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1. "-Ya me estás confundiendo pero sigamos. No bien te mueras vas a encontrarte en un sueño como el de cualquier noche.- Le digo la verdad: eso no me gusta. Pero usted ¿cómo lo sabe?- Habrás oído, quiero creer, que el alma es inmortal. Aunque entierren tu cuerpo el alma seguirá viviendo. Para prepararnos a esa vida soñamos. No busques. No hay otra explicación para los sueños. Son anticipos. Con una diferencia, es claro: Tienen despertar.- Casi nada la diferencia. Le juro que no le miento: lo que usted pinta no me gusta.- No temas. Todo depennde de tu voluntad. El sueño de la muerte no tiene por qué ser una pesadilla.- ¿Puede ser una pesadilla?- ¿Qué otra cosa es el infierno?"
Author: Adolfo Bioy Casares
2. "¿La risa? ¡Qué cosa extraña! Es un temblor alegre que corre por dentro, como las ardillas por un árbol hueco. Pero luego restalla en la cintura, y hace aflojar las rodillas…"
Author: Alejandro Casona
3. "That, dillop brain, is what getting close to the Darke does. It makes you think only of yourself. It takes you away from people you care about. And now you don't have anyone to talk to and it serves you right."
Author: Angie Sage
4. "Bradford Dillman sounded like a distinguished, phony theatrical name, so I kept it."
Author: Bradford Dillman
5. "They had [email protected]@@ed the night before, and then again this morning, but that had been hard lust. Now Hunter wanted passion and slow, smooth rhythm. He wanted to feel the security of Dillon's embrace, the solid unfettered motion of their lovemaking, and he wanted to make Dillon understand that he no longer had to prove anything. He moved away and set his head on his own pillow, waiting for Dillon to find the rain's pulse."
Author: Brandon Shire
6. "Hunter turned and kissed Dillon deeply before he rinsed off. He had never wished for his sight before, but he would have given anything at that moment to be able to turn and witness the beauty of the man that had just made love to him. He'd literally felt the change in Dillon's grip as he made love.The very first time they were together, Dillon's hold was uncertain, a tentative embrace that held no absolutes, no dreams, but just now it was different; it was a grip that sat right on the edge of possession, a possession Hunter would willingly give, if asked.But would Dillon ask, and would he be able to accept?"
Author: Brandon Shire
7. "—¿Esto es un juego? ¿Sólo decimos cualquier palabra que venga a nuestra mente? En ese caso, la mía es ‘genufobia.' Significa un miedo irracional a las rodillas."
Author: Cassandra Clare
8. "Dillon, all you have in this world, really, are your responses to it. Responses to your feelings and responses to what comes in from outside. You know how adults are always trying to get you to take responsibility? That's all responsibility is, responding to the world, owning your responses. It isn't about taking blame or finding out if something's your fault."
Author: Chris Crutcher
9. "I had never before been a special fan of that great comedian Phyllis Diller, but she utterly won my heart this week by sending me an envelope that, when opened, contained a torn-off square of brown-bag paper of the kind suitable for latrine duty in an ill-run correctional facility. Duly unfurled, it carried a handwritten salutation reading as follows:Money's scarceTimes are hardHere's your f******Xmas cardI could not possibly improve on the sentiment, but I don't think it ought to depend on the current austerities. Isn't Christmas a moral and aesthetic nightmare whether or not the days are prosperous?"
Author: Christopher Hitchens
10. "Picture-perfect, state-of-the-art vaginas lengthened using sections of colon, self-cleaning and lubricated with its own mucosa. Sensate clitorises made by cropping and rerouting bits of the glans penis. The Cadillac of vaginoplasty. Some of these Cadillacs turn out so succesful that the flood of colon mucosa means wearing a maxipad every day."
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
11. "My high salary for one season was forty-six thousand dollars and a Cadillac."
