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1. "Oh, alright," I conceded. "But if you try something, I swear I'll use my pet dagger to cut off—" "I said I'd behave! Though, you're making it kinda hard to be good with all that talk of wanting to have your way with me." I released my grip on his neck and smacked the top of his head."
Author: Ada Adams
2. "Captain Smek himself appeared on television for an official speech to humankind. [...] 'Noble Savages of Earth,' he said. 'Long time we have tried to live together in peace.' (It had been five months.) 'Long time have the Boov suffered under the hostileness and intolerableness of you people. With sad hearts I now concede that Boov and humans will never to exist as one.' I remember being really excited at this point. Could I possibly be hearing right? Were the Boov about to leave? I was so stupid.'And so now I generously grant you Human Preserves - gifts of land that will be for humans forever, never to be taken away again, now.' [...] So that's when we Americans were given Florida. One state for three hundred million people. There were going to be some serious lines for the bathrooms."
Author: Adam Rex
3. "To rest one's case on faith means to concede that reason is on the side of one's enemies- that one has no rational arguments to offer."
Author: Ayn Rand
4. "Eu concedera-lhe um pequeno nicho, exactamente um nicho, que era importante para mim, que me dava algo e pelo qual eu fazia alguma coisa, mas não um lugar na minha vida."
Author: Bernhard Schlink
5. "I was vanquished by a deer!'A giant magical flying deer with fangs,' Seth said, parroting a description Gavin had shared earlier.That sounds a little better,' Warren conceded. 'Seth is in charge of my tombstone."
Author: Brandon Mull
6. "Deus nos concede, a cada dia, uma página de vida nova no livro do tempo. Aquilo que colocarmos nela, corre por nossa conta."
Author: Chico Xavier
7. "Si estás leyendo esto, el aviso va dirigido a ti. Cada palabra que leas de esta letra pequeña inútil, es un segundo menos de vida para ti. ¿No tienes otras cosas que hacer? ¿Tu vida esta tan vacia que no se te ocurre otra forma de pasar estos momentos? ¿o te impresiona tanto la autoridad que concedes credito y respeto a todos los que dicen ostentarla? ¿lees todo lo que te dicen que leas? ¿Piensas todo lo que te dicen que pienses? ¿Compras todo lo que te dicen que necesistas? Sal de tu casa, Busca a alguien del sexo opuesto. Basta ya de tantas compras y masturbaciones. Deja tu trabajo. Empieza a luchar. Demuestra que estás vivo. Si no reivindicas tu humanidad te convertirás en una estadística. Estás avisado..."
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
8. "Mischief nodded. 'It's true,' he conceded. 'You're in the company of eight world-class thieves,' he said, not without a little touch of pride. 'Saints we are not.' But then,' said Deaux-Deaux, 'who is?' he thought on this. 'Besides saints."
Author: Clive Barker
9. "Years later, another member [of the Royal Geographical Society] conceded, "Explorers are not, perhaps, the most promising people with whom to build a society. Indeed, some might say that explorers become explorers precisely because they have a streak of unsociability and a need to remove themselves at regular intervals as far as possible from their fellow men."
Author: David Grann
10. "The human race is a herd. Here we are, unique, eternal aspects of consciousness with an infinity of potential, and we have allowed ourselves to become an unthinking, unquestioning blob of conformity and uniformity. A herd. Once we concede to the herd mentality, we can be controlled and directed by a tiny few. And we are."
Author: David Icke
11. "The religion of Christ is not a tidbit after One's bread; on the contrary, it is the bread or it is nothing. People should at least understand and concede this if they call themselves Christians."
Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
12. "His own exclamation: "Women should be free—as free as we are," struck to the root of a problem that it was agreed in his world to regard as nonexistent. "Nice" women, however wronged, would never claim the kind of freedom he meant, and generous-minded men like himself were therefore—in the heat of argument—the more chivalrously ready to concede it to them. Such verbal generosities were in fact only a humbugging disguise of the inexorable conventions that tied things together and bound people down to the old pattern."
