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1. "We don't mess around with organized conspiracies in this country; we tie our seat-belts and sit back to enjoy the drive."
Author: Andy Paula
2. "If you look at 'The X-Files' generally, we did 202 episodes. About 80% of them are not 'mythology' episodes, which tend to be the epic episodes. They deal with the big conspiracies, the search for Mulder's sister. They deal with what I would call the 'saga' of 'The X-Files.'"
Author: Chris Carter
3. "I want to have the whole English experience. High tea, supervising manifestations, taking the waters, going to Harrods, discussing possible international conspiracies."
Author: Daniel O'Malley
4. "Believe you have struck upon the problems of conspiracies. There are men who wish to keep you from uncovering the truth about this particular matter, but there are others who are only privately villainous and have their own little truths to hide. When you confront a conspiracy it becomes monstrous hard to distinguish between wretched villainy and ordinary, common lies."
Author: David Liss
5. "Ample women do not plan such things. They lack the guile for conspiracies of the body."
Author: Don DeLillo
6. "We are always in a constant state of conspiracies, at least thats what they keep telling us..."
Author: Faith Brashear
7. "Conspiracies, since they cannot be engaged in without the fellowship of others, are for that reason most perilous; for as most men are either fools or knaves, we run excessive risk in making such folk our companions."
Author: Francesco Guicciardini
8. "All professions are conspiracies against the laity."
Author: George Bernard Shaw
9. "I am no one's agent. I am the agent of the law. All the conspiracies pass through my hands. The Committee, you know, draws its present unity from being conspired against. I do not know what would happen if the policy of believing in conspiracies were changed."
Author: Hilary Mantel
10. "There is no rule without revolts and conspiracies, even as there is no property without work and worry."
Author: Ivo Andric
11. "I needed words because unhappy families are conspiracies of silence. The one who breaks the silence is never forgiven. He or she has to learn to forgive him or herself."
Author: Jeanette Winterson
12. "Conspiracies and Crime, Murder and Mayhem, Vengeance and Valor –For the First. Time. Ever!Only In New York City –A Global Gathering of Like Minded Minds:OsamaCon !!!Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden??The shadowy Vigilante, the arch-criminal mastermind, the enemy of Western Civilization?Come and find out – if you dare!Be blown away – only at the First Annual OsamaCon, coming soon"
Author: Lavie Tidhar
13. "Just introduce a woman, conspiracies succeed; Of soldiers, or their weapons, there really is no need."
Author: Luo Guanzhong
14. "Conspiracies are a perennial favorite for television producers because there is always a receptive audience."
Author: Michael Shermer
15. "Anyone who is portraying Israel as a friend is a servant of Israel.I warn some sides against turning enemies into friends and friends into enemies.Some in the Arab world try to present "Israel" as a friend and Iran as a foe.Yet such conspiracies will fail. "Israel" has not been helping because of its hostile and aggressive nature. The Arab world is realising day after day that Iran is a friend, which was highlighted in Iran's support to Gaza and Lebanon."
Author: Sayed Hassan Nasrallah
16. "If what you know and what you love are the same thing, that's great. But if not, write what you love. I love history, secrets, conspiracies, action, adventure, international settings."
Author: Steve Berry
17. "Tacitus appears to have been as great an enthusiast as Petrarch for the revival of the republic and universal empire. He has exerted the vengeance of history upon the emperors, but has veiled the conspiracies against them, and the incorrigible corruption of the people which probably provoked their most atrocious cruelties. Tyranny can scarcely be practised upon a virtuous and wise people."
Author: Tacitus

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