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1. "I think where it's going is toward what the music industry is like, where channels will be considered more like labels that carry the type of TV show that you like, and then you'll consume them however you can. For example, I don't really watch Showtime, but I bought 'Homeland,' and I've been watching every episode on my iPad."
Author: Adam Pally
2. "I just like movies that somehow expose the world in a way that's different than you imagine it."
Author: Alex Winter
3. "Watching teething babies is like watching over a thermonuclear reactor--it is best done in shifts, by well-rested people."
Author: Anthony Doerr
4. "While we watched without comprehension, she moved away to where none of us wanted to follow. Ruth May shrank back through the narrow passage between this brief fabric of light and all the rest of what there is for us: the long waiting. Now she will wait the rest of the time. It will be exactly as long as the time that passed before she was born."
Author: Barbara Kingsolver
5. "I was a model for eight years. That's the deal: People look. But I didn't like being looked at and never seen."
Author: Beau Garrett
6. "If I was a book, I would like to be a library book, so I would be taken home by all different sorts of kids."
Author: Cornelia Funke
7. "Fame is like a shaved pig with a greased tail, and it is only after it has slipped through the hands of some thousands, that some fellow, by mere chance, holds on to it!"
Author: Davy Crockett
8. "Your life is like a pizza.It could be round, it could be square.But you'll enjoy it most of all When it's something that you share."
Author: Jim Benton
9. "Sage shakes her head. "Surely there were some Germans who were better than others, some who didn't want to go along with what Hitler said. If you can't see them as individuals—if you can't forgive the ones who ask for it—doesn't that make you just as bad as any Nazi?""No," I admit. "It makes me human."
Author: Jodi Picoult
10. "Stop that! What were you doing, perched on the window ledge like a big chicken?"Despite his aches and irritations, he couldn't help but grin. "I prefer to think of myself as a more noble bird, like a hawk.""I'm sure you do. But you flew like a chicken than any hawk I've seen."
Author: Karen Hawkins
11. "What happens when you have great grief in your life is the arteries of that heart begins to spasms down, just literally squeezes down like this because you're feeling the tension of your life and then the heart muscle itself will also begin - to get stressed out."
Author: Mehmet Oz
12. "Every day there comes a moment when a person lays his hands in his lap and all his busyness collapses like ashes. The work accomplished is, from the soul's point of view, entirely imaginary."
Author: Robert Musil
13. "Guys like you make life easy for some women."
Author: Saul Bellow
14. "Just then Antonio, his two guards, his two Pit Bulls, Sebastian, and a strange, tall Keja bloke who had long white-grey hair and a matching long beard entered. That's Luther, Jared informed me. He's Antonio's Advisor. Someone should tell him that he's not living in the film Lord of the Rings. Jared coughed to hide his giggle."
Author: Suzanne Wright

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Quotes About Crushes Who Dont Like You Back
Quotes About Crushes Who Dont Like You Back
Quotes About Crushes Who Dont Like You Back

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