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1. "Traim împreuna ?i suntem influen?a?i de cei din jur, pe care, la rândul nostru, îi influen?am; dar întotdeauna, indiferent ce am face, ramânem singuri. Martirii intra în arena ?inându-se de mâna, dar sunt rastigni?i unul câte unul. Îmbra?i?a?i, îndragosti?ii se straduiesc cu disperare sa-?i contopeasca extazul individual într-o unica transcendere de sine; zadarnic. Prin însa?i natura sa, orice spirit întrupat este osândit sa sufere ?i sa se bucure în solitudine. Senza?ii, sim?aminte, intui?ii, fantezii - toate sunt date sa ramâna personale ?i de necomunicat, în lipsa interven?iei simbolurilor ?i a intermediarilor. [...] De la familie la na?iune, orice grup constituie doar o societate de universuri insulare."
Author: Aldous Huxley
2. "That's a lovely piece," Kat said, pointing at a Louise XV armoire near the fireplace. The man raised his eyebrows. "Did you come to steal it?""Darn it," Kat said with a snap of her fingers."I knew I should have brought my big purse."
Author: Ally Carter
3. " my world, a man who darns his own socks is not a man."
Author: André Aciman
4. "Zaznal pelnych litosci spojrzen, zajaknien, wspólczujacego kiwania glowa, doswiadczyl niby to solidarnych meskich uscisków i niby to kamrackich walniec w bark. Nasluchal sie apeli, by sie trzymal i byl twardym. Powodujacych, ze od razu miekl i przestawal sie trzymac, choc jeszcze przed momentem bylo, zdawaloby sie, juz calkiem dobrze."
Author: Andrzej Sapkowski
5. "Actually, yeah, I did buy a few new things," she confirmed, then she teased a little more by adding, "I think Pete is going to really enjoy my outfit tomorrow night.""Pete seems to like you no matter what you're wearing," Luke grumbled. "So, what did you buy for good ol' Pete?"Darn, if he didn't sound jealous! Could it be possible? It'd mean she meant something to him. Something more than Dr. Doolittle anyway. "I bought a mini skirt." She wouldn't tell him about the hair and the shoes. Or what she bought to wear under the skirt.She heard him cough. Hard. As if having a spasm. "Luke? Are you okay?"A couple more very tense seconds of coughs, and then, "Did you say a skirt?"She wanted to smack him."
Author: Anne Rainey
6. "But so went forth Darnell, day by day, strangely mistaking death for life, madness for sanity, and purposeless and wandering phantoms for true beings. He was sincerely of opinion that he was a City clerk, living in Shephard's Bush -- having forgotten the mysteries and the far-shining glories of the kingdom which was his by legitimate inheritance."
Author: Arthur Machen
7. "And what? Accidentally cuts off three fingers postmortem? 'Oops, oh, no, my girlfriend just died! Clumsy me, in trying to perform CPR, I chopped off some fingers! Guess I'll just take them with me.... Oh, darn, where did that middle finger go?"
Author: Barry Lyga
8. "- Due re saliranno alla Rocca di Cadarn - profetizzò - ma a regnare sarà un uomo che non è re. I morti si sposeranno, quel che è perso ritornerà alla luce. e una lama verrà portata alla gola di una bambina."
Author: Bernard Cornwell
9. "Just a friendly warning: the forces of spiritual darness are nothing to trifle with. Vampires do exist, no matter what the so-called scientific minds might say, and they ARE dangerous!"
Author: C.C. Brown
10. "She'd run over Dankyo in an instant to get to Theo. Be a darn big bump in the road, but she'd do it."
Author: Cari Silverwood
11. "When you're sad or depressed, you might as well get something done," Lydia always said. "Pretty soon, you're not sad or depressed, and darned if things aren't done."
Author: Cathy Lamb
12. "That, they never could lay their heads upon their pillows; that, they could never tolerate the idea of their wives laying their heads upon their pillows; that, they could never endure the notion of their children laying their heads on their pillows; in short , that there never more could be , for them or theirs , any laying of heads upon pillows at all , unless the prisioner's head was taken off.The Attorney General during the trial of Mr. Darnay"
Author: Charles Dickens
13. "Do you feel, yet, that you belong to this terrestrial scheme again, Mr. Darnay?""I am frightfully confused regarding time and place, but I am so far mended as to feel that.""It must be an immense satisfaction!"He said it bitterly, and filled up his glass again: which was a large one."As to me, the greatest desire I have is to forget that I belong to it. It has no good in it for me--except wine like this--nor I for it. So we are not much alike in that particular. Indeed, I begin to think we are not much alike in any particular, you and I."
