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1. "The day I made that statement, about the inventing the internet, I was tired because I'd been up all night inventing the Camcorder."
Author: Al Gore
2. "We are the recorders and reporters of facts - not the judges of the behaviors we describe."
Author: Alfred Kinsey
3. "You could go out with a camcorder tomorrow and make a movie with virtually no money, but promoting a tiny low-budget movie costs $20 million. And the money they spend on the big movies is astronomical."
Author: Amy Heckerling
4. "-Si alguien ama a una flor de la que no existe mas que un ejemplar entre millones y millones de estrellas, es bastante para que sea feliz cuando mira a las estrellas. Se dice "mi flor esta allí, en alguna parte..." Y si el cordero come la flor, para él es como si, bruscamente, todas las estrellas se apagaran. Y esto ¿no es importante?"
Author: Antoine De Saint Exupéry
5. "Prédestination: Un dieu bon qui prévoit tout, a résolu dans ses décrets éternels que parmi ses créatures les unes seraient sauvées et les autres, en plus grand nombre, seraient damnées pour toujours. Si vous ne comprenez rien à cette conduite bizarre consultez votre confesseur : s'il est janséniste il vous dira pour éclaircir vos doutes que la prédestination est gratuite et sans prévision des mérites : s'il est moliniste il vous dira le contraire. Mais tous deux s'accorderont à vous dire que c'est un mystère auquel il est très bon que vous ne compreniez rien."
Author: Baron D'Holbach
6. "I could learn how to press 'Record' on a tape recorder and write for a newspaper or a magazine."
Author: Barry Bonds
7. "I would be content if I had nothing but a tape-recorder. I could still write songs and record them."
Author: Barry Gibb
8. "I had wanted a tape recorder since I was tiny. I thought it was a magic thing. I never got one until just before I went to art school."
Author: Brian Eno
9. "Ricorderò la tua piccola stanza, la sensazione di te, la luce nella finestra, i tuoi dischi, i tuoi libri, il nostro caffè al mattino, i nostri pomeriggi, le nostre notti, i nostri corpi attaccati, il piccolo flusso di energia, immediato e per sempre. Le tue gambe, le mie gambe, le tue braccia, le mie braccia, il tuo sorriso ed il tuo calore quando mi facevi ridere ancora."
Author: Charles Bukowski
10. "It takes four angels to oversee an apocalypse: a recorder to make the book that would be scripture in the new world; a preserver to comfort and save those selected to be the first generation; an accuser to remind them why they suffer; and a destroyer to revoke the promise of survival and redemption, and to teach them the awful truth about furious sheltering grace."
Author: Chris Adrian
11. "For our last shall be the recorder of eternity."
Author: Cory Hair
12. "You have a time machine and you use it for... watching television?""Well, I wouldn't use it at all if I could get the hang of the video recorder."
Author: Douglas Adams
13. "I had no experience with broadcasting basketball games, so I took a tape recorder and went to a playground where there was a summer league, and I stood up in the top of the stands and I called the game."
Author: Ed Bradley
14. "I thought, 'If I'm going to die, I'm going to videotape it.' So I got out my little video recorder and was taping goodbyes to my family."
Author: Estella Warren
15. "You could say, in a way, that I'm not actually a writer, though perhaps I might be called a recorder? ... I just happen to be one of those holding the pen, that's all."
Author: Etienne De L'Amour
16. "In winter this town is freezing. You step out your door in the morning and the whole place looks like one of those nature specials in which a guy brings a camcorder to the North Pole and then the camera cuts out and you hear on the news that he got eaten by a bear"
Author: Flynn Meaney
17. "Lord Maccon fue listo y decidió poner su mejor cara de corderito degollado, si es que un hombre lobo era capaz de tal cosa."
Author: Gail Carriger
18. "The country is not a democratic state. Therefore we fear that they might carry a recorder in their pocket or there may be bugs in the walls, and you cannot be absolutely sure that you get a straight testimony."
Author: Hans Blix
19. "He wasn't a man, but a tape recorder, repeating catch phrases and old slogans without any thought to the concepts behind them, a dog stuck in the training of his youth and faithfully executing his tasks long after his master had moved on."
Author: Harvey Pekar
20. "Right' i said. 'but first, we need the car. and after that, the cocaine. and then the tape recorder, for special music, and some acapulco shirts."
Author: Hunter S. Thompson
21. "Don't become a mere recorder of facts, but try to penetrate the mystery of their origin."
Author: Ivan Pavlov
22. "Dammit, that yodel of triumph of yours was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard in my life. I wish I had a tape recorder to take it down."Those things aren't made to be heard by the people down below," says Japhy, dead serious."