Author: Duke Snider
12. "Es mejor morir de pie que vivir de rodillas."
Author: Emiliano Zapata
13. "1.° Dios no existe.2.° Dios existe y es un canalla.3.° Dios existe, pero a veces duerme: sus pesadillas son nuestra existencia.4.° Dios existe, pero tiene accesos de locura: esos accesos son nuestra existencia.5.° Dios no es omnipresente, no puede estar en todas partes. A veces está ausente ¿en otros mundos? ¿En otras cosas?6.° Dios es un pobre diablo, con un problema demasiado complicado para sus fuerzas. Lucha con la materia como un artista con su obra. Algunas veces, en algún momento logra ser Goya, pero generalmente es un desastre.7.° Dios fue derrotado antes de la Historia por el Príncipe de las Tinieblas. Y derrotado, convertido en presunto diablo, es doblemente desprestigiado, puesto que se le atribuye este universo calamitoso."
Author: Ernesto Sabato
14. "El suicidio seduce por su facilidad de aniquilación: en un segundo, todo ese absurdo universo se derrumba como un gigantesco simulacro, como si la solidez de sus rascacielos, de sus de sus acorazados, de sus tanques, de sus prisiones no fuera más que una fantasmagoría, sin más solidez que los rascacielos, acorazados, tanques y prisiones de una pesadilla."
Author: Ernesto Sabato
15. "For years many in the oil-rich states argued that their enormous wealth would bring modernizations. They pointed to the impressive appetites of Saudis and Kuwaitis for things Western, from McDonald's hamburgers to Rolex watches to Cadillac limousines. but importing Western good is easy; importing the inner stuffing of modern society - a free market, political parties, accountability, the rule of law - is difficult and even dangerous for the ruling elites"
Author: Fareed Zakaria
16. "…somos una pesadilla de Dios, que es loco…"
Author: Fernando Vallejo
17. "They call each other `E.' Elvis pickswildflowers near the river and bringsthem to Emily. She explains half-rhymes to him.In heaven Emily wears her hair long, sportsLevis and western blouses with rhinestones.Elvis is lean again, wears baggy trousersand T-shirts, a letterman's jacket from Tupelo High.They take long walks and often hold hands.She prefers they remain just friends. Forever.Emily's poems now contain naugahyde, Cadillacs,Electricity, jets, TV, Little Richard and RichardNixon. The rock-a-billy rhythm makes her smile.Elvis likes himself with style. This afternoonhe will play guitar and sing "I Taste A LiquorNever Brewed" to the tune of "Love Me Tender."Emily will clap and harmonize. Alonein their cabins later, they'll listen to the riverand nap. They will not think of Amherstor Las Vegas. They know why God made themroommates. It's because Americawas their hometown. It's becauseGod is a thing withoutfeathers. It's becauseGod wears blue suede shoes."
Author: Hans Ostrom
18. "Well that ain't so. You get babies from each other. But there's this man, too—he has all these babies just waitin‘ to wake up, he breathes life into 'em…" Dill was off again. Beautiful things floated around in his dreamy head. He could read two books to my one, but he preferred the magic of his own inventions. He could add and subtract faster than lightning, but he preferred his own twilight world, a world where babies slept, waiting to be gathered like morning lilies. He was slowly talking himself to sleep and taking me with him, but in the quietness of his foggy island there rose the faded image of a gray house with sad brown doors. "Dill?" "Mm?" "Why do you reckon Boo Radley's never run off?" Dill sighed a long sigh and turned away from me. "Maybe he doesn't have anywhere to run off to…"
Author: Harper Lee
19. "Dill was off again. Beautiful things floated around in his dreamy head. He could read two books to my one, but he preferred the magic of his own inventions."
