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1. "Como se que estoy haciendo algo mal y me siento culpable, pero ninguna deestas cosas importa lo suficiente como para hacer que me detenga."
Author: Abbi Glines
2. "De todos modos, uno es siempre un poco culpable"
Author: Albert Camus
3. "La estupidez insiste siempre, uno se daría cuenta de ello si uno no pensara siempre en sí mismo. Nuestros conciudadanos, a este respecto, eran como todo el mundo; pensaban en ellos mismos; dicho de otro modo, eranhumanidad: no creían en las plagas. La plaga no está hecha a la medida del hombre, por lo tanto el hombre se dice que la plaga es irreal, es un mal sueño que tiene que pasar. Pero no siempre pasa, y de mal sueño en mal sueño son los hombres los que pasan, y los humanistas en primer lugar, porque no han tomado precauciones. Nuestros conciudadanos no eran más culpables que otros, se olvidaban de ser modestos, eso es todo, y pensaban que todavía todo era posible para ellos, lo cual daba por supuesto que las plagas eran imposibles."
Author: Albert Camus
4. "La gravedad no es culpable que la gente se enamore"
Author: Albert Einstein
5. "Will it be here that we shall find a place which will not elude us, or which if it remains does not exert on us a culpable attraction? Or must we, leaning over the deck and watching the shores glide by, move forever onward?"
Author: André Gide
6. "Many of those who are humiliated are not humble. Some react to humiliation with anger, others with patience, and others with freedom. The first are culpable, the next harmless, the last just."
Author: Bernard Of Clairvaux
7. "Nadie dice que vaya a ser fácil. Puede que sea la cosa más difícil que tengáis que hacer en toda vuestra vida, y puede que algunos tengan que esperar y planearlo durante más tiempo que otros. Pero si te estás arruinando la vida porque vivies en un entorno que no te acepta, y tú no intentas siquiera cambiarlo por otro donde sí te acepten, entonces serás el único culpable."
Author: Chris Colfer
8. "Perdónales", podríais decir, "pues no saben lo que hacen". Pero llega un momento en la historia en el que la ignorancia ya no es un defecto disculpable...; llega un momento en el que sólo la sabiduría tiene el poder de la absolución."
Author: Dan Brown
9. "…con eso de que aquí, en este país de leyes y constituciones, democrático, no es culpable nadie hasta que no lo condenen, y no lo condenan si no lo juzgan, y no lo juzgan si no lo agarran, y si lo agarran lo sueltan…"
Author: Fernando Vallejo
10. "I think it is true to say only an inferior person has rights. When you hear a person talking about his rights, you may be sure he is trying to gain by dint of shouting something which he lacks ( or had and lost) by reason of some culpable deficiency in himself."
Author: Flann O'Brien
11. "Con toda modestia, pero también con toda la determinación del espíritu, propongo que hagamos ahora y aquí el compromiso de concebir y fabricar un arca de la memoria, capaz de sobrevivir al diluvio atómico. Una botella de náufragos siderales arrojada a los océanos del tiempo, para que la nueva humanidad de entonces sepa por nosotros lo que no han de contarle las cucarachas: que aquí existió la vida, que en ella prevaleció el sufrimiento y predominó la injusticia, pero que también conocimos el amor y hasta fuimos capaces de imaginarnos la felicidad. Y que sepa y haga saber para todos los tiempos quiénes fueron los culpables de nuestro desastre, y cuán sordos se hicieron a nuestros clamores de paz para que esta fuera la mejor de las vidas posibles, y con qué inventos tan bárbaros y por qué intereses tan mezquinos la borraron del Universo."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
12. "If there is an angel who records the sorrows of men as well as their sins, he knows how many and deep are the sorrows that spring from false ideas for which no man is culpable."
Author: George Eliot
13. "La salvación de la moral y de la sociedad no se obtienen con vanos y costosos procesos contra los culpables, sino con interminables procesos contra los inocentes"
Author: Giovanni Papini
14. "I pass by that it is very culpable to be facetious in obscene and smutty matters."
Author: Isaac Barrow
15. "Now having Brynhildic fantasies about her was nothing--I have all sorts of extraordinary fantasies which I don't take seriously--but bringing my fantasies into the real world frightened me very much. It's not that they were bad in themselves, but they were Unreal and therefore culpable; to try to make Real what was Unreal was to mistake the very nature of things; it was a sin not against conscience (which remained genuinely indifferent during the whole affair) but against Reality, and of the two the latter is far more blasphemous. It's the crime of creating one's own Reality, of "preferring oneself" as a good friend of mine says."