Author: Jack Kerouac
23. "Dance like there's nobody watching. Or filming. Never mind that creepy guy in the corner with the camcorder. Just keep dancing."
Author: Jarod Kintz
24. "I love threats. They make great quotes. Is that recorder working, Irene?"
Author: Jayne Ann Krentz
25. "I approach writing stories as a recorder. I think of my role as some kind of reporting device - recording and projecting."
Author: Jhumpa Lahiri
26. "Everybody has a camcorder now, and they exploit these incidents and blow them all out of proportion."
Author: Jim Fowler
27. "Truman Capote famously claimed to have nearly absolute recall of dialogue and used his prodigious memory as an excuse never to take notes or use a tape recorder, but I suspect his memory claims were just a useful cover to invent dialogue whole cloth."
Author: Joshua Foer
28. "These were the kids who would take LSD for recreational purposes, who relied upon tape recorders to supply the weird studio effects their music required and who could repeat the cosmic wisdom of the Space Brothers as if it were the Pledge of Allegiance. Brought up on space heroes and super beings, as revealed to them in comic books and TV shows, the whole galaxy was their birthright, just as Mad magazine and cheap B-movies had shown them hows stupid and flimsy a construct daily life could be. To the subtle dismay of their parents, this was a generation capable of thinking the unthinkable as a matter of course. That their grand cosmological adventure should come to an end just as Neil Armstrong succeeded in bringing Suburbia to the Moon is another story and it will have to wait for another time."
Author: Ken Hollings
29. "I've woken up from dreams and the whole song is there. I'm listening to it in my dreams. I consciously have to wake myself up and get a tape recorder because I hear it like a record."
Author: Lenny Kravitz
30. "As a 13, - 14-year-old kid, I'd sit on my bed with a tape recorder and a newspaper. I would do my own newscast. I would practice my diction."
Author: Lester Holt
31. "This phone," he says finally. "I want this phone."She laughs. "No. S'mine."Janie, I don't think you understand. I want it."Sorry."It's got photo caller ID; Internet; video, camera, and digital recorder?! Holy Hannah... It's making me warm all over."Oh yeah?" Janie says in a sexy voice. "Wanna play with my phone, baby?"Hell yes, I do."
Author: Lisa McMann
32. "Miles leaned forward and spoke earnestly into the secure holovid recorder. "I just want you to know, Gregor, that if the planet melts down over all this, it wasn't my fault. The trip-wire was laid long before I stumbled across it."
Author: Lois McMaster Bujold
33. "Mi hai dato ciò che non immaginavo, un tempo dove ogni secondo di te conterà nella mia vita più di ogni altro secondo. Io ero di tutti i villaggi, tu hai inventato un mondo. Te ne ricorderai, un giorno? Ti ho amato come non credevo che fosse possibile. Sei entrato nella mia vita come si entra nell'estate. Non provo né rabbia né rammarico. I momenti che mi hai dato hanno un nome: l'incanto. Lo hanno ancora, sono fatti della tua eternità. Anche senza di te non sarò mai più sola, perché tu esisti da qualche parte."
Author: Marc Levy
34. "There are lies and lies. Now and then the Great Recorder must put one on the credit side of the balance, one that has saved intolerable suffering, or has made well and happy a sick soul."
Author: Mary Roberts Rinehart
35. "Then came that sigh. I wish I had had a tape recorder handy every time in my life that I heard a boy sigh at the outset of urination. What a lovely sound. So much satisfaction. Girls sigh far less often before they pee, and not with the same devotion, I think. If only I had such a recording of boys' sighs. I would lie on a pillow in the sunlight of the late afternoon, sometimes listening to Chopin, sometimes Schubert, and sometimes to the sighs, seriatim, of all the boys about to pee."
Author: Matthew Sharpe
36. "I have a tape recorder, and I just sing into it. I like to write that way. Sometimes I'll just get melodic ideas, and then I'll go home and sit down and add the lyrics. Or sometimes I'll get a lyric idea that I love. Usually it's pretty combined. Usually I get some kind of a lyrical concept and a melody and work with that."
Author: Melora Hardin
37. "This kiss is zeroes and ones jumbledand tossed into a pneumatic system,unscrambled at the end and scrawledonto a tape recorder slowly rollingat the side of your bed,then slapping back, reverbedoff the ringer, a tinny phantomof the smooch like a smack onan aluminum can, up the same veins through the belly of the same satelliteand softly to the side of my head;"
Author: Mike Doughty
38. "I was broadcast-struck from an early age; I had saved up for a tape recorder and started making programmes."
