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1. "Claire knew she was in control of her actions, she could choose to fight or complain. Her plan was for self-preservation until she was free. This had been a good old-fashioned thunderstorm, loud and boisterous but no real damage."
Author: Aleatha Romig
2. "Claire believed she was teetering literally on the edge of sanity. A strong wind was all it would take to blow her one way or the other. Iowa had its share of storms, strong winds and tornadoes, they were all unpredictable. It made an ironic parallel for her life."
Author: Aleatha Romig
3. "Esprit : Chacun sait ce que c'est qu'un esprit ; c'est ce qui n'est point matière. Toutes les fois que vous ne saurez pas comment une cause agit, vous n'aurez qu'à dire que cette cause est un esprit, et vous serez très pleinement éclairci."
Author: Baron D'Holbach
4. "We shared a daughter? I'd not thought about it that way before. If we shared a daughter, and something happened to Claire, then I would not have to hare Esther with her anymore. I would have Esther to myself."
Author: Ben Marcus
5. "Claire Danes is lovely and a really great actress."
Author: Charlie Cox
6. "Le blanc bleuté de ses yeux, presque aussi bleu que sa claire robe d'été, l'arrangement parfait et superflu de sa joue, de sa bouche et de ses paupières, ne le touchèrent pas."
Author: Colette
7. "Blood of my Blood," he whispered, "and bone of my bone. You carry me within ye, Claire, and ye canna leave me now, no matter what happens, You are mine, always, if ye will it or no, if ye want me or nay. Mine, and I wilna let ye go."
Author: Diana Gabaldon
8. "Ce n'est pas plus mon affaire d'épouser Edgar Linton que d'être au ciel; et si l'individu pervers qui est ici n'avait pas ainsi dégradé Heathcliff, je n'y aurais jamais songé. Ce serait me dégrader moi-même, maintenant, que d'épouser Heathcliff. Aussi ne saura-t-il jamais comme je l'aime; et cela, non parce qu'il est beau, Nelly, mais parce qu'il est plus moi-même que je ne le suis. De quoi que soient faites nos âmes, la sienne et la mienne sont pareilles et celle de Linton est aussi différente des nôtres qu'un rayon de lune d'un éclair ou que la gelée du feu."
Author: Emily Brontë
9. "They walked back to the chopping block, Claire carrying the crab in her hands. Helen paused. "You know, I'd like to ask you something a friend asked me once, if you don't think it's too personal.""What is it?""What do you do that makes you happy? Just you?"Claire looked at Helen for a moment and thought, the crab resting on the block beneath her hands. "I was just wondering," Helen continued. "No one ever asked me when I was your age, and I think it's a good thing to think about."Claire nodded. Then she took the cleaver and cut the crab into ten pieces."
Author: Erica Bauermeister
10. "I think Kellie Martin, Reese Witherspoon and Claire Danes represent the future for women in film, and I would be honored to share the stage with any one of them."
Author: Fred Savage
11. "Tout le problème de l'amour, me semble-t-il, est là: pour être heureux on a besoin de sécurité alors que pour être amoureux on a besoin d'insécurité. Le bonheur repose sur la confiance alors que l'amour exige du doute et de l'inquiétude. Bref, en gros, le mariage a été conçu pour rendre heureux, mais pas pour rester amoureux. Et tomber amoureux n'est pas la meilleure manière de trouver le bonheur; si tel était le cas, depuis le temps, cela se saurait. Je ne sais pas si je suis très clair, mais je me comprends: ce que je veux dire, c'est que le mariage mélange des trucs qui ne vont pas bien ensemble."
Author: Frédéric Beigbeder
12. "Souvent, en regardant le soleil, je me suis dit « Pourquoi viens-tu chaque jour éclairer tant de souffrances, découvrir tant de douleurs, présider à tant de sottes misères ? »"
Author: Gustave Flaubert
13. "Aquamarines grew with emeralds, Claire told me. But emeralds were fragile and always broke into smaller pieces, while aquamarines were stronger, grew in huge crystals without any trouble, so they weren't worth as much. It was the emerald that didn't break that was the really valuable thing."
