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1. "In film, I don't think I'd try directing. Maybe one day, but I'd certainly want to go to film school or something before I tried to do something like that. That would be quite scary."
Author: Amelia Warner
2. "I'd already started directing short films when we were doing 'Lord of the Rings,' then videogame projects."
Author: Andy Serkis
3. "Directing film is the hardest thing I have ever done."
Author: Anton Corbijn
4. "I don't rehearse films as much as opera or theatre. When I began directing films I thought a long rehearsal was a good idea. Experience showed me that the best performance was often left in a rehearsal room."
Author: Bruce Beresford
5. "I'm just ah, actually developing a tv show for HBO, and I'm directing a film this summer, and actually I'm doing some live shows out in western Canada."
Author: Bruce McCulloch
6. "Directing has completely changed the way I write and watch films."
Author: Christopher McQuarrie
7. "My M.F.A was in directing, and all the films I've made, for film school and after, I've written, directed and shot."
Author: Geoffrey S. Fletcher
8. "I thought Jack's directing job was the best thing about the film."
Author: Harvey Keitel
9. "I guess because I'm so young, I m not sure of what lies ahead for me. I'm more into going the route of producing and directing. I just made a little short film. I'm more excited about going the route of doing a Drew Barrymore or... what's the one from 'Star Wars?'"
Author: Heather Morris
10. "Directing, editing, and everything about filmmaking has definitely changed me as an actor."
Author: James Franco
11. "I used to dream about presenting a comedy show and also about directing films."
Author: Joe Cornish
12. "Fundamentally, whether directing in the theatre or a film, you have to be a good storyteller, regardless of the form. The thing I had to work hardest at was thinking in shots."
Author: John Crowley
13. "I am incapable of directing a film like 'Agneenath.' I can do only what I am good at, so I would have been the worst choice to direct it. It has aggression, action and an inherent violence in it - things I am not capable of directing in my films."
Author: Karan Johar
14. "Writing and directing your own film, for me, has been the best experience of my life."
Author: Nicholas Jarecki
15. "I think the older that I'm getting, the more I'm understand what a privileged job I have, and what an opportunity I have. Now I'm directing films and I'm getting my first movie in America off the ground, and you start to understand how the system really works."
Author: Paddy Considine
16. "I have no directing ambition whatsoever. And as long as I meet filmmakers like Tom Hooper, Stephen Frears, and others who allow that collaboration, I can't see why I would ever want to direct."
Author: Peter Morgan
17. "There is an established tradition of actors directing films that have a particular, personal meaning for them - Warren Beatty, Clint Eastwood, Kevin Costner, and most recently George Clooney to name a few. Remarkably, their films share an unusually high percentage of being very good."
Author: Steven Van Zandt
18. "British people might wonder 'What the hell is Kenneth Branagh doing directing 'Thor?'' but the person asking that the most was Kenneth Branagh. I think he was more surprised than anyone else to find himself doing this kind of film."
Author: Tadanobu Asano
19. "Directing is creating a whole. You're able to combine different elements and create a film that is unique and true to your vision."
Author: Tim Robbins

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