Author: Charles Dickens
14. "I always like jumping spiders. They're just so darn cute."
Author: Cheryl Hayashi
15. "Let's face it: suffering discredits goodness. I'm agnostic in practice though faith-based in theory. I used to pray but now know he'll do what he darn well pleases when he darn well pleases. Will he listen? Maybe. We have a book that says so, but how much happens beyond that book, I can't say. That's agnosticism in its bleakest and most honest form. Don't judge me, yet believe me when I tell you that years of abuse tend to wring out every ounce of one's ability to understand and adhere to faith in standard form."
Author: Chila Woychik
16. "The verb 'to darn' is explained in my pocket dictionary as follows: 'To mend by imitating the texture of the stuff, with thread and needle.' But this definition does not correspond to the work accomplished by good Chinese housewives. When they mend a sock, they do not try 'to imitate the texture of the stuff'. Their art makes no attempt at concealment: it even takes a certain pride in revealing itself."
Author: Daniele Varè
17. "Gosh, darn it!"
Author: David Archuleta
18. "I've been blessed, acne never knocked on my door. I think I look pretty darn good."
Author: Deborah Norville
19. "-Of course movies today no longer require film. They are recorded and held in digital suspension as ones and zeroes. And so at the moment the last remaining piece of the world is lit and shot for a movie, there will be another Big Bang... and the multitudes of ones and zeroes will be strewn through the universe as particles that act like waves... until, shaken by borealic winds or ignited by solar flares or otherwise galvanized by this or that heavenly signal, they compose themselves into brilliant constellations that shine in full color across the night sky of a remote planet... where a reverent, unrecognizable form of life will look up from its rooftops at the faces of Randolph Scott, Gail Russell, George Brent, Linda Darnell... to name just a few of the stars."
Author: E.L. Doctorow
20. "Cine sa te vindece de tine? O tînara fata? Dar cine-i darnic pîna la jertfa, ca sa-ti preia melancolia? Ce suflet pur, dornic de vis si nefericire, sa se-ncumete la o povara ce n-o presimte?"
Author: Emil Cioran
21. "[The Real Thing]But when it came time to Patton to lay down his vocals, Wallace was surprised to hear that Patton had opted to utilize a peculiar singing voice. Wallace: "He was singing really nasally and also, his pitch on record was not as good as I knew it could be. I was just like, 'Why don't you just hit the notes?' And he goes, 'No man, this is my style.' Because he'd sing the song on tape, and he'd do this amazing, really full voice. I'm like, 'That's the voice! Get that on the darn tape!' He was like, 'No man, I don't want to do it'."
Author: Greg Prato
22. "Jesus, you piss me off," he murmured. "Good thing your cunt's so fucking hot." "Don't call it that." His lip twitched. "Good thing your vagina's so gosh-darned hot," he whispered. "Because I really, really want to stick my penis in it and have repeated sexual intercourse, bringing us to a mutually satisfactory culmination of our desires. How's that sound?"
Author: Joanna Wylde
23. "Her mouth was trained to a line that concealed nothing and offered nothing too. But once when Adam was quite small he wandered silently into the kitchen. Alice did not see him. She was darning socks and she was smiling. Adam retired secretly and walked out of the house and into the woodlot to a sheltered place behind a stump that he knew well. He settled deep between the protecting roots. Adam was as shocked as though he had come upon her naked. He breathed excitedly, high against his throat. For Alice had been naked--she had been smiling."
Author: John Steinbeck
24. "Privately there were some things in Heaven of which she did not approve. There was too much singing, and she didn't see how even the Elect could survive for very long the celestial laziness which was promised. She would find something to do in Heaven. There must be something to take up one's time – some clouds to darn, some weary wings to rub with liniment. Maybe the collars of the robes needed turning now and then, and when you come right down to it, she couldn't believe that even in heaven there would not be cobwebs in some corner to be knocked down with a cloth-covered broom."
Author: John Steinbeck
25. "I was looking through a newspaper and it was an audition for 'Kids Say the Darndest Things,' so I tried out. One thing led to another and I appeared on 'The Rosie O'Donnell Show' and 'Oprah.'"
Author: JoJo
26. "He was the most gorgeous hunk of male it had ever been my privilege to stare at, and darn his hide, he knew exactly what I was thinking. His smile turned to a smug grin to so full of satisfaction, that I couldn't help myself. I laughed."
