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1. "Yes, I know I've played these women, but I'm not really conniving at all."
Author: Annette Bening
2. "I'm not conniving - that has a pejorative context. I'm not sitting in back rooms making deals. That's not my style."
Author: Bess Myerson
3. "Two things significantly distinguish human beings from the other animals; an interest in the past and the possibility of language. Brought together they make a third: Art. The invisible city not calculated to exist. Beyond the lofty pretensions of the merely ceremonial, long after the dramatic connivings of plitical life, like it or not, it remains. Time past eternally present and undestroyed."
Author: Jeanette Winterson
4. "From this perspective, we were all divine Shakespeares, creating and playing the roles of muscled heroes and conniving villains, pious saints and debauched sinners, corrupt CEOs and disinterested temp workers."
Author: Jonathan Talat Phillips
5. "Whitney: You black-hearted, treacherous, conniving scoundrel.Clayton: Your flattery warms my heart"
Author: Judith McNaught
6. "Here I had a wonderful man who cared for meand I was screwing around with a self-absorbed, conniving monster who'd betrayed mein the worst possible way."
Author: Kelley Armstrong
7. "You are a conniving, deceitful hussy. I stand in awe." "You're sitting.""I sit in awe."
Author: Laini Taylor
8. "These bastards who run our country are a bunch of conniving, thieving, smug pricks who need to be brought down and removed and replaced with a whole new system that we control."
Author: Michael Moore
9. "It is a matter of common knowledge that the government of South Carolina is under domination of a small ring of cunning, conniving men."
Author: Strom Thurmond

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