Author: Harper Lee
20. "I think I'll be a clown when I get grown,' said Dill.Jem and I stopped in our tracks.Yes sir, a clown,' he said. 'There ain't one thing in this world I can do about folks except laugh, so I'm gonna join the circus and laugh my head off.'You got it backwards, Dill,' said Jem. 'Clowns are sad, it's folks that laugh at them.'Well I'm gonna be a new kind of clown. I'm gonna stand in the middle of the ring and laugh at the folks."
Author: Harper Lee
21. "Thus we came to know Dill as a pocket Merlin, whose head teemed with eccentric plans, strange longings, and quaint fancies - Scout"
Author: Harper Lee
22. "Dill if you don't hush I'll knock you bowlegged."
Author: Harper Lee
23. "Dill said striking a match under a turtle was hateful."How do you know a match don't hurt him?""Turtles can't feel, stupid," said Jem."Where you ever a turtle, huh?"
Author: Harper Lee
24. "Don't talk like that, Dill," said Aunt Alexandra. "It's not becoming to a child. It's – cynical.""I ain't cynical, Miss Alexandra. Tellin' the truth's not cynical, is it?""The way you tell it, it is."
Author: Harper Lee
25. "If the worker and his boss enjoy the same television program and visit the same resort places, if the typist is as attractively made up as the daughter of her employer, if the Negro owns a Cadillac, if they all read the same newspaper, then this assimilation indicates not the disappearance of classes, but the extent to which the needs and satisfactions that serve the preservation of the Establishment are shared by the underlying population."
Author: Herbert Marcuse
26. "And if a diversion is needed, why not arrest a general? Arthur Dillon is a friend of eminent deputies, a contender for the post of Commander-in-Chief of the Northern Front; he has proved himself at Valmy and in a halfdozen actions since. In the National Assembly he was a liberal; now he is a republican. Isn't it then logical that he should be thrown into gaol, July 1, on suspicion of passing military secrets to the enemy?"
Author: Hilary Mantel
27. "-¿Desde cuándo te importa una mierda mi bienestar? Creo que estás confundido en cuanto a la naturaleza de nuestra relación. Tú y yo no nos llevamos bien. Tú eres un monstruo psicópata del control. Pretendes darme órdenes y yo deseo matarte. Soy una idiota insubordinada y cabezota. Te vuelvo loco y tú quieres estrangularme.-¡Una vez! ¡Solo lo intenté una vez!-Una es más que suficiente. La cuestión es que no jugamos limpio. Nosotros...Liberó sus brazos de mis rodillas, me atrajo hacia él, ignorando la daga, y me besó."
Author: Ilona Andrews
28. "Mother Goose will show newcomers to this world how astonishing, beautiful, capricious, dancy, eccentric, funny, goluptious, haphazard, intertwingled, joyous, kindly, loving, melodious, naughty, outrageous, pomsidillious, querimonious, romantic, silly, tremendous, unexpected, vertiginous, wonderful, x-citing, yo-heave-ho-ish, and zany it is."
Author: Iona Opie
29. "Ring a ding dillo del! derry, del, my hearties! If you come soon you'll find breakfast on the table. If you come late you'll get grass and rain-water!"
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
30. "When decisions on nuclear power stations and runways are delayed and the government dilly-dallies, people think they aren't important."
Author: James Dyson
31. "Opening my door to Dillon Ruddick, my bulding super. I handed him a cup of coffee. "Sorry about the blood." "What was it this time?" No one reported gunfire.""I hit a guy in the face with a hair dryer.""Whoa." Dillon said."It wasn't my fault," I told him."Maybe we should lay down some linoleum here. It would make things easier for clean up."
Author: Janet Evanovich
32. "She cut a small piece of the gravalax and put it on a piece of black bread, daintily spooned a bit of dill sauce onto it, and ate it like it was the last piece of food in the world. I tried to imitate her, eating so slowly, tasting the raw pink fish and the coarse, sour bread, salt and sugar around the rind, flavors and scents like colors on a palette, like the tones in music."
