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1. "Tapi apa memang persahabatan bisa kendur karena jarak? Aku yakin inti persahabatan tentu tidak rusak, tapi jarak dan tempat tidak bisa berdusta, berpisah secara fisik bisa merenggangkan keintiman persahabatan karena tidak lagi