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1. "Let every American, every lover of liberty, every well wisher to his posterity, swear by the blood of the Revolution, never to violate in the least particular, the laws of the country; and never to tolerate their violation by others."
Author: Abraham Lincoln
2. "Let kings estimate their prosperity, not by the righteousness, but by the servility of their subjects. Let the provinces stand loyal to the kings, not as moral guides, but as lords of their possessions and purveyors of their pleasures; not with a hearty reverence, but a crooked and servile fear. Let the laws take cognizance rather of the injury done to another man's property, than of that done to one's own person."
Author: Augustine Of Hippo
3. "Man has made 32 million laws since the Commandments were handed down to Moses on Mount Sinai... but he has never improved on God's law."
Author: Cecil B. DeMille
4. "Voter caging and voter ID laws exist to disfranchise voters."
Author: Cynthia McKinney
5. "A miracle is a violation of the laws of nature; and as a firm and unalterable experience has established these laws, the proof against a miracle, from the very nature of the fact, is as entire as any argument from experience as can be imagined."
Author: David Hume
6. "Reason we call that faculty innate in us of discovering laws and applying them with thought."
Author: Hermann Von Helmholtz
7. "That we should obey laws whether good or bad is a new-fangled notion. There was no such thing in former days. The people disregarded those laws they did not like and suffered the penalties for their breach."
Author: Mahatma Gandhi
8. "Our enemy of international terrorism respects no laws of warfare or morality, and its individual members take innocent lives, just to create chaos for news cameras."
Author: Mark Kennedy
9. "It is their mores, then, that make the Americans of the United States...capable of maintaining the rule of democracy.... Too much importance is attached to laws and too little to mores.... I am convinced that the luckiest of geographical circumstances and the best of laws cannot maintain a constitution in spite of mores, whereas the latter can turn even the most unfavorable advantage.... If I have not succeeded in making the reader feel the importance I attach to the practical experience of the Americans, to their habits, laws, and, in a word, their mores, I have failed in the main object of my work. -Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in American"
Author: Naomi Wolf
10. "Its an arrogant conceit of humans to think that they can "give" justice in whatever capacity. Karma would boomerang sooner or later and you are not required to meddle with it. Laws don't ensure justice but ensures fear of punishment in men much like religion instills fear of God."
Author: Nikhil Sharda
11. "In the Tarot deck, the Fool is depicted as a young man about to step off a cliff into empty air. Most people assume that the Fool will fall. But we don't see it happen, and a Fool doesn't know that he's subject to the laws of gravity. Against all odds, he just might float."
Author: Richard Kadrey
12. "Usually, in any revolution people are focused on who wants to have the most power. But the most important thing is the laws that are written during that time."
Author: Shirin Ebadi

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Quotes About Curfew Laws
Quotes About Curfew Laws

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