Author: Katherine Allred
27. "He couldn't seem to get his teeth into anything. Except books. The things in books was darn near more real to him than the things breathing and eating."
Author: Ken Kesey
28. "Ace!" Tate shouted, both Wendy and I jumped and twisted our necks to look his way. "You cashed out or what?" Tate asked still in a shout. "I'm cashed out," I shouted back. "You wanna socialize for the next hour or are we gonna go?" He was still shouting and I was acutely aware, due to the fact that the noise level declined significantly, that the entire bar was listening. "Keep your pants on!" I yelled. The noise level disappeared. "Babe, get your ass over here," Tate ordered. "Patience, Captain, I'm talking to Wendy," I shot back. "Ass. Over. Here!" Tate commanded. I looked at Wendy and snapped loudly, "He's so darned bossy!" Two men and a woman sitting at the bar close to us burst out laughing. "You better get your ass over there," Wendy advised, I rolled my eyes and stomped across the bar."
Author: Kristen Ashley
29. "No pienso resolver a golpes nuestras discrepancias. Lo que hacemos (...) es para ayudarnos el uno al otro, no para usarlo en contra del otro. Somos amigos."
Author: Kristin Cashore
30. "Most things are predestined, but some are just darn sheer luck, said Roaring Abel."
Author: L.M. Montgomery
31. "El amor es un castigo. Somos castigados por no haber podido quedarnos solos."
Author: Marguerite Yourcenar
32. "Amigos mios, ha llegado la hora de darnos cuenta de que la moral debería ser la base de la religión y no esta la base de la moral"
Author: Marquis De Sade
33. "I do think 'The Notebook' is a darn good movie."
Author: Matt Lanter
34. "That's right. Endgame. The FAYZ barrier is coming down; at least that's my bet. But there's also a ninety percent chance you and me both end up dead. Ten percent chance we both actually get out alive. In which case we end up sharing a cell somewhere." He laughed. "Kind of unfair, really, what with me being evil and all, and you just so darned virtuous and heroic."
Author: Michael Grant
35. "Credinta zugraveste icoanele-n biserici -Si-n sufletu-mi pusese povestile-i feerici,Dar de-ale vietii valuri, de al furtunii pasAbia conture triste si umbre-au mai ramas.În van mai caut lumea-mi în obositul creier,Caci ragusit, tomnatec, vrajeste trist un greier;Pe inima-mi pustie zadarnic mâna-mi tiu,Ea bate ca si cariul încet într-un sicriu.Si când gândesc la viata-mi, îmi pare ca ea curaÎncet repovestita de o straina gura,Ca si când n-ar fi viata-mi, ca si când n-as fi fost.Cine-i acel ce-mi spune povestea pe de rostDe-mi tin la el urechea - si râd de câte-ascultCa de dureri straine?... Parc-am murit de mult."
Author: Mihai Eminescu
36. "Sa fugi de tine o zi, doua, douazeci nu e usor, dar nici imposibil. Faci matematici sau marxism ca S.T.H., faci sionism ca Winkler, citesti carti ca mine, umbli dupa femei sau joci sah, sau te dai cu capul de pereti. Dar intr-o zi, intr-un minut de neatentie, te intalnesti cu tine insuti la un colt de suflet, cum te-ai intalni la un colt de strada cu un creditor de care te-ai ferit zadarnic. Dai ochii cu tine si atunci intelegi cat de inutile sunt toate evadarile din aceasta inchisoare fara ziduri, fara porti si fara gratii, din aceasta inchisoare care este insasi viata ta."
Author: Mihail Sebastian
37. "You kids are handling this a whole lot better than he is.'I wondered if that meant we were pretty darned tough.Or whether we simply lacked the imagination to see how bad things really were"
Author: Mike A. Lancaster
38. "I tried opening the door to the car again, forgetting the darned thing would not open. "You need to get this door fixed," I nagged. "It's not broken, my lovely," David grinned. "Then why won't it open?" "Child locks to keep the princess from opening the door herself." He gave me a crooked smile. "Oh," I blushed."
Author: Nely Cab
39. "She felt the glide of his hair as he lowered his head to study the zipper on her skirt. Herimagination supplied other places his hair could touch, and she drew in her breath.He carefully pulled down the zipper, then pulled it back up. After several up and downforays, Kathy grew impatient:"Hello? Have I lost you to a zipper?" Darn. She must sound like every greedy womanwho'd ever lain with him.His soft chuckle reassured her. " 'Tis a long night, lass, and the waiting willna hurt ye.These metal teeth are wondrous things."
