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1. "This has serveral consequences, starting with screwing over most cryptography algorithms--translation: all your bank account are belong to us--"
Author: Charles Stross
2. "One must acknowledge with cryptography no amount of violence will ever solve a math problem."
Author: Jacob Appelbaum
3. "I chose to deal with the science of cryptography. Cryptography began in mathematics. Codes were developed, even from Caesar's time, based on number theory and mathematical principles. I decided to use those principles and designed a work that is encoded."
Author: James Sanborn
4. "What affected me most profoundly was the realization that the sciences of cryptography and mathematics are very elegant, pure sciences. I found that the ends for which these pure sciences are used are less elegant."
Author: James Sanborn
5. "I understood the importance in principle of public key cryptography but it's all moved much faster than I expected. I did not expect it to be a mainstay of advanced communications technology."
Author: Whitfield Diffie
6. "Lots of people working in cryptography have no deep concern with real application issues. They are trying to discover things clever enough to write papers about."
Author: Whitfield Diffie

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Quotes About Cryptography
Quotes About Cryptography

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