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1. "Not worried about yesterday. No sense worrying about tomorrow. Today, I conquer. Join me. #Namaste #CarpeDiem #Push"
Author: Ace Antonio Hall
2. "Domaju, ka sapes ir stavoklis, kas paradas pirmak, pirms valodas un vardiem, tapec jebkadi pulini tas izteikt ir gluži veltigi."
Author: Albert Sánchez Piñol
3. "Let's carpe the hell out of this diem."
Author: Alexandra Bracken
4. "The very old can tell you about peace. They have fought through the black, sinking, visceral knowledge of death–their own death–that heralds middle age and come to the place where childhood meets them once more, and with it that ineffable treasure that only the very young and old know: the tranquility of the moment. The contentment of living each day as it comes to them, wholly and with all senses. The young do it because they know nothing, yet, of pain and fear and the transience of their lives; the old because they know everything of those things and can bear them only by staying in the moment. Carpe diem> may be the sum of all the world's wisdom. I have always thought Horace must have been old when he wrote it."
Author: Anne Rivers Siddons
5. "Kur vispar zinašanas cilveci novedušas? Pie atombumbam, navigam gazem un visadiem naves rikiem. Nebutu augstskolu, laudis izkautos ar rungam, dabutu punus un zilumus un – atkal varetu slegt mieru.Parspiletas pieklajibas klusinataja gamma katrs specigaks akords skaneja griezigi, bet visu laiku skali bungota priekšnesuma asaki piesitieni nevienu neuztrauca. Viss tacu dibinajas uz kontrastiem!"
Author: Anšlavs Eglitis
6. "No visam makslam un izklaidešanas veidiem visvairak apstrideta ir filma."
Author: Anšlavs Eglitis
7. "Vinai izveidojas speciga netaisnibas izjuta un ietiepigs, bezrupigs raksturs, kads rodas, tad, kad Kadu Mazu visu mužu spidzina Kads Lielais. Vina neko nedarija, lai izvairitos no stridiem un konfliktiem. Patiesibu sakot, vina tos pat mekleja, varbut vinai tie pat patika."
Author: Arundhati Roy
8. "Ja vina gribetu, lai piepildas kada maza velešanas, ta butu- Nezinat. Nezinat, ko katra diena vinai sniegs. Nezinat, kur vina bus rit, nakamaja menesi vai gada. Pec desmit gadiem. Nezinat, ka vinas celš pagriezisies un kas gaida aiz likuma."
Author: Arundhati Roy
9. "Investment banks started recruiting at Harvard back in the day, and they'd fly me down to New York City and I was so poor so I would take advantage of the free flight, the per diem, the hotel. And then I would go audition for stuff."
Author: Dean Norris
10. "Carpe DiemBy Edna StewartShakespeare, Robert Frost, Walt Whitman did it, why can't I?The words of Horace, his laconic phrase. Does it amuse me or frighten me?Does it rub salt in an old wound? Horace, Shakespeare, Robert Frost and Walt Whitman my loves,we've all had a taste of the devils carpe of forbidden food. My belly is full of mourning over life mishaps of should have's, missed pleasure, and why was I ever born?The leaf falls from the trees from which it was born in and cascade down like a feather that tumbles and toil in the wind.One gush! It blows away. It's trampled, raked, burned and finally turns to ashes which fades away like the leaves of grass.Did Horace get it right? Trust in nothing?The shortness of Life is seventy years, Robert Frost and Whitman bared more, but Shakespeare did not.Butterflies of Curiosities allures me more.Man is mortal, the fruit is ripe. Seize more my darling! Enjoy the day."
Author: Edna Stewart
11. "I, Gavin MacKenzie, sexycowboy man of Baker City, Oregon …being of sound mind and hot body … dohereby declare that I love you, AndieMarks, lawyer extraordinaire, and wantto be married to you until I'm so old, Ieither die or my pecker falls off.I will have sexwith you whenever you want, and I willalways give you the option to be on topif that's what will make you happy.Blowjobs will always be optional butappreciated.I will change diapers when calledfor, both for our children and for youwhen you're old and decrepit. I willnever spit in public or burp too loudly orsay mean things about your friends.I promise never to raise my handagainst you in anger or tell you thatyou're useless or threaten to hurt peoplewho you love. Ten-four, over and out,happily ever after. Those are my vows."
