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1. "Lì i libri erano ammassati dappertutto. Non erano solo sugli scaffali come nelle altre case, no: da loro erano accatastati sotto i tavoli, sulle sedie, negli angoli più remoti. Ce n'erano in cucina e in bagno, sul televisore e nell'armadio; pile basse e pile alte. Grossi, piccoli, vecchi, nuovi... libri e ancora libri. Accoglievano Meggie sulla tavola apparecchiata per la colazione, invitanti; l'aiutavano a scacciare la noia... e qualche volta la mandavano lunga distesa per terra!"
Author: Cornelia Funke
2. "She loves the way Vic looks, using the world debonair instead of dapper."
Author: David Levithan
3. "I think cycling has always had a tradition of being a bit dapper, especially back in the day."
Author: David Millar
4. "Ma che cos'è, poi, la vita abituale? …Ahimè, è un eterno rigirarsi entro una cerchia ristretta, un continuo batter di naso dappertutto, un andar di piccolo passo, misurato, monotono, anche se spesso tentiamo di interromperlo con qualche virtuosistica "courbette""."
Author: E.T.A. Hoffmann
5. "This dapper little mouse that wore such cute clothes and said such interesting things, yeah. I thought it was a great idea to have a mouse like that in your family, so now I get to see what it was like."
Author: Geena Davis
6. "We need a bigger gun.""We need a shower," Raphael said."Gun first. Shower later."Ten minutes later I walked into the Order's office. A group of knights standing in the hallway turned at my approach: Mauro, the huge Samoan knight; Tobias, as usual dapper; and Gene, the seasoned former Georgia Bureau of Investigations detective. They looked at me. The conversation died.My clothes were torn and bloody. Soot stained my skin. My hair stuck out in clumps caked with dirt and blood. The reek of a dead cat emanated from me in a foul cloud.I walked past them into the armory, opened the glass case, took Boom Baby out, grabbed a box of Silver Hawk cartridges, and walked out.Nobody said a thing."
Author: Ilona Andrews
7. "Il dono del volo lo appioppano sempre alle creature più inutili del mondo. Perché non darlo a me? Questa libertà perfetta e senza peso. Niente recinti, né muri, né confini; volerei dappertutto, sopra oceani e continenti, montagne, giungle e sterminati spazi aperti, e da qualche nel mondo, da qualche parte in tutta quella bellezza distante e intatta, troverei una ragione."
Author: Isaac Marion
8. "And sure enough,the youth in question was not his usual dapper self. His face was puffy, his eyes red and wild; his shirt(distressingly unbuttoned)hung over his trousers in sloppy fashion. All very out of charactar: Mandrake was normally defined by his rigid self-control. Somthing seemed to have stripped all that away.Well, the poor lad was emotionally brittle.He needed sympathetic handling."You're a mess," I sneered "You've lost it big time. What's happened? All the guilt and self-loathing suddenly get to you? It can't just be that someone else called me, surly?"
Author: Jonathan Stroud
9. "They both loved her, of course. They'd probably still love her even if they knew she'd seduced him.Yes, because he was so much the wounded party in this case. Taken advantage of by a skilled and dangerous seductress whom he was obviously no match for.Pull yourself together, Ryeton. You sound like a frigging little girl!Maxwell arrived right on time, and cheerfully announced by Westford. Grey's entire face-from his scar to the forced smile he wore-began to ache at the sight of the younger man. Maxwell had to be nine and twenty at best. He was tall and dapper, and just charming enough so as not to seem threatening. It was a part Grey played very well at the same age, only he'd been a wolf masquerading as a harmless spaniel. He wasn't so sure the same couldn't be said for Maxwell.He had no choice but to shake the man's hand and make small talk before watching him take Rose's arm and lead her away, both of them smiling like idiots."
Author: Kathryn Smith
10. "I contadini dappertutto nel mondo sono fondamentalmente gli stessi. Lasciateci dire che la chiave per la pace si trova vicino alla terra."
Author: Masanobu Fukuoka
11. "I love Robert Fripp. You know what I really appreciate about Robert Fripp? He always dresses appropriately for the occasion. When he's on stage, he's a Dapper Dan."
Author: St. Vincent

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