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1. "Become addicted to constant and never-ending self-improvement."
Author: Anthony J. D'Angelo
2. "Henry had never felt so happy. Freshperson year had been one thing, an adventure, an exhilaration, all in all a success, but it had also been exhausting, a constant struggle and adjustment and tumult. Now he was locked in. Every day that summer had the same framework, the alarm at the same time, meals and workouts and shifts and SuperBoost at the same times, over and over, and it was that sameness, that repetition, that gave life meaning. He savored the tiny variations, the incremental improvements--tuna fish on his salad instead of turkey; tow extra reps on the bench press. Every move he made had purpose."
Author: Chad Harbach
3. "Our religion is what you do when the sermon is over.Commit yourself to constant improvement. Commit yourself to quality. Be persistent, persistent, persistent...and have a grateful heart"
Author: H. Jackson Brown Jr.
4. "Umpires, like players, are expected to show constant improvement each season and at each level. Inconsistent plate work and the inability to handle situations are probably the two biggest problems that minor league umpires face."
Author: Jim Evans
5. "Excellent firms don't believe in excellence - only in constant improvement and constant change."
Author: Tom Peters

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Quotes About Constant Improvement
Quotes About Constant Improvement
Quotes About Constant Improvement

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