens and turning out one paperback original a year — spy stories. We had gotten talking about the bulge in popularity of books concerning themselves with the supernatural. Gault pointed out that in the forties Weird Tales had only been able to pay a pittance, and then in the fifties it went broke. When the machines fail, he had said (while his wife candled eggs and roosters crowed querulously outside), when the technologies fail, when the conventional religious systems fail, people have got to have something. Even a zombie lurching through the night can seem pretty cheerful compared to the existential comedy/horror of the ozone layer dissolving under the combined assault of a million fluorocarbon spray cans of deodorant."
Author: Stephen King
22. "I don't ever write with a particular audience in mind. I just write books that please me."
Author: William Landay

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