Author: Janet Fitch
33. "Brooke stared in surprise. "You brought me lunch?""I was in the neighborhood."She checked out the label on the bag. "DMK is twenty minutes from here.""I was in that neighborhood, and now I'm here," he said in exasperation. "Seriously, woman, you are impossible to feed." He strode over and set the bag on her desk. "One cheeseburger with spicy chipotle ketchup and a side of sweet potato fries—chosen specifically for a certain spicy and sweet girl I know—and a green dill pickle for your eyes. So there." He crossed his arms over his chest.Brooke studied him. "You seem very ornery right now.""As a matter of fact, I am.""Why?""I don't know," he huffed. "Just . . . eat your Brooke Burger. Stop asking so many questions. Sometimes a guy just wants to buy a girl lunch. Any objections to that? Good. Enjoy your Sunday, Ms. Parker."He strode out of her office, gone as quickly as he'd appeared.Brooke stared at the doorway and blinked."
Author: Julie James
34. "This was their third bar since Piccadilly and they were both agreed that the two of them were very drunk but had the capacity to get a good deal drunker yet."
Author: Kate Atkinson
35. "Gray Donohue was a fierce and hungry beast.His hair was wild,his eyes narrowed,his face contorted into a mask of diabolical intensity.And then that face descended on hers and his mouth claimed her in a ravenous kiss.As his cock worked in and out of her pussy,as his tongue fucked the inside of her mouth,Dillon knew this was something beyond what she was capable of,beyond what her tiny scrap of an unbeating heart could ever hold on to."
Author: Laura Wright
36. "Because just before I arrived, he showed up on the bus. He, meaning Damien.He reminded me of the pain I'd felt when he died. He reminded me of what it's like to feel your heart explode in your chest cavity at the realization of living your life without the only person you've ever loved. And he reminded me of the promise I'd made to him months ago. I told him that I'd love him forever.That I'd never let go.But part of me wants to let go.Deep down inside I know that I can't go on loving a ghost forever. I tell myself this every day. Then I see him and I forget about having those thoughts. Because when I do see him, he looks like the Damien I met on that humid summer day, who was smirking at me, and driving his candy apple red Cadillac in reverse. When I see him he looks so vivid.So full of life.Not dead."
Author: Lauren Hammond
37. "From authors whom I read more than once I learn to value the weight of words and to delight in their meter and cadence -- in Gibbon's polyphonic counterpoint and Guedalla's command of the subjunctive, in Mailer's hyperbole and Dillard's similes, in Twain's invectives and burlesques with which he set the torch of his ferocious wit to the hospitality tents of the world's colossal humbug . . . I know no other way out of what is both the maze of the eternal present and the prison of the self except with a string of words."- from Harper's Notebook, November 2010"
Author: Lewis H. Lapham
38. "—Estoy buscando esto —le digo señalándonos a los dos con la mano—. Nos estoy buscando a ti y a mí juntos.Audrey se arrodilla a mi lado y posa su mano en la mía para hacerme soltar las hojas.—No creo que esté ahí —me dice con dulzura—. Yo creo, Ed... —Posa las manos suavemente sobre mi cara. La luz anaranjada delatardecer la baña—. Creo que esto nos pertenece a nosotros."
Author: Markus Zusak
39. "¿Qué significa que las pesadillas sueñen con la paz? ¿Que lassombras suspiren por la luz?"
Author: Melissa Marr
40. "You give me fever from miles aroundill pick you up in my car and well paint the toown"
Author: Michael Jackson
41. "The Hindus are busy letting themselves be seen riding in Cadillacs instead of smearing themselves with sandalwood paste and bowing in front of Ganpati. The Moslems would rather miss evening prayer than the new Disney movie. The Buddhists think it's more important to take over in the name of Stalin and Progress than to meditate on the four basic sorrows. And we don't even have to mention Christianity or Judaism."
