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1. "Sometimes doing the forbidden can be nice."
Author: Alain Robert
2. "Our tendency to point out the weaknesses of others is a way to avoid facing our own shortcomings and areas needing improvement."
Author: Alan E. Nelson
3. "A man's confidence only pays when everything else just stays away in his life."
Author: Anuj Somany
4. "I had a hard time convincing students that they were going to North Africa to understand the North Africans, not to understand themselves."
Author: Clifford Geertz
5. "Ich langte in meine Tasche nach einem Milky Way - was sonst für einen Astronomen - und machte es mir bequem, um den Hacker auf meinem grünen Monitor zu beobachten."
Author: Clifford Stoll
6. "Healing blessings come in many ways, each suited to our individual needs, as known to Him who loves us best. Sometimes a ‘healing' cures our illness or lifts our burden. But sometimes we are ‘healed' by being given strength or understanding or patience to bear the burdens placed upon us."
Author: Dallin H. Oaks
7. "A belligerent samurai, an old Japanese tale goes, once challenged a Zen master to explain the concept of heaven and hell. The monk replied with scorn, "You're nothing but a lout - I can't waste my time with the likes of you!"His very honor attacked, the samurai flew into a rage and, pulling his sword from its scabbard, yelled "I could kill you for your impertinence.""That," the monk calmly replied, "is hell."Startled at seeing the truth in what the master pointed out about the fury that had him in its grip, the samurai calmed down, sheathed his sword, and bowed, thanking the monk for the insight."And that,"said the monk "is heaven."The sudden awakening of the samurai to his own agitated state illustrates the crucial difference between being caught up in a feeling and becoming aware that you are being swept away by it. Socrates's injunction "Know thyself" speaks to the keystone of emotional intelligence: awareness of one's own feelings as they occur."
Author: Daniel Goleman
8. "I, myself, identify myself as a heathen."
Author: David Alan Grier
9. "Composure, n.You told me anyway, even though I didn't want to know. A stupid drunken fling while you were visiting Toby in Austin. Months ago. And the thing I hate the most is knowing how much hinges on my reaction, how your unburdening can only lead to me being burdened. If I lose it now, I will lose you, too. I know that. I hate it.You wait for my response."
Author: David Levithan
10. "Hobie's reassuring hand on my shoulder, a strong, comforting pressure, like an anchor letting me know that everything was okay. I hadn't felt a touch like that since my mother died—friendly, steadying in the midst of confusing events—and, like a stray dog hungry for affection, I felt some profound shift in allegiance, blood-deep, a sudden, humiliating, eyewatering conviction of this place is good, this person is safe, I can trust him, nobody will hurt me here."
Author: Donna Tartt
11. "Prior to any questioning, the person must be warned that he has a right to remain silent, that any statement he does make may be used as evidence against him and that he has a right to the presence of an attorney, either retained or appointed."
Author: Earl Warren
12. "Thirty years ago [written 2009], over-regulation, over-taxation, mis-regulation, statism, state corporatism, and economic folly, cosiness and regulatory capture, and a crescent ideological enemy without, who were assisted by enemies – both fifth columnists and useful fools – within, had led to a crisis of confidence in the West, and in all lands that – and amongst all peoples, particularly those who were oppressed in their own lands, who – loved and desired liberty. Of course, thirty years ago, Britain had Margaret Thatcher to turn to."
Author: G.M.W. Wemyss
13. "The only thing he could do to stay alive was not to allow himself the anguish of that memory. He erased it from his mind, although from time to time in the years that were left to him he would feel it revive, with no warning and for no reason, like the sudden pang of an old scar."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
14. "Nagyon szomorú napok következtek; komor az élet az olyan házban, mely üresnek látszik, mert örökre eltunt belole valaki, akit annyira megszoktunk, és ha kezünkbe akad a halott valamilyen kedves holmija, mindig friss fájdalommal telnek meg a napjaink. Egy-egy emlék érinti minduntalan szívünket s megsebzi. Itt a karosszéke, a napernyoje ott maradt az elocsarnokban, ez az o pohara, amelyhez a lány még hozzá sem nyúlt. És minden szobában hányódik valamilyen apróság: az ollója, egy kesztyu, az a könyv, melynek lapjait elnehezedett ujjai meggyurték; ezer semmiség fájóan jelentos lesz, mert ezer apró részletre emlékeztet. És üldöz a hangja! Azt hisszük, hogy ot halljuk. Menekülni szeretnénk, bármerre, bárhová, kiszökni ennek a háznak kísérteti közül. De maradni kell, mert mások is vannak, akik maradnak, s ok is szenvednek."
