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1. "Sandalias. Al maestro sufi Ghulam-Shah se le preguntó qué patrón utilizaba al formular sus cursos para discípulos. Dijo: "Descalzo hasta que puedas obtener sandalias, sandalias hasta que puedas valerte de botas"."
Author: Idries Shah
2. "Sesquipedalian"
Author: Mark Twain
3. "Although your decision to die is firm, your decision to become a god has caused you to suffer. You suffered, wondering why you couldn't cure Magdalia's illness, wondering why you weren't capable of saving her. All you wanted to do was protect your only sister, wasn't that it? Not in heaven, but here on Earth. You wanted to make Lady Maldaria happy more than anything else, didn't you? And so now, to avoid the guilt of your loved one dying at your expense, you're willing to die yourself. You've already come to this realization. You know you aren't god. You're just a fragile human being who's capable of feeling pain and having doubts. Go back to being an ordinary man and start all over again for the sake of those who look up to you."-Kenshin"
Author: Nobuhiro Watsuki
4. "<...> tikejima tureti - pavydetina dalia, net jei niekas apie tai nežinotu. (7-8)"
Author: Søren Kierkegaard
5. "As the people of Ein Hod were marched into despossession, Moshe and his comrades guarded and looted the newly emptied village. While Dalia lay heartbroken, delirious with the loss of Ismael, Jolanta rocked David to sleep. While Hasan tended to his family's survival, Moshe sang in drunken revelry with his fellow soldiers. And while Yehya and the others moved in anguished steps away from their land, the usurpers sand "Hatikva," and shouted, "Long live Israel!"
Author: Susan Abulhawa
6. "She loved beyond measure, When I was young I thought her cold. But in time I came to understand that she was too tender for the world she'd been born into," I said. Sorrow gave Dalia an iron gift. Behind that hard shelter, sheloved boundlessly in the distance and privacy of her solitude, safe fromthe tragic rains of her fate."
Author: Susan Abulhawa

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Quotes About Dalia
Quotes About Dalia
Quotes About Dalia

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