Author: Janet Fitch
14. "He was a fool. Claire Montoya was convinced she didn't need anyone. That her way was the only way.He kept walking.Because only a fool would want a woman who would never let him in. He could touch her skin, touch her body, but she'd never trust him enough to let him touch her heart. Not the way he wanted. And he couldn't do that. Not with her. Her terms were unacceptable, her barriers too high."
Author: Jessica Scott
15. "Is that how tall you are without those ridiculous shoes?' he said derisively. I think I was born bigger than that.''I bet you were. Five feet of fat head and two inches of a**,' Claire muttered, standing up.'Claire!' Helen blurted out, shocked. Lucas's shoulders were shaking with laughter. Jason pretended to take the joke OK, but Helen suspected his feelings were hurt."
Author: Josephine Angelini
16. "Well," he said with an affected sigh, "you have my approval, at least.""Why?" Hyacinth asked suspiciously."It would be an excellent match," he continued. "If nothing else, think of the children."She knew she'd regret it, but still she had to ask. "What children?"He grinned. "The lovely lithping children you could have together. Garethhhh and Hyathinthhhh. Hyathinth and Gareth. And the thublime Thinclair tots."Hyacinth stared at him like he was an idiot.Which he was, she was quite certain of it.She shook her head. "How on earth Mother managed to give birth to seven perfectly normal children and one freak is beyond me.""Thith way to the nurthery." Gregory laughed as sheheaded back into the room. "With the thcrumptious littleTharah and Thamuel Thinclair. Oh, yeth, and don't forgetwee little Thuthannah!"
Author: Julia Quinn
17. "Claire hasn't told me why she behaved as such, although I have a good idea.''I suspect you do,' Ellie said quietly.'Thank you for not embarrassing her before Charles.''She didn't need her heart broken twice."
Author: Julia Quinn
18. "Only after the words were spoken did she realize what she had said. "My sins are all your fault, Brodick, and if I have to go to purgatory, then by God, you're going with me. Ramsey, if you do not stop laughing,I swear I shall toss you over this cliff.""Do you love him, lass?" Father asked."I do not," she answered emphatically."It isn't a requirement," Laggan pointed out."I should hope not," she cried."But it would make your life easier," he countered."Gillian, you will tell the truth," Brodick demanded.He grabbed hold of her hand. She tried to pull back, but he wouldn't let go."I have told the truth. I don't love Ramsey, and if he doesn't stop laughing at me, the Sinclairs will soon be looking for a new laird.""Not Ramsey," Laggan shouted so he could be heard over Ramsey's laughter. "I'm asking you if you love Brodick.""Did you tell Father I love you? Who else did you tell?"
Author: Julie Garwood
19. "Valhalla on the right. Paradise regained on the left. Stuck between a Godiva truffle and a chocolate eclair. Between a rock and a very hard place. Two very hard places from the looks of it."
Author: Karen Marie Moning
20. "Jules stood up and stretched gracelessly. "Let's hurry up and pay before she"-she indicated Claire with a flick of her thumb-"sees something shiny and we lose her again."
Author: Kimberly Derting
21. "Da.-Cole st. Clair"
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
22. "George you were very very bad to run away from Alice. Very bad But you were very good to stomp Sinclair when he was being a dick so I think we'll call this a wash."
Author: MaryJanice Davidson
23. "Claire: One of the hallmarks of a mother-daughter relationship is what I call the Zero to Sixty Factor. We can get instantly irritated at each other and just as instantly move on… Men don't get this. Paul will say, "Girls, stop fussing," and we'll immediately turn and say in unison, "We're not arguing."
Author: Mia Fontaine
24. "You've got to get cold to get warm," Phoebe said.Now that is the truth. That is so true about so many things. You learn it first with sheets and blankets: that the initial touch of the smooth sheets will send you shivering, but their warming works fast, and you must experience the discomfort to find the later contentment. It's true with money and love, too. You've got to save to have something to spend. Think of how hard it is to ask out a person you like. In my case, Claire asked me to go on a date to the cash machine, so I didn't actually have to ask her. Still, her lips were cold, but her tongue was warm."