Author: Guy De Maupassant
15. "So the fact that I'm me and no one else is one of my greatest assets. Emotional hurt is the price a person has to pay in order to be independent."
Author: Haruki Murakami
16. "Supongo que nuestro intelecto, entre los 20 y los 25 años, encierra ya todas las opiniones que después habremos de tener y de manifestar a lo largo de nuestra vida. Pero a esa edad todavía no sabemos distinguir las opiniones que nos pertenecen en verdad de las ajenas, adoptadas por imitación, por inseguridad o por afinidad. Al avanzar en la vida descubrimos que ciertos pensamientos nos sirven de sostén en la derrota o nos ayudan a lograr alguna victoria, ya sea respecto a nosotros mismos o a los demás. A estas opiniones, que han pasado la prueba del tiempo, las llamamos convicciones y terminan por conformar nuestra identidad. Somos lo que creemos. En ocasines, somos lo que suponemos que creemos."
Author: Ignacio Solares
17. "Itulah hidup, Yek, memang mesti dijalani dengan kuat, tabah. Dengan perjuangan. Rasa enak itu baru terasa setelah kita melalui perjuangan itu," kata Ibuk sebelum kembali ke dapur."
Author: Iwan Setyawan
18. "My goal is to give young girls confidence in this world so they can be more like men in the decision-making process."
Author: Jackee Harry
19. "Americans deserve an attorney general that will be honest with them, they deserve an attorney general who will uphold the basic standards of political independence and accountability."
Author: John Cornyn
20. "I think he should let me run Ohio. He should let us, the legislature, the members there, we should be running Ohio. The states are the laboratories out here, and I think the president needs to mind to the problems that he has in Washington."
Author: John Kasich
21. "If a person is homosexual by nature - that is, if one's sexuality is as intrinsic a part of one's identity as gender or skin color - then society can no more deny a gay person access to the secular rights and religious sacraments because of his homosexuality than it can reinstate Jim Crow."
Author: Jon Meacham
22. "-On creating a false identity for Pheobe-"A widow," Ava insisted."How did her husband die?" Greer asked."I hardly know," Ava said with a shrug as she rocked Jonathan in her arms. "How do men typically die? A fall from a horse or some such thing.""I scarcely believe scores of men are falling to their deaths from their saddles," Greer said drily."
Author: Julia London
23. "Vos creés que hay una realidad postulable porque vos y yo estamos hablando en este cuarto y en esta noche, y porque vos y yo sabemos que dentro de una hora o algo así va a suceder aquí una cosa determinada. Todo eso te da una gran seguridad ontológica, me parece; te sentís bien seguro en vos mismo, bien plantado en vos mismo y en esto que te rodea. Pero si al mismo tiempo pudieras asistir a esa realidad desde mí, o desde Babs, si te fuera dada una ubicuidad, entendés, y pudieras estar ahora mismo en esta misma pieza desde donde estoy yo y con todo lo que soy y lo que he sido yo, y con todo lo que es y lo que ha sido Babs, comprenderías tal vez que tu egocentrismo barato ono te da ninguna realidad válida. Te da solamente una creencia fundada en el error, una necesidad de afirmar lo que te rodea para no caerte dentro del embudo y salir por el otro lado vaya a saber adónde."
Author: Julio Cortázar
24. "His lips were approaching hers, but she could not taste sin. Not yet. Not until she knew the name of this golden haired man, so her soul could sing his name for the rest of eternity."
Author: Katherine Givens
25. "He looked like a Yanni fan at an Iron Maiden Concert."
