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1. "Well how many troubles should equal a legitimate reason for self-mutilation? Ten? Twenty? One hundred? And how monumental must these troubles be? There's probably no critical mass beyond which cutting yourself would ever seem to most people like a reasonable choice. I cut because it did look that way to me. I cut because something had to give. I cut because the alternatives were worse."
Author: Caroline Kettlewell
2. "Beauty could be defined simply as 'that which pleases.' But there is another aspect to art, and that... is the sublime. Like the mushroom cloud of the atom bomb, or the vastness of space as projected to us by satellite... the greatness of the experience goes beyond your ethical and aesthetic judgment, cutting you free from the binding ego of yourself. With the diminishment of your ego, the less there is of you, the more you see the sublime."
Author: Jen Wang
3. "You have to do the cutting yourself, to let out the pain inside. Getting someone else to slice you up is cheating."
Author: Lauren Beukes
4. "These days, my subjects are murder and mayhem and other terrible things that happen to people - things that are even worse than cutting yourself shaving. And these are not the sorts of things you feel the need to experience before you write about them."
Author: Linwood Barclay

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Quotes About Cutting Yourself
Quotes About Cutting Yourself
Quotes About Cutting Yourself

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