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1. "Some people were destined to have a significant other.Some people were destined for greatness.But few others were destined to be soldiers, to be warriors, to be alone.That is me.It is not a path that i have chosen, but it is a path that i must walk.Some may think this is sad, but i have come to peace with it.Because i am and always will be a soldier, a warrior...Alone."
Author: Chris Söderström
2. "When you are destined for greatness, it shows in everything you do.It becomes you. Greatness becomes you."
Author: Lorii Myers
3. "Not all men are destined for greatness," I reminded him. "Are you sure, Fitz? Are you sure? What good is a life lived as if it made no difference at all to the great life of the world? A sadder thing I cannot imagine. Why should not a mother say to herself, if I raise this child aright, if I love and care for her, she shall live a life that brings joy to those about her, and thus I have changed the world? Why should not the farmer that plants a seed say to his neighbor, this seed I plant today will feed someone, and that is how I changed the world today?"
Author: Robin Hobb
4. "After all, none of us came here to live an ordinary life. Whether we believe it or not, we are all destined for greatness."
Author: Thea Euryphaessa

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