Author: Kelley Armstrong
26. "And then Holt, the Queen's Guard, placed his maps on the desk, neatly so they would not fall, tipped Thiel over one shoulder, tipped Death over the other, and stood under his load. In the astonished silence that followed, Holt lumbered toward Runnemood, who, understanding, let out a snort and stalked from the room of his own accord. Then Holt carried his outraged burdens away on either shoulder, just as they got their voices back. Bitterblue could hear them screaming their indignation all the way down the stairs."
Author: Kristin Cashore
27. "Keep that red-haired girl of yours in the open air all summer and don't let her read books until she gets more spring into her step." This message frightened Marilla wholesomely. She read Anne's death warrant by consumption in it unless it was scrupulously obeyed. As a result, Anne had the golden summer of her life as far as freedom and frolic went. She walked, rowed, berried, and dreamed to her heart's content; and when September came she was bright-eyed and alert, with a step that would have satisfied the Spencervale doctor and a heart full of ambition and zest once more. "I just feel like studying with might and main," she declared as she brought her books down from the attic. "Oh, you good old friends, I'm glad to see your honest face once more - yes, even you, geometry."
Author: L.M. Montgomery
28. "Viata fiecarui om are doua laturi: viata personala, care este cu atat mai libera, cu cat interesele sale sunt mai abstracte, si o viata elementara, de roi, in care omul, fara sa se poata sustrage, implineste legi ce i-au fost prescrise.Constient, omul traieste pentru sine, dar serveste in mod inconstient ca arma pentru atingerea telurilor istorice ale intregii omeniri. O fapta, odata savarsita, e ireversibila, si actiunea ei, concurand in timp cu milioane de actiuni ale celorlalti oameni, capata o insemnatate istorica. Cu cat sta omul mai sus pe scara sociala, cu cat este in fuctie de mai multi oameni, cu atat mai multa putere are asupra celorlalti, cu atat este mai evidenta predestinarea si caracterul neocolit al fiecareia din actiunile sale."Inima tarului e-n mainile Dumnezeirii."Tarul nu este altceva decat sclavul istoriei."
Author: Leo Tolstoy
29. "More than once, the broken moon would cast through the window a silver light and remind me of independent events yielding to their own momentum and interacting under natural laws while my mind would impose happiness, grief, beauty, ruin, justice and chaos."
Author: Leonard Seet
30. "Kati ögretmenler kabadayilar gibidir. Eger tepki vermezseniz çok geçmeden sizin aptal oldugunuza karar verir ve sizi rahat birakirlar.(syf. 12)"
Author: Lili St. Crow
31. "The resentment I felt inside was not hatred for being imprisoned or for Victor who had betrayed me but something deeper: a rebellion against the very way of things that condemned men to be imprisoned inside their own identities."
Author: MacDonald Harris
32. "Most már többé-kevésbé helyrezökkentem; ha kell, össze tudom szedni magam, s néha négy-öt óra hosszat is egészen úgy viselkedem, mint más; de minden semmiség visszavet elobbi állapotomba: egy emlék, hely vagy szó, egy kis töprengés, s foképp a maga levelei, sot az enyémek is, amikor írom oket, valaki, aki magáról beszél: megannyi szirt, melyen szétzúzódik az önuralmam, és ilyen szirt boven akad."
Author: Madame De Sévigné
33. "I settled on the floor and whispered to Sam, "I want you to listen to me, if you can." I leaned the side of my face against his ruff and remembered the golden wood he had shown me so long ago. I remembered the way the yellow leaves, the color of Sam's eyes, fluttered and twisted, crashing butterflies, on their way to the ground. The slender white trunks of the birches, creamy and smooth as human skin. I remembered Sam standing in the middle of the wood, his arms stretched out, a dark, solid form in the dream of the trees. His coming to me, me punching his chest, the soft kiss. I remembered every kiss we'd ever had, and I remembered every time I'd curled in his human arms. I remembered the soft warmth of his breath on the back of my neck while we slept.I remembered Sam."