Author: Edith Wharton
13. "If I – as a beneficiary of that exact formula – will concede that my own life was indeed enriched by that precise familial structure, will the social conservatives please (for once!) concede that this arrangement has always put a disproportionately cumbersome burden on women? Such a system demands that mothers become selfless to the point of near invisibility in order to construct these exemplary encironments for their families. And might those same social conservatives – instead of just praising mothers as "sacred" and "noble" – be willing to someday join a larger conversation about how we might work together as a society to construct a world where healthy children can be raised and healthy families can prosper without women have to scrape bare the walls of their own souls to do so?"
Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
14. "Só é saudável em nós aquilo pelo que não somos especificamente nós mesmos: são nossas aversões que nos individualizam; nossas tristezas que nos concedem um nome; nossas perdas que nos fazem possuidores de nosso eu. Só somos nós mesmos pela soma de nossos fracassos."
Author: Emil Cioran
15. "A power of Butterfly must be -The Aptitude to flyMeadows of Majesty concedesAnd easy Sweeps of Sky -"
Author: Emily Dickinson
16. "If a group of beings from another planet were to land on Earth -- beings who considered themselves as superior to you as you feel yourself to be to other animals -- would you concede them the rights over you that you assume over other animals?"
Author: George Bernard Shaw
17. "It is somewhat ironic to have us so deeply disturbed over a program where race is an element of consciousness, and yet to be aware of the fact, as we are, that institutions of higher learning... have been given conceded preferences to the children of alumni."
Author: Harry A. Blackmun
18. "I study the chessboard and concede defeat."You can gain yourself in five moves" says the Colonel. "Worth fighting to the end. In five moves your opponent can err. No war is won or lost until the final battle is over."
Author: Haruki Murakami
19. "Pero éste no es su Dios. Es mi Dios. Lo he aprendido porque he sacrificado mi vida, porque me han lacerado la carne y desgarrado la piel, chupado la sangra, arrancado las uñas y despojado de mi tiempo, mis ilusiones, y recuerdos. No es un Dios con forma. No viste de blanco ni luce largas barbas. No tiene doctrina, libro sagrado o preceptos. No recompensa ni castiga. No concede ni arrebata. No ha dispuesto un Cielo al que subir ni un Infierno al que caer. Dios, simplemente, está ahí, haga frío o no."
Author: Haruki Murakami
20. "Thing is, as ye git aulder, this character-deficiency gig becomes mair sapping. Thir wis a time ah used tae say tae aw the teachers, bosses, dole punters, poll-tax guys, magistrates, when they telt me ah was deficient:'Hi, cool it, gadge, ah'm jist me, jist intae a different sort ay gig fae youse but, ken?' Now though, ah've goat tae concede thit mibee they cats had it sussed. Ye take a healthier slapping the aulder ye git. The blows hit hame mair. It's like yon Mike Tyson boy at the boxing, ken? Every time ye git it thegither tae make a comeback, thir's jist a wee bit mair missin. So ye fuck up again. Yip, ah'm jist no a gadge cut oot fir modern life n that's aw thir is tae it, man. Sometimes the gig goes smooth, then ah jist pure panic n it's back tae the auld weys. What kin ah dae?"
Author: Irvine Welsh
21. "I have to concede that I have often needed things that are not only bad for, but very, very dangerous."
Author: J. Kenner
22. "O mundo não é uma fábrica de conceder desejos."
Author: John Green
23. "Eventually, some black thinkers believe, this "separation" may be the shortest route to an authentic communication at some future date when blacks and whites can enter into encounters in which they truly speak as equals and in which the white man will no longer load every phrase with unconscious suggestions that he has something to "concede" to black men or that he wants to help black men "overcome" their blackness."
Author: John Howard Griffin
24. "I concede nothing until they throw dirt on my face."
Author: John Monks
25. "Puedo conceder que el Gobierno desconozca al pueblo, pero creo que el pueblo conoce menos al Gobierno. Hay funcionarios inútiles, malos, si usted quiere, pero también los hay buenos y si éstos no pueden nada hacer, es porque se encuentran con una masa inerte: la población que toma poca participación en las cosas que le atañen."