Author: Nigel Rees
39. "Yes. It is. —June 23, 2012, at night driving from Henrietta back to Knoxville with the tape recorder off, thirteen months after diagnosis"
Author: Pat Summitt
40. "I get like a melody that comes up and I try to write it down or record it. Hum it into a tape recorder or write it down on some manuscript paper. It could happen at any time, on the road or off the road, but mostly, you know, at home."
Author: Paul Taylor
41. "No me mantienes cerca por ser gentil. Si quieres bondad, aquí hay una docena de corderitos que rasgarían la garganta de los demás simplemente por tener el favor de la princesa Dragomir."
Author: Richelle Mead
42. "Words are the oldest information storage and retrieval system ever devised. Words are probably older than the cave paintings in France, words have been here for tens of thousands of years longer than film, moving pictures, video, and digital video, and words will likely be here after those media too. When the electromagnetic pulse comes in the wake of the nuclear blast? Those computers and digital video cameras and videotape recorders that are not melted outright will be plastic and metal husks used to prop open doors. Not so with the utterances of tongues. Words will remain, and the highly complicated and idiosyncratic accounts assembled from them will provide us with the dark news about the blast. The written word will remain, scribbled on collapsed highway overpasses, as a testament to love and rage, as evidence of the wanderers in the ruin."
Author: Rick Moody
43. "Few poets better convey the uneasy transition from Victorianism to Modernism than Thomas Hardy. His novels, written between 1870 and 1895, made him not only the recorder of his distinctive region of 'Wessex', but the explorer of the transition of lives and minds from the age of traditional values and religious certainties to the age of godlessness and modern tragedy, a transition sometimes described as 'the clash of the modern'."
Author: Ronald Carter
44. "Writers didn't usually draw a crowd of paparazzi. As the service progressed, however, journalists began to enter the church. When it was over, they pushed their way toward him. Gillon, Marianne, and Martin tried to run interference. One persistent gray fellow (gray suit, gray hair, gray face, gray voice) got through the crowd, shoved a tape recorder toward him, and asked the obvious questions. "I'm sorry," he replied. "I'm here for my friend's memorial service. It's not appropriate to do interviews.""You don't understand," the gray fellow said, sounding puzzled. "I'm from the Daily Telegraph. They've sent me down specially.""Gillon, I need your help," he said.Gillon leaned down toward the reporter from his immense height and said, firmly, and in his grandest accent, "Fuck off.""You can't talk to me like that," the man from the Telegraph said. "I've been to public school."
Author: Salman Rushdie
45. "I wouldn't mind someone lobbing hand grenades at me, but having to reset the timer on the video recorder puts me into a blood-spitting frenzy."
Author: Stephen Bayley
46. "Someone has to do it. It's all very well calling for eye of newt, but do you mean Common, Spotted or Great Crested? Which eye, anyway? Will tapioca do just as well? If we substitute egg white will the spell a) work b) fail or c) melt the bottom out of the cauldron? Goodie Whemper's curiosity about such things was huge and insatiable*.* Nearly insatiable. It was probably satiated in her last flight to test whether a broomstick could survive having its bristles pulled out one by one in mid-air. According to the small black raven she had trained as a flight recorder, the answer was almost certainly no."
Author: Terry Pratchett
47. "Most officially "poor" Americans today have things that middle-class Americans of an earlier time could only dream about—including color TV, videocassette recorders, microwave ovens, and their own cars. Moreover, half of all poor households have air-conditioning.Leftist redistribution of income could never accomplish that, because there are simply not enough rich people for their wealth to have such a dramatic effect on the living standards of the poor, even if it was all confiscated and redistributed. Moreover, many attempts at redistributing wealth in various countries around the world have ended up redistributing poverty.After all, rich people can see the political handwriting on the wall, and can often take their money and leave the country, long before a government program can get started to confiscate it. They are also likely to take with them skills and entrepreneurial experience that are even harder to replace than the money."
Author: Thomas Sowell
48. "Computers have virtually replaced tape recorders."
Author: Tony Visconti
49. "Nayrol is without speech and therefore never lies…" (Nayrol is) one of the nature gods of the Red River people. Objective evidence is the ultimate authority. Recorders may lie, but Nature is incapable of it."
Author: Walter M. Miller Jr.
50. "...all the dutiful grandchildren and great-grandchildren lingering over deathbeds with digital recorders, or else mechanically pursuing their ancestors through the online genealogy sites at three in the morning, so very eager to reconstitute the lives and thoughts of dead and soon-to-dead men, though they may regularly screen the phone calls of their own mothers. I am of that generation. I will do anything for my family except see them."
Author: Zadie Smith

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