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
34. "Our observer is not affected by emotional ups and downs, our personal life dramas, or by the events of the external world. It is our observer, at the core of our being, that teaches us to let go as we begin identify with it rather than with all the hubbub of our moment-to-moment experience and our mental chatter about it."
Author: Marcey Shapiro
35. "I once knew a house rather like The Land of Smiles - an old house occupied by a varied collection of young people, mainly students. However none of these people were true models for the characters in the book, though their way of life may have been."
Author: Margaret Mahy
36. "Not doing pictures these days?" Jacin muttered as they hurried through the shop. "How very Lunar of you." Cinder glared against the sudden, burning sunlight. "Very wanted criminal of me too."
Author: Marissa Meyer
37. "Probably we never fully credit the interdependence of wild creatures, and their cognizance of the affairs of their own kind."
Author: Mary Austin
38. "If I am not confident that I can portray the character perfectly on screen, I won't even try."
Author: Meryl Streep
39. "They set off through the soft lingering light. One cuckoo in the depths of Layer Wood and one in the dense shrubbery of the Dower House were keeping up their eternal question and answer, and in the comparative coolness which had come with the evening all the scents of summer had magnified."
Author: Norah Lofts
40. "I have a burden on my soul. During my long life, I did not make anyone happy, neither my friends, nor my family, nor even myself. I have done many evil things...I was the cause of the beginning of three big wars. About 800,000 people were killed because of me on the battlefields., and their mothers, brothers, and widows cried for them. And now this stands between me and God."
Author: Otto Von Bismarck
41. "I most certainly can deny it. Of course, if I did, I'd be lying." Mairelon"
Author: Patricia C. Wrede
42. "The Child Angel Let your life come amongst them like a flame of light, my child, unflickering and pure, and delight them into silence. They are cruel in their greed and their envy, their words are like hidden knives thirsting for blood. Go and stand amidst their scowling hearts, my child, and let your gentle eyes fall upon them like the forgiving peace of the evening over the strife of the day. Let them see your face, my child, and thus know the meaning of all things, let them love you and love each other. Come and take your seat in the bosom of the limitless, my child. At sunrise open and raise your heart like a blossoming flower, and at sunset bend your head and in silence complete the worship of the day."
Author: Rabindranath Tagore
43. "Know that the eradication of the identification with the body is charity, spiritual austerity and ritual sacrifice; it is virtue, divine union and devotion; it is heaven, wealth, peace and truth; it is grace; it is the state of divine silence; it is the deathless death; it is jnana, renunciation, final liberation and bliss."
Author: Ramana Maharshi
44. "Fearful that they would be caught, the young lovers cast themselves into the sea with their stone, saying these words, "May we ever be united in love and hidden as long as this stone hides in deep waters."
Author: Rebecca Boucher
45. "Oh, very well," he said crossly. "Come along if you must, but please keep quiet so I may think. I need to think!""Yes, sir," I said, pulling on my clothes. "I will try not to be a burden to you sir."
Author: Rick Yancey
46. "I strongly support extending current student loan interest rates and increasing the college tuition tax credit for students and their families."
Author: Scott Howell
47. "Dengan kesederhanaan hidup bukan berati tidak ada kebahagian, kebahagian ada pada seberapa besar keberartian hidup kita untuk hidup orang lain dan sekitar, yap seberapa besar kita menginspirasi mereka. Kebahagian ada pada hati yang bersih, lapang dan bersyukur dalam setiap penerimaan...:)"
Author: Tere Liye
48. "My heart battered against my ribs, my breath stalled and I gazed up into his laughing, smiling eyes...eyes that suddently glowed crimson and cruel."
Author: Terri Clark
49. "Have you surpassed the rest? Are you the president? It doesn't matter. They will more than arrive there, every one, and still pass on."
Author: Walt Whitman
50. "Jobs had always been an extremely opinionated eater, with a tendency to instantly judge any food as either fantastic or terrible. He could taste two avocados that most mortals would find indistinguishable, and declare that one was the best avocado ever grown and the other inedible."
Author: Walter Isaacson

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