Author: Elle Casey
12. "Her philosophy is carpe diem for herself and laissez faire for others."
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
13. "Carpe diem."(Odes: I.11)"
Author: Horace
14. "Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero."(Odes: I.11)"
Author: Horace
15. "Tu ne quaesieris--scire nefas--quem mihi, quem tibi finem di dederint, Leuconoe, nec Babylonios temptaris numeros. Ut melius, quidquid erit, pati. . . . Spem longam reseces. Dum loquimur fugerit invida aetas. Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero."
Author: Horace
16. "Omnem crede diem tibi diluxisse supremumgrata superveniet quae non sperabitur hora."
Author: Horace
17. "Carpe diem and shit got me in jail. Got me on narcotics. I love narcotics. I love jail. I'm writing this in the prison library on heroin. You only never live is more like it. Because when you die life is not an afterthought, just a trailing naval chord which spontaneously combusts into pre-birth nothingness. I have to go now because the guard's a jerk. This healthy yogurt thing contains high fructose corn syrup. This is fucky. Later."
Author: Jack Black
18. "When I was working at Teleflora, I got booked to do 'Talladega Nights,' so I went and did that. That was really my first big break ev-er. I made as much from my per diem during the three-month shoot as I did for the entire previous year."
Author: Jack McBrayer
19. " vardiem var ari pieskarties. Vel maigak neka ar rokam. Smaržu var aprakstit ta, ka ta iegus garšu un krasu."
Author: Janusz Leon Wisniewski
20. "Vinš bija gandriz parliecinats, ka nolemtiba ir izdomajums un aizspriedums. Dievam ir dadz kas svarigaks, lai lemtu likteni katram šaja miljardiem lielaja cilveces skudru puzni."
Author: Janusz Leon Wisniewski
21. "Carpe diem." "What?" "It's Latin," I said. "It means, complain in daylight."
Author: Jeff Lindsay
22. "She stared at me "You have a message," she said. "On you machine."I looked over at my answering machine. Sure enough, the light was blinking. The woman really was a detective."It's some girl," La Guerta said. "She sounds kind of sleepy and happy. You got a girlfriend, Dexter?" there was a strange hint of a challenge in her voice."You know how it is," I said. "Women today are so forward, and when you are as handsome as I am they absolutely fling themselves at your head." Perhaps an unfortunate choice of words; as I said it I couldn't help thinking of the woman's head flung at me not so long ago."Watch out," La Guerta said. "Sooner or later one of them will stick." I had no idea what she thought that meant, but it was a very unsettling image."I'm sure you're right," I said. "Until then, carpe diem.""What?""It's Latin," I said. "It means, complain in the daylight."
Author: Jeff Lindsay
23. "I totally carpe-d the snot out of this diem!"
Author: Jerry Scott
24. "Carpe diem. Seize the day."
Author: John Keats
25. "Semper ego auditor tantum? numquamne reponamvexatus totiens rauci Theseide Cordi?inpune ergo mihi recitaverit ille togatas,hic elegos? inpune diem consumpserit ingensTelephus aut summi plena iam margine libriscriptus et in tergo necdum finitus Orestes?nota magis nulli domus est sua quam mihi lucusMartis et Aeoliis vicinum rupibus antrumVulcani. Quid agant venti, quas torqueat umbrasAeacus, unde alius furtivae devehat aurumpelliculae, quantas iaculetur Monychus ornos,Frontonis platani convulsaque marmora clamantsemper et adsiduo ruptae lectore columnae:expectes eadem a summo minimoque nos ergo manum ferulae subduximus, et nosconsilium dedimus Sullae, privatus ut altumdormiret; stulta est clementia, cum tot ubiquevatibus occurras, periturae parcere chartae.cur tamen hoc potius libeat decurrere campoper quem magnus equos Auruncae flexit alumnus,si vacat ac placidi rationem admittitis, edam."
Author: Juvenal
26. "Never pass an opportunity when it is in your face. You may never get that opportunity again. Speaking from experience!!! Carpe Diem!!!"
Author: Kenneth G. Ortiz
27. "Ella. If you don't learn to carpe the diem, you will be, while most certainly not Nobody, something less than a Somebody."
