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1. "I'm going to play,' says Armand, lacing his fingers and cracking the knuckles. ‘A pair of these lads can pump for me.' ‘Is this a time for playing?' asks Jean Baptiste. Then, ‘You are right. You have never been more so."
Author: Andrew Miller
2. "Man, big mistake. Big fucking mistake, coming here."  He moves into the room as smooth as a jungle cat, pushing his fists together and cracking his knuckles. Mick is behind Colin and then Rebel appears, wiping his hands off casually on a blue rag."
Author: Elle Casey
3. "I am officially turning him over to you. He's your problem now. You'll have to watch out for him and that won't be easy. He's naive, gullible, immature, horribly unsophisticated, ignorant about anything worth knowing, and idealistic to a fault." He paused to make a show of thinking harder. "He's also indecisive, pathetically honest, a horrible liar, and too virtuous for words. He gets up twice each night to relieve himself, wads his clothes rather than folds them, chews with his mouth open, and talks with his mouth full. He has a nasty habit of cracking his knuckles every morning at breakfast, and, of course, he snores. To remedy that, just put a rock under his blanket."
Author: Michael J. Sullivan

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Quotes About Cracking Knuckles
Quotes About Cracking Knuckles

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