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1. "We will restore science to its rightful place and wield technology's wonders to raise health care's quality and lower its cost."
Author: Barack Obama
2. "For me the purest and truest art in the world is science fiction."
Author: C. J. Cherryh
3. "We receive the truths of science by compulsion. Nothing but ignorance is able to resist them."
Author: Chauncey Wright
4. "I was strongly encouraged by a science teacher who took an interest in me and presented me with a key to the laboratory to allow me to work whenever I wanted."
Author: Frederick Reines
5. "One of the many things that surprised me about 'Wool' is how many of its fans don't consider themselves science fiction readers."
Author: Hugh Howey
6. "Natural science is founded on minute critical views of the general order of events taking place upon our globe, corrected, enlarged, or exalted by experiments, in which the agents concerned are placed under new circumstances, and their diversified properties separately examined. The body of natural science, then, consists of facts; is analogy,—the relation of resemblance of facts by which its different parts are connected, arranged, and employed, either for popular use, or for new speculative improvements."
Author: Humphry Davy
7. "That's science fiction shit," "It's only fiction until science catches up."
Author: J D Robb Fantasy In Death
8. "Truth in science can be defined as the working hypothesis best suited to open the way to the next better one."
Author: Konrad Lorenz
9. "The only real science is the knowledge of how a person should live his life. And this knowledge is open to everyone."
Author: Leo Tolstoy
10. "The true science of martial arts means practicing them in such a way that they will be useful at any time, and to teach them in such a way that they will be useful in all things."
Author: Miyamoto Musashi
11. "My mother fed my love of demons, science fiction, and paranormal. She was a devout horror movie fan who kept me up until the wee hours to watch 'Outer Limits,' 'Night Gallery,' 'Twilight Zone,' and 'Star Trek.' We lived to watch those reruns."
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
12. "It's so hard to believe in anything anymore. I mean, it's like, religion, you really can't take it seriously, because it seems so mythological, it seems so arbitrary...but, on the other hand, science is just pure empiricism, and by virtue of its method, it excludes metaphysics. I guess I wouldn't believe in anything anymore if it weren't for my lucky astrology mood watch."
Author: Steve Martin
13. "It's actually very beautiful when you can't conceive on your own, you can actually go to the doctors and with science you can create a child."
Author: Tamar Braxton

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