Author: Melissa Jensen
28. "Do you imagine, Peter, that your Carpe Diem boots would look any less deluded to them than that guy's Tony Lamas do to you? There's a comeuppance for everyone, wherever you are, and the farther you go from your own fiefdom, the more ludicrous are your haircut, your clothes, your opinions, your life. Within easy walking distance of home are neighborhoods that might as well be in Saigon."
Author: Michael Cunningham
29. "Carpe Diem"
Author: Nicole Reed
30. "-Si estás esperando que todo se sienta bien y perfecto, te voy a ahorrar el suspenso y te diré que nunca va a pasar-le dije, entrelazando mis dedos con los suyos-. Pero si puedes mirarme y decir que quieres estar conmigo y puedo mirarte y saber que quiero estar contigo, entonces carpe diem, bebé. Porque eso es lo más perfecto que alguna vez conseguirás."
Author: Nicole Williams
31. "I had a veritable rnania for finishing whatever I began, which often got me into difficulties. On one occasion I started to read the works of Voltaire when I learned, to my dismay, that there were close on one hundred large volumes in small print which that monster had written while drinking seventy-two cups of black coffee per diem. It had to be done, but when I laid aside the last book I was very glad, and said, "Never more!"
Author: Nikola Tesla
32. "Lalu, kenapa menikah itu jadi kewajiban?" tanyaku setelah menelan suapan makanan pertamaku."Asli, gue jadi beneran nggak nafsu makan. Makasih lho, Nin." Agnes mengerucutkan bibir, menatap makanannya tanpa selera."Ya udah, maaf. Makan lagi deh, gue diem." Kataku geli."Karena menikah itu takdirnya manusia? Manusia kan konon diciptakan berpasang-pasangan." kata Agnes. Klise."
Author: Okke Sepatumerah
33. "Your grandfather were a quiet and secret man he had been ripped from his home in Tipperary and transported to the prisons of Van Diemen's Land I do not know what was done to him he never spoke of it. When they had finished with their tortures they set him free and he crossed the sea to the colony of Victoria. He were by this time 30 yr. of age red headed and freckled with his eyes always slitted against the sun. My da had sworn an oath to evermore avoid the attentions of the law so when he saw the streets of Melbourne was crawling with policemen worse than flies he walked 28 mi. to the township of Donnybrook and then or soon thereafter he seen my mother. Ellen Quinn were 18 yr. old she were dark haired and slender the prettiest figure on a horse he ever saw but your grandma was like a snare laid out by God for Red Kelly. She were a Quinn and the police would never leave the Quinns alone."
Author: Peter Carey
34. "I bought a pair of Carpe Diem boots, which were completely unnecessary and hideously expensive, but they make me feel quite fine and dandy."
Author: Sean Pertwee
35. "They say that depression makes you see everything in a negative light. I disagree. It makes you see things for what they are. It makes you take off the fucking rose-tinted glasses and look around and see the world as it really is- cruel, harsh and unfair. It makes you see people in their true colours- stupid, shallow and self-absorbed. All that ridiculous optimism, all that carpe diem and life-is-what-you-make-of-it. Words, jsut empty words in an attempt to give meaning to an existence taht is both doomed and futile."
Author: Tabitha Suzuma
36. "Dicen que la depresión te hace ver todo de una forma negativa. Yo no estoy de acuerdo. La depresión te hace ver las cosas como son. Hace que te quites la venda de los ojos y voltees a tú alrededor para ver el mundo como en realidad es: cruel, duro e injusto. Te hace ver a las personas como son en realidad- estúpidas, superficiales y egoístas. Todo ese ridículo optimismo, todo ese ''Carpe diem'' y ''la vida es lo que tú haces de ella''. Palabras. Solo palabras vacías en un intento para darle significado a una existencia que es condenada e inútil a la vez."
Author: Tabitha Suzuma
37. "Carpe Diem, just remember that we're partying on the Titanic."
Author: Will McIntosh
38. "Glaubt mir", sagte er, "ihr schließt ein Mal die Augen und öffnet sie wieder, und welk hängt das Fleisch in Fetzen. Die Liebe, die Liebe! Carpe diem."
Author: Wolfgang Herrndorf

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