Author: Joanna Russ
16. "It was this other side of Avery - the fact that he so visibly had an other side - that was helping me finally understand all three of the dimensions in Kafka: that a man could be a sweet, sympathetic, comically needy victim and a lascivious, self-aggrandizing, grudge-bearing bore, and also, crucially, a third thing: a flickering consciousness, a simultaneity of culpable urge and poignant self-reproach, a person in process."
Author: Jonathan Franzen
17. "Como todo poseedor de una biblioteca, Aureliano se sabía culpable de no conocerla hasta el fin"
Author: Jorge Luis Borges
18. "For its survival, the satanic cult demanded secrecy and obedience while it made brutality, even killing, appropriate. Denial and disavowal were inevitable responses to required behaviors so bizarre as to seem unreal, even to those who enacted them. What they could not deny or disavow, they could distort. They could blame the victims, who deserved to die for fighting or crying or for failing to fight or cry. They found encouragement for such a stance in a general culture accustomed to blaming victims for their misfortunes, and in specific contact with child victims eager to blame themselves. By believing that victims had a choice when there was none, they could see victims as culpable. They could even see the deaths as right and purposeful in the nobility of sacrifice."
Author: Judith Spencer
19. "Soy igual de culpable, y esta rutina me ha llevado a lastimar a Lila. Pronto, las malditas malas decisiones devastaran esta familia, Dios, soy un idiota."
Author: Katie McGarry
20. "It is the creators of the harami (bastards) who are culpable, not the harami, whose only sin is being born."
Author: Khaled Hosseini
21. "Perdón, temo pedirlo y que me lo concedan... ¿Cómo hace el culpable para vivir con el perdón a cuestas?"
Author: Liliana Bodoc
22. "Not all Muslims become involved in acts of violence. Yet all might be held culpable. THis is because that section of Muslim--in fact, the majority--who are not personally involved, neither disown those members of their community who are engaged in violence, nor even condemn them. In such a case, according to the Islamic Shariah itself, if the involved Muslims are directly responsible, the uninvolved Muslims are also indirectly responsible. (p. 91)"
Author: Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
23. "La sospecha siempre ronda las mentes culpables."
Author: Sheridan Hay
24. "Psychoanalysis provides truth in an infantile, that is, a schoolboy fashion: we learn from it, roughly and hurriedly, things that scandalize us and thereby command our attention. It sometimes happens, and such is the case here, that a simplification touching upon the truth, but cheaply, is of no more value than a lie. Once again we are shown the demon and the angel, the beast and the god locked in Manichean embrace, and once again man has been pronounced, by himself, not culpable."
Author: Stanisław Lem
25. "El culpable huye cuando nadie lo persigue."
Author: Stephen King
26. "Everyone is flawed and everyone makes mistakes and is culpable."
Author: Steve Carell
27. "La suma de todas las cosas que no deberíamos haber hecho en nuestras vidas es suficiente para matarnos con su peso, Caleb Drake. Ni tú, ni yo, ni nadie en esta vida puede saber posiblemente la reacción en cadena que nuestras decisiones causa. Si tú eres culpable, yo igual."
Author: Tarryn Fisher
28. "As for procreation, no one in his right mind would say that it is the only activity devoid of a praiseworthy incentive. Those who reproduce, then, should not feel unfairly culled as the worst conspirators against the human race. Every one of us is culpable in keeping the conspiracy alive, which is all right with most people."
Author: Thomas Ligotti
29. "El ruido y la actividad son los refugios de los desconsolados y culpables."
Author: Veronica Roth Insurgent
30. "Teach those who are ignorant as many things as possible; society is culpable, in that it does not afford instruction gratis; it is responsible for the night which it produces. This soul is full of shadow; sin is therein committed. The guilty one is not the person who has committed the sin, but the person who has created the shadow."
Author: Victor Hugo
31. "A los ignorantes enseñadles lo más que podáis; la sociedad es culpable por no dar instrucción gratis; es responsable de la oscuridad que con esto produce. Si un alma sumida en las tinieblas comete un pecado, el culpable no es en realidad el que peca, sino el que no disipa las tinieblas"
Author: Victor Hugo
32. "He said, moreover, "Teach those who are ignorant as many things as possible; society is culpable, in that it does not afford instruction gratis; it is responsible for the night which it produces. This soul is full of shadow; sin is therein committed. The guilty one is not the person who has committed the sin, but the person who has created the shadow."It will be perceived that he had a peculiar manner of his own of judging things: I suspect that he obtained it from the Gospel."
Author: Victor Hugo

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