Author: Nicholson Baker
25. "Je sentis que le seul homme avec qui je pouvais parler sur cet objet, sans me compromettre, était mon Contesseur. Aussitôt je pris mon parti; je surmontai ma petite honte; et me vantant d'une faute que je n'avais pas commise, je m'accusai d'avoir fait tout ce que font les femmes. Ce fut mon expression; mais en parlant ainsi je ne savais en vérité quelle idée j'exprimais. Mon espoir ne fut ni tout à fait trompé, ni entièrement rempli; la crainte de me trahir m'empêchait de m'éclairer : mais le bon Père me fit le mal si grand que j'en conclus que le plaisir devait être extrême; et au désir de le connaitre succéda celui de le goûter."
Author: Pierre Choderlos De Laclos
26. "Parents had some kind of sin radar, Claire thought. They always called when you were in the middle of something you just knew they'd consider wrong. Or at least risky."
Author: Rachel Caine
27. "Hey!" Claire called after him, as she leaned her backpack against the wall."No onions!""Your loss!""I meant for YOU! Not if you want to get kissed tonight!""Damn, girl. Harsh."
Author: Rachel Caine
28. "Claire stretched out against the wall and kissed it. "Glad to see you, too," she whispered, and pressed her cheek against the smooth surface. It almost felt like it hugged her back."Dude, it's a house," Shane said from behind her. "Hug somebody who cares."
Author: Rachel Caine
29. "Shane looked down at the staked vamp at his feet. "Claire?"Yes?"You staked a vampire with a number two pencil."I didn't actually check the number."Have I told you lately how freaking awesome you are?"She tried to smile, but her heart was fluttering in her chest now, and not in a good way. "Compliments later.We really need to get out of here and get to the car. Any ideas?"Find another pencil and I'll pin this one down, too," Michael said.You know how weird that sounds, right?" Shane said. "Right, never mind. Number two pencil, coming up.Why do I feel like we're taking a test?"
Author: Rachel Caine
30. "You're kidding," Shane said. "Do you think I want to visit Crazy McTeeth in his lair of insanity?""No," Claire said, "but I'm pretty sure you won't like it if I go alone when I just kind of promised to be with you. So...?""Right. I've been missing Nutty McFang anyway.""Stop making up names for him.""What about Count Crackula?""Just stop."
Author: Rachel Caine
31. "Claire: Seriously? My mom? Let you in my room? In the middle of the night?Michael: Moms like me."
Author: Rachel Caine
32. "Science is a method, not a religion, yet it can be just as close-minded. Open minds here Claire. Always open minds. Question everything, accept nothing as fact until you prove it for yourself."
Author: Rachel Caine
33. "And then it was between Shane and Claire on who retreated first. "Uou go," he said."Why?"Shane and Pete exchangedblooks. "Seriously?" Pete asked."Yeah, she's like that," Shane said, and turned to her. "Because you're my girlfriend, and I'm not going unti; I know you're safe. How's that?"
Author: Rachel Caine
34. "I don't matter here, Shane. I feel like I just don't matter. Stupid, right?""No," he said. He sounded so gentle it broke her heart. "It's how most people feel most of the time, Claire. You've grown up being special, and this is how most people live their lives...on their own, unnoticed. And they get used to that feeling. It's just new for you."
Author: Rachel Caine
35. "Who are you calling?" (claire)Pizza hut" (shane)Loser" (claire)"
Author: Rachel Caine
36. "Claire. Wake up." She blinked and realized that her head was on Shane's shoulder, and Michael was nowhere to be seen. Her first thought was, Oh my God, am I drooling? Her second was that she hadn't realized she was so close to him, snuggled in. Her third was that although Michael's part of the couch was empty, Shane hadn't moved away. And he was watching her with warm, friendly eyes. Oh. Oh, wow, that was nice."
Author: Rachel Caine
37. "That's it? That's your big goodbye?" Eve asked.Claire looked at Eve mystified. "I think I need guy CliffNotes.""Guys aren't deep enough to need CliffNotes.""What were you waiting for, flowery poetry?" Shane snorted. "I hugged. I'm done."
Author: Rachel Caine
38. "Shane:you only love me for my absclair:shut up loser shift off"
Author: Rachel Caine
39. "It's an illusion, control," Naomi said. "You ought to understand that by now, young Claire. We are never in control of our destinies, even the strongest of us. All we can hope to do is not be too badly damaged by events."