Author: José Rizal
26. "One will abide, and will confess that another is nobler than he, that another is richer, more handsome, and even that he is more learned, but that another is richer in reason scarcely any will confess: Rare is he who will concede genius."
Author: Juana Inés De La Cruz
27. "We'll just sit here," said Barney, "and if we think of anything worth while saying we'll say it. Otherwise, not. Don't imagine you're bound to talk to me.""John Foster says," quoted Valancy, "'If you can sit in silencewith a person for half an hour and yet be entirely comfortable, youand that person can be friends. If you cannot, friends you'llnever be and you need not waste time in trying.'""Evidently John Foster says a sensible thing once in a while,"conceded Barney."
Author: L.M. Montgomery
28. "He can occasionally see to an enemy," she conceded. "If he manages to get his sword pointed in the right direction and the enemy does him the favor of falling upon it in precisely the right way."
Author: Lynn Kurland
29. "Muitas vezes, é unicamente por falta de espírito criador que não se vai muito longe no sofrimento. E a mais terrível realidade nos concede, ao mesmo tempo que o sofrimento, a alegria de uma bela descoberta, porque só faz doar uma forma clara e nova ao que ruminávamos há muito sem desconfiar."
Author: Marcel Proust
30. "Once I hoped to seek the new and unknownThis planet's overrun; there's nothing left for you or for meDon't give inWe can walk through the fieldsAnd feeling nature's glowBut all the land is owned, there's none left for you or for meWho will win?'Cause I concedeFree me, free me, free me from this worldI don't belong hereIt was a mistake imprisoning my soulCan you free me, free me from this world- 'Explorers' from The 2nd Law by Muse"
Author: Matthew Bellamy
31. "On the bed, Eugenides stirred restlessly. "Upset at the sight of blood?" he said. "Not my wife, Ornon.""Your blood," the ambassador pointed out.Eugenides glanced at the hook on his arm and conceded the point. "Yes," he said. He seemed lost in memory. The room was quiet."
Author: Megan Whalen Turner
32. "Don't allow him/her to have supremacy over you. People like them come and go, so never concede on finding the ideal soul-mate."
Author: Naeem Hartley
33. "Your weapons-master appears to have an actual, beating heart," she said to Raphael. "Who knew?""Jessamy.""I concede that point."Elena referring to Galen"
Author: Nalini Singh
34. "Si he de conceder crédito a lo dichopor la gente que trajo la noticiadebo creer, sin vacilar un punto,que murió con mi nombre en las pupilas"
Author: Nicanor Parra
35. "Man, naturally, should be a vegetarian because the whole body is made for vegetarian food. Even scientists concede to the fact that the whole structure of the human body shows that man should not be a nonvegetarian. Man comes from the monkeys and monkeys are vegetarians – absolute vegetarians. If Darwin is correct, then man should be a vegetarian. Now, there are ways to judge whether a certain species of animal is vegetarian or nonvegetarian: it depends on the length of the intestine. Nonvegetarian animals have a very small intestine. Tigers and lions have a very small intestine because meat is already a digested food. It does not need a long intestine to digest it. The work of digestion has been done by the animal and now you are eating the animal's meat. It is already digested; a long intestine is not needed. Man has one of the longest intestines – that means man is a vegetarian. A long digestion is needed and there will be much excreta which has to be thrown out."
Author: Osho
36. "I would simply ask why so many critics, so many writers, so many philosophers take such satisfaction in professing that the experience of a work of art is ineffable, that it escapes by definition all rational understanding; why are they so eager to concede without a struggle the defeat of knowledge; and where does their irrepressible need to belittle rational understanding come from, this rage to affirm the irreducibility of the work of art, or, to use a more suitable word, its transcendence."
Author: Pierre Bourdieu
37. "My opinion is: Truth must be absolute and that you Mr. Protagoras, are absolutely in error. Since this is indeed my opinion, then you must concede that it is true according to your philosophy."
Author: Plato
38. "Miles smiled. "Can you keep a secret?"Bea snorted. "Did I tell you what you were in for if you married my daughter?""No," Miles conceded."Well, then," she said, as if that settled the matter."
Author: Richard Russo
39. "Fine,' Aria conceded. 'But *I'll* carry her.' She grabbed the baby seeat from the back. A smell of baby powder wafted up to greet her, bringing a lump in her throat. Her father Byron, and his girlfriend, Meredith, had just had a baby, and she loved Lola with all her heart. If she looked too long at this baby, she might love her just as much."
Author: Sara Shepard
40. "Sometimes Holly could start to see the order in things, she got a glimmer of a pattern. And that thing everyone seems to say these days, about how things always happen for a reason- Holly was getting close to being willing to concede that that was maybe, possibly true."
Author: Sarah Dunn
41. "That man is a religious being, is universally conceded, for it has been seen to be universally true."
Author: Simon Greenleaf
42. "In requiring this candor and simplicity of mind in those who would investigate the truth of our religion, Christianity demands nothing more than is readily conceded to every branch of human science."
Author: Simon Greenleaf
43. "The learned are not agreed as to the time when the Gospel of John was written; some dating it as early as the year 68, others as late as the year 98; but it is generally conceded to have been written after all the others."
Author: Simon Greenleaf
44. "One viewed the existence of man then as a marvel, and conceded a glamour of wonder to these lice which were caused to cling to a whirling, fire-smote, ice-locked, disease-stricken, space-lost bulb."
Author: Stephen Crane
45. "El amor concede a los demás el poder de destruirte"
Author: Stephenie Meyer
46. "Kay himself has conceded that technological wizards generally fall into two categories: the Michelangelo types who dream of Sistine Chapels and then actually spend years building them, and the da Vincis, who have a million ideas but seldom finish anything themselves."
Author: Steven Levy
47. "Many of the Europeans who want Israel to go away don't even know why they do. Nearly a third of those interviewed concede they have no idea what the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is all about. It's enough to know that Israelis are Jews."
Author: Suzanne Fields
48. "Q.Do you have any positive message, in your opinion?A.Indeed I do think that I do.Q.Such as what?A.The crying, almost screaming, need of a great worldwide human effort to know ourselves and each other a great deal better, well enough to concede that no man has a monopoly on right or virtue any more than any man has a corner on duplicity and evil and so forth. If people, and races and nations, would start with that self-manifest truth, then I think that the world could sidestep the sort of corruption which I have involuntarily chosen as the basic, allegorical theme of my plays as a whole."
Author: Tennessee Williams
49. "We like to think of individuals as unique. Yet if this is true of everyone, then we all share the same quality, namely our uniqueness. What we have in common is the fact that we are all uncommon. Everybody is special, which means that nobody is. The truth, however, is that human beings are uncommon only up to a point. There are no qualities that are peculiar to one person alone. Regrettably, there could not be a world in which only one individual was irascible, vindictive or lethally aggressive. This is because human beings are not fundamentally all that different from each other, a truth postmodernists are reluctant to concede. We share an enormous amount in common simply by virtue of being human, and this is revealed by the vocabularies we have for discussing human character. We even share the social processes by which we come to individuate ourselves."
Author: Terry Eagleton
50. "After analyzing our current crisis and studying well-establishedhistorical precedents, I must conclude that the global bankers haveonly three possible cards left to play.The first is admitting culpability and working to restore theAmerican economic engine to its free-market potential. History hastaught us that the ruling class rarely admits error and never concedespower.The second is to foment so much civil unrest and fear that thegeneral population will be clamoring for a global dictator who willprovide them food, shelter, and security in exchange for their individualfreedom and sovereignty. I see the emerging militancy of thelabor union movement playing right into this scenario.The final play is global conflict where they can try and controlthe outcome by means of funding both sides."
Author: Ziad K. Abdelnour

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