Author: Paul Bowles
42. "The decision by the British in 1911 to build New Delhi, without integrating the old city with the new, sealed the fate of Shahjahanabad. From then onwards, purani Dilli would live on but only like an ageing courtesan abandoned by her new suitors, waiting to die."
Author: Pavan K. Varma
43. "Anybody can look at a pretty girl and see a pretty girl. An artist can look at a pretty girl and see the old woman she will become. A better artist can look at an old woman and see the pretty girl that she used to be. But a great artist-a master-and that is what Auguste Rodin was-can look at an old woman, protray her exactly as she is...and force the viewer to see the pretty girl she used to be...and more than that, he can make anyone with the sensitivity of an armadillo, or even you, see that this lovely young girl is still alive, not old and ugly at all, but simply prisoned inside her ruined body. He can make you feel the quiet, endless tragedy that there was never a girl born who ever grew older than eighteen in her matter what the merciless hours have done to her. Look at her, Ben. Growing old doesn't matter to you and me; we were never meant to be admired-but it does to them."
Author: Robert A. Heinlein
44. "All of us should treasure his (John Dillinger) Oriental wisdom and his preaching of a Zen-like detachment, as exemplified by his constant reminder to clerks, tellers, or others who grew excited by his presence in their banks: 'Just lie down on the floor and keep calm."
Author: Robert Anton Wilson
45. "Is one of those summer evenings, when it look like night would never come, a magnificent evening, a powerful evening, rent finish paying, rations in the cupboard, twenty pounds in the bank, and a nice piece of skin waiting under the big clock in Piccadilly Tube Station. The sky blue, sun shining, the girls ain't have on no coats to hide the legs."Mummy, look at that black man!" A little child, holding on to the mother hand, look up at Sir Galahad. "You mustn't say that, dear!" The mother chide the child."
Author: Samuel Selvon
46. "Megan had accustomed herself to receiving the third degree about her dates. His name is Dillon Carver.He's the same age as me, and also a senior. He has no family history of insanity or premature baldness. He doesn't smoke, drink or do drugs, but he does have a vicious Dr Pepper habit. I'll let you know how big his penis is after the dance."
Author: Sara Bell
47. "Is God a man or a woman?God could be an armadillo. I have no idea."
Author: Sherman Alexie
48. "Yo despierto gritando por pesadillas. Pero sus brazos están ahí para confortarme. Y finalmente sus labios. Y sólo él puede darme eso. Él susurra: Tú me amas. ¿Real o no real?.. Yo digo: -Real.."
Author: Suzanne Collins
49. "-Hola -dijo- soy Jesucristo. Pero puedes llamarme Jesús, o Señor, si lo prefieres.-¿Señor? -pregunté, tratando torpemente de ser graciosa. Es decir, aquello tenia que ser una broma. Jesucristo en un hospital psiquiátrico... Menudo tópico.-Señor Dios, por supuesto -respondió, frunciendo el ceño con desconcierto- ¿Acaso eres judía? En ese caso, no hay problema, puedes decirme Cristo.-No, soy católica, he sido bautizada y educada según la religión.-Entonces, tendrías que haberte arrodillado al entrar -me amonestó, y se apresuró a hacer en el aire la señal de la cruz- Por esta vez, te perdono. Pero que no vuelva a ocurrir -dijo. Después me miró con esos ojos de donde parecían surgir dos rayos láser y se me heló el corazón. Me pregunté si era posible que Jesús aun estuviera vivo y que hubiera terminado en ese lugar. La linea que separa el carisma de la locura suele ser muy fina."
Author: Terri Cheney
50. " the woods, if you stopped, if you grew still, you'd hear a whole new set of sounds, wind rasping through silhouetted leaves and the cries and chatter of blue jays and brown thrashers and redbirds and sparrows, the calling of crows and hawks, squirrels barking, frogs burping, the far braying of dogs, armadillos snorkeling through dead leaves..."
Author: Tom Franklin

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