Author: Nina Bangs
40. "My big thing is to make sure the lipsticks taste good when you kiss. And, well, so far they taste pretty darn good."
Author: Patrick Dempsey
41. "Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple."
Author: Pete Seeger
42. "I got a statistic for you right now. Grab your pencil, Doug. There are five billion trees in the world. I looked it up. Under every tree is a shadow, right? So, then, what makes night? I'll tell you: shadows crawling out from under five billion trees! Think of it! Shadows running around in the air, muddying the waters you might say. If only we could figure a way to keep those darn five billion shadows under those trees, we could stay up half the night, Doug, because there'd be no night!"
Author: Ray Bradbury
43. "Oh, horseshit! I-I mean, darn!" She corrects herself quickly. Why don't you come in and have some tea. Do you like tea? Or are you a coffee person? I can make coffee, just be warned it tastes like ass and looks like ass – I mean,butt."
Author: Sara Wolf
44. "Sudenly Garge spring up and walk to the wall to admire some modarn art hanging on Frank and Estele Catandas wall. Hes impressed. Frank and Estele have always had a traditienel sensibility when it come to aesthetic matter's. For as long as he knew it, this space on the wall was ocupied by a Normen Rockwell print of a smileing child with a cast on his arm eating a handful of bird seed out of the hand of the postman. But now its replace with this minimelist art work, a large black rectangle. He make out hes bald reflectien in the imposibly smooth black surfece. It look like something that should be hang in the Moma (Museum Of Modarn Art)."This is beauteful," Garge remark. "It seem like a stark comentary on the end of art. Who designe this?""Not art," Frank go. "Thats a televisien."
Author: Seinfeld 2000
45. "No hay mayor decepción en la vida que darnos cuenta de que fuimos incapaces de enterarnos de un grande e leal amigo que siempre estuvo allí a nuestro lado, a nuestro lado toda una vida. Un amigo siempre presente e sin siquiera darle algún valor o atención. Eso se debe a que los verdaderos amigos no necesitan de brillar para que sean vistos. Nosotros si que tenemos que tener esa percepción para poder descubrir-los. Gracias querida amiga soledad por no haberme decepcionado nunca!Autor: Sergio Correia.Warrington, 20.08.2012"
Author: Sergio Figueira Correia
46. "That's it, I'm going to beat you down and make you sorry."Xypher froze as he braced himself for her attack.But instead of her giving him pain, she tickled him. It took him several seconds before he realized her intent. By then she was pouting."You're not ticklish. Well, that stinks." She sat back and crossed her arms over her chest, hiding the breasts he loved to tease."I'm sorry," he said, trying to cheer her. "If it'll make you happy, I'll pretend to be." "No it's okay. Can't have everything, I suppose." She paused at the edge of the bed. "But you come darn close.""Close to what?""Being perfect. Only you're more than that, Xypher. You're wonderful."Xypher couldn't move as she left him to go to the bathroom. He couldn't breathe as those words sank into his consciousness. She thinks I'm wonderful..."
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
47. "I sada znam i da sam glupan, i da sam zato u lancima, i da sam zato u karanteni. Jer glupost nije defekt - ona je bolest. Bolest neizlježiva ako je urodena. Izlijeciti se može samo onaj tko se njome zarazio. Defekt nije zarazan, i on se ne lijeci, nego ispravlja. Zato glupost ne valja praštati, pa ni sebi. Ucili su nas da izujemo cipelu ako šetamo sa hromim. Hromost je defekt, pa ni pred njom pametni ne žmire, nego rade plastiku i proteze. A biti obazriv prema glupanu, gore je nego skidati cipelu. To je kao da se iz solidarnosti grlimo s gubavcem, i gore još, jer glupost je pogibeljnija od mnogih strašnih bolesti - opasna je i zdravima."
Author: Slobodan Novak
48. "Both Rowling and Meyer, they're speaking directly to young people. … The real difference is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can't write worth a darn. She's not very good."
Author: Stephen King
49. "Women waited 144 years before earning suffrage. If a mature, multiparty democracy was so darn easy, everybody would have one."
Author: Thomas P. M. Barnett
50. "El error más grande al caer es quedarnos en el piso."
Author: Victor Manuel Rivera

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