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1. "There may be little room for the display of this supreme qualification in the retail book business, but there is room for some. Be enterprising. Get good people about you. Make your shop windows and your shops attractive. The fact that so many young men and women enter the teaching profession shows that there are still some people willing to scrape along on comparatively little money for the pleasure of following an occupation in which they delight. It is as true to-day as it was in Chaucer's time that there is a class of men who "gladly learn and gladly teach," and our college trustees and overseers and rich alumni take advantage of this and expect them to live on wages which an expert chauffeur would regard as insufficient. Any bookshop worthy of survival can offer inducements at least as great as the average school or college. Under pleasant conditions you will meet pleasant people, for the most part, whom you can teach and form whom you may learn something."
Author: A. Edward Newton
2. "Memories that you remember are Truth of your life ....."
Author: Adil Adam Memon
3. "I think that your sister is awful. I think it's disgusting-a woman acting like a grease-monkey and posing around like a big executive. It's so unfeminine. Who does she think she is, anyway?"
Author: Ayn Rand
4. "Like, you can find your dream, if you firmly believe. You have to have the innocence, and you have to have the daringness to trust."
Author: Bai Ling
5. "If you were out of a job and your kid needed diapers and your husband just left you, you would be so confused."
Author: Barbara Steele
6. "He sneered. "I don't fancy your type.""Why, too sober? Too much self-esteem?"
Author: Cecily White
7. "In large organizations there are discrete functions. I do this; you do that. I swim in my lane; you swim in your lane. That can be very effective for certain processes and in certain stable conditions. But it doesn't work in unstable conditions."
Author: Daniel H. Pink
8. "A world full of people who want to know what you will be, what is your skill and what is your purpose. In the north, if a man had come and said "What will you be? What will you do?" I would have laughed at this kind of person that lives all the time in the future."
Author: Daniel Mason
9. "Happiness is that butterfly which comes and sit in your garden until you try to grab it, The moment we try to grab it, it flies off, so never try to grab it, just let it go, because it will come back again for search of honey and to give you happiness again."
Author: Debolina Bhawal
10. "Do your work with your whole heart, and you will succeed - there's so little competition."
Author: Elbert Hubbard
11. "Destiny, I feel is also a relationship-a play between grace and willful self-effort. Half of it you have no control over, half of it is absolutely in your hands and your actions will show measurable consequences. Man is neither entirely a puppet of the gods, nor is he entirely the captain of his own destiny; he's a little of both. We gallop through our lives like circus performers balancing on two speeding side-by-side horses-one foot is on the horse called "fate" the other on the horse called "free will". And the question you have to ask everyday is, Which horse is which? Which horse do I need to stop worrying about because it's not under my control, and which do I need to steer with concentrated effort?"
Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
12. "Floating there I held onto faith. Because you can't know who might cross your path or who will take your breath away. You can't know what friends might actually become sisters because they stayed by your side. You can't know when there'll be an unexpected detour that'll take you to the place where you were always meant to be."
Author: Holly C. Corbett
13. "Free your life from the fangs of gossips by not associating yourself with them. Anyone who helps you to gossip about someone can also help someone to gossip about you."
Author: Israelmore Ayivor
14. "Oh. Yeah, um…" I was pretty sure I matched a fire truck. "He's a heavy sleeper.""I'm sure he is." Dominic stepped back. "If you wish to join your uncle, I'll be waiting outside. You should have time to get ready. Your uncle is a…heavy sleeper, also."Whaaaa…and then it hit me. Ew. Ew. Ew."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
15. "Greasy food might not be good for your body, but it does wonders for the soul. A healthy diet may prolong your life, but what would you have to live for? What is the point of living to a hundred if you have to subsist on bland food? One may as well die of boredom."
Author: Jessica Zafra
16. "Who's there?""The scratcher of your itch," he said.She opened the door a crack and stuck her nose out. "Was that supposed to be romantic?"
Author: Jill Shalvis
17. "Liraz snorted, caught off guard, and the tension between them ebbed away. "I'm sorry of my almost dying interrupted your almost kissing."
Author: Laini Taylor
18. "These words have been sanitized for your protection. An adjective and a noun, respectively."
Author: Libba Bray
19. "You spend some time raising a child in London, carrying it around on one side of your body - it puts your back out!"
Author: Matthew Goode
20. "This threshhold is mine...Bring on your thousands, one at a time or all in a rush. I don't give a damn. None shall pass."-Ganner Rhysode"
Author: Matthew Woodring Stover
21. "It will begin with the six who now tread the streets of a city where the stone pinnacle erects like a reed amongst long grass. Where a bridge expands across a gorge, drifts a cloud buzzing with a million stings. There, these six shall bleed. There, these six shall die, and like a plague shall spread the wings that carry the cloud till they consume the city, and with it, the strength that fuels all of your lives. Farewell, children of the new world, and may your deaths be swift."
Author: Najeev Raj Nadarajah
22. "Connor bangs his head back sharply against the wall, hoping to jar loose the bad thoughts clinging to his brain. This is not a good place to be alone with your thoughts. Perhaps that's why Hayden feels compelled to talk."
Author: Neal Shusterman
23. "Let your motto then always be 'Excelsior', for by living up to it there is no such word as fail."
Author: P.T. Barnum
24. "We'd spent maybe ten minutes together, during which time I'd accidentally swung a sword at her, she'd saved my life, and I'd run away chased by a band of supernatural killing machines. You know, your typical chance meeting."
Author: Rick Riordan
25. "We read about the name Jesus was given at his birth; Immanuel, meaning "God with us". This God wasn't content with dwelling in fiction, this God wasn't content living with the seraphim and this God wasn't content with bulls and goats anymore. This God wanted to dwell with you, with all of your mess, with all of your failures with all the dirtiness that is you; he wanted to sit with you. Here's the amazing thing, God doesn't care if you're a catholic, a Lutheran, Post modern or Emergent; he wants to sit with you."
Author: Ricky Maye
26. "Pray with a pure heart and pray from where you are. He will answer your prayers. There is no need to abandon the world or retreat to a jungle"
Author: Shri Radhe Maa
27. "You'd think I was shoving bamboo splinters under your nails. (Alice from Twilight)"
Author: Stephenie Meyer
28. "It is not a belly button. (The umbilicus serves, then withdraws, leaving but a single footprint where it stood: the navel, wrinkled and cupped, whorled and domed, blind and winking, bald and tufted, sweaty and powdered, kissed and bitten, waxed and fuzzy, bejeweled and ignored; reflecting as graphically as breasts, seeds or fetishes the omnipotent fertility in which Nature dangles her muddy feet, the navel looks in like a plugged keyhole to the center of our being, it is true, but O navel, though we salute your motionless maternity and the dreams that have gotten tangled in your lint, you are only a scar, after all; you are not it.)"
Author: Tom Robbins
29. "If someone offers you an opportunity to get closer to your enemy, you always take it. I know that without having learned it from anyone."
Author: Veronica Roth

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