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1. "Marriage can be made to work if both the partners can see beyond themselves and understand the limitations,needs and abilities of the other person and are willing to embrace the positive and negative aspects of each other in their understanding.But it never happens that way. We expect others to understand and comply with us while we fail to do the same.Thus marriage loses all it's sheen by the time the couple reaches middle age."
Author: Chitralekha Paul
2. "It was all right to be who he was, but others would probably think it was terrible. A couple of times in the past he'd reached this absolute zero of the truth, and without fear or bitterness he realized now that somewhere inside it there was a move he could make to change his life, to become another person, but he'd never be able to guess what it was."
Author: Denis Johnson
3. "Not all people are the same, we may agree and disagree with others ideas but we have a mind of our own."
Author: Earthmoonsun
4. "When we hide out of insecurity we block people out. No one trusts a person that is hiding something, but we are afraid to reveal all that is within us because that means we need to be vulnerable, and the truth will be there for all to see. No more hiding behind a wall, the good, bad, and ugly will be laid out on the table for others to either accept or reject."
Author: Heather Bixler
5. "When I went to first grade and the other children said that their fathers were farmers, I simply didn't believe them. I agreed in order to be polite, but in my heart I knew that those men were impostors, as farmers and as fathers, too. In my youthful estimation, Laurence Cook defined both categories. To really believe that others even existed in either category was to break the First Commandment."
Author: Jane Smiley
6. "Be what you would seem to be - or, if you'd like it put more simply - never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise."
Author: Lewis Carroll
7. "Good therapy, gently but firmly, moves people out of denial and compartmentalization. It helps clients to develop richer inner lives and greater self-knowledge. It teaches clients to live harmoniously with others and it enhances Existential consciousness, and allows people to take responsibility for their effects on the world at large. For me , happiness is about appreciating what one has. Practically speaking,this means lowering expectations about what is fair, possible and likely. It means,finding pleasure in the ordinary."
Author: Mary Pipher
8. "But I am a blasted tree; the bolt has entered my soul; and I felt then that I should survive to exhibit what I shall soon cease to be - a miserable spectacle of wrecked humanity, pitiable to others and intolerable to myself."
Author: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
9. "I did 'Kidulthood' and 'Adulthood,' and that's what people wanted and expect me to always do. They want me to do 'hood films and be the guy swinging baseball bats and saying 'Yo Blood' and beating up others in the street."
Author: Noel Clarke
10. "The truth about life and lie about life is not measured by others but by your intuition, which never lies."
Author: Santosh Kalwar

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