Author: Rachel Caine
40. "Eve - "Ew.""Yeah," Claire said. "I need a shower.""I don't think a shower's going to cut it. Maybe fire hoses, and those brushes they use on elephants." Eve stepped back and offered Shane a hand up as he finally got untangled."Speaking of elephants, you sounded like a herd of something coming down the stairs," he said. "What the hell are your shoes made of? Hooves?"
Author: Rachel Caine
41. "If you see Myrnin, tell him I said I want my slow cooker back.""Your- You let him borrow something you put food in?"Hannah's smile disappeared. "Why?""Um, never mind. I'll make sure it gets disinfected before you get it back. But don't lend anything to him again unless you can put it in some kind of sterilizer." That made even Hannah look nervous. "Thanks. Tell crazy boy I said hey." "I will" Claire promised. "Hey, if you don't mind me asking - when did he borrow it from you?""He just showed up at my door one night about a week ago, said, 'Hi, nice to meet you. Can I borrow your Crock-Pot?' Which I understand is pretty typical Myrnin."
Author: Rachel Caine
42. "I'm gonna kill him," Eve said, or at least that was what it sounded like filtered through the pillow.Stake him right in the heart, shove garlic up his ass, and-and-"And what?" (Michael)When did you get home?" Claire demanded.Apparently just in time to hear my funeral plans. I especially like the garlic up the ass. It's...different."
Author: Rachel Caine
43. "Dr. Clair looked at Layton. The mancala pieces were still in her hand.If Angela Ashforth ever says anything like that to you again, you tell her that just because she's insecure about being a little girl in a society that puts an inordinate amount of pressure on little girls to live up to certain physical, emotional and ideological standards -- many of which are improper, unhealthy and self-perpetuating -- doesn't mean she has to take her misplaced self-loathing out on a nice boy like you. You may be inherently a part of the problem but that doesn't mean you aren't a nice boy with nice manners and it certainly doesn't mean you have AIDS."I'm not sure I can remember all that," Layton said.Well then, tell Angela that her mother is a white trash drunk from Butte."
Author: Reif Larsen
44. "You want to start some shit, boy? Let's go outside. (Devyn)Oh, good. I'm just in time for another round of Grand Testosterone Overdose. Ooooh, Alix, Claira…anyone got popcorn? Or maybe I should get Taryn? Then we could insult his manhood and watch him pop a gasket, too. (Zarina)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
45. "Toujours les même excellentes intentions qui pavent si bien l'enfer, l'enfer des camps de concentration. Léon Blum est un homme d'une intelligence raffinée, d'une grande culture, il aime Stendhal, il a sans doute lu et relu la Chartreuse de Parme; il lui manque cependant cette pointe de cynisme indispensable à la clairvoyance. On peut tout trouver dans les rangs de la social-démocratie, sauf des esprits véritablement libres. La doctrine est cependant souple, sujette à autant d'interprétations et modifications qu'on voudra; mais il n'est jamais bon d'avoir derrière soi une doctrine, surtout quand elle enferme le dogme du progrès, la confiance inébranble dans l'histoire et dans les masses. Marx n'est pas un bon auteur pour former le jugement; Machiavel vaut infiniment mieux."
Author: Simone Weil
46. "That guys. Sideburns. You like him?"My back squirms. "You've asked me that before.""What I meant was," he says, flustered. "Your feelings haven't changed? Since you've been here?"It takes a moment to consider the question. "It's not a matter of how I feel," I say at last. "I'm interested, but ... I don't know if he's still interested in me."St. Clair edges closer. "Does he still call?""Yeah. I mean, not often. But yes.""Right. Right, well," he says, blinking. "There's your answer."
Author: Stephanie Perkins
47. "Yes, St. Claire. I like you. But I can't say it aloud, because he's my friend. And friends don't let other friends make drunken declarations and expect them to act upon them the next day"
Author: Stephanie Perkins
48. "His voice made me want to take my pants off." Claire"
Author: Tara Sivec
49. "Stay with me always, my sweet, my love . . . my Claire."
Author: Teresa Medeiros
50. "Jo shook her head. She wished she had an answer for Claire, but as far as she knew, love would leave its mark. Sometimes it even took the skin right off you."
Author: Tiffany Baker

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