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1. "I'll save the sacking for later," he continues. "We can mimic the plays of our conjugal union in the privacy of my backyard. We can roll around on the lawn like animals and invent our own naughty games-Naked Leap Frog-Marshal May I-Hide the Peak-Red Light, Green Light District-Obstacle Intercourse-Hot Lava-Capture the Sector-Skyla Says-the possibilities are endless. Our throbbing loins will rep the victory. The entire scenario is, as you would say-made of win."~ Marshall"
Author: Addison Moore
2. "Epicurus said you should live for pleasure - adding that nothing brings more pleasure than a little sun and a glass of water. It is on this principle that our conjugal existence has rested for three years, devoted to making love, reading, eating excellent meals, spending a few days in a nice hotel by the sea, visiting out friends (not very many, all without children), going to concerts and movies, sleeping, cultivating our garden."
Author: Benoît Duteurtre
3. "If my duty to my parents is a superstition, then so is my duty to posterity. If justice is a superstition, then so is my duty to my country or my race. If the pursuit of scientific knowledge is a real value, then so is conjugal fidelity. The rebellion of new ideologies against the Tao is a rebellion of the branches against the tree: if the rebels could succeed they would find that they had destroyed themselves."
Author: C.S. Lewis
4. "Un époux, c'est quelqu'un qui travaille au jardin avec toi et qui te réchauffe la nuit dans le lit conjugal. Un homme qui s'inquiète pour toi quand personne d'autre n'a remarqué que tu n'allais pas bien. Quelqu'un qui te tient la main quand tu es malade ou aux portes de la mort."
Author: David Farland
5. "Bien différente eut été leur vie s'ils avaient su à temps qu'il est plus facile de contourner les grandes catastrophes conjugales que les minuscules misères de tous les jours."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
6. "Together they had overcome the daily incomprehension, the instantaneous hatred, the reciprocal nastiness, and fabulous flashes of glory in the conjugal conspiracy. It was time when they both loved each other best, without hurry or excess, when both were most conscious of and grateful for their incredible victories over adversity. Life would still present them with other moral trials, of course, but that no longer mattered: they were on the other shore."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
7. "She was pleased her husband still thought her attractive, despite her beached-whale state, but was finding it increasingly awkward to accommodate him. The spirit was willing but the flesh was swollen. Still, she enjoyed the compliment and understood that there was no real demand behind the caresses. The earl knew her well enough to realize she valued his desire almost as much as his love. After a lifetime of feeling ugly and unworthy, Alexia was now tolerably assured that Conall genuinely did want her, even if they could do nothing about it at present. She also understood that he was expressing his conjugal interest partly out of knowledge of her own need for such assurances. A werewolf and a buffoon, her husband, but wonderfully caring once he'd blundered into the way of it."
Author: Gail Carriger
8. "Offspring, the due performance on religious rites, faithful service, highest conjugal happiness and heavenly bliss for the ancestors and oneself, depend on one's wife alone."
Author: Guru Nanak
9. "Para que se tome alguma decisão na vida conjugal, é necessário ou uma discordância completa entre os cônjuges, ou uma harmonia amorosa. Quando as relações entre os cônjuges são indeterminadas, e não há nem uma coisa nem outra, é impossível decidir qualquer questão."
Author: Leo Tolstoy
10. "True artistry in perfumery is the marriage of notes that may juxtapose each other but become harmonious in a blend. Born of pure creativity and an astounding knowledge of literally thousands of synthetics and hundreds of Essential oils, they must possess the ability to marry disparate and conjugal notes into a harmonious blend."
Author: Marian Bendeth
11. "Conjugal love, or the friendship of spouses, can persist even after sexual desires have weakened, withered, and disappeared."
Author: Mortimer Adler
12. "Je savais qu'un afflux inespéré d'énergie l'avait levé de son lit, lui avait donné la force de s'habiller, la soif de sortir, le désir que nous partagions une fois encore ce plaisir conjugal et je savais aussi que c'était le signe qu'il restait peu de temps, l'état de grâce qui précède la fin, mais cela ne m'importait pas et je voulais seulement profiter de cela, de ces instants dérobés au joug de la maladie, de sa main tiède dans la mienne et des vibrations de plaisir qui nous parcouraient tous deux parce que, grâce en soit rendue au ciel, c'était un film dont nous pouvions partager ensemble la saveur."
Author: Muriel Barbery
13. "Keep up you conjugal love in constant heat and vigor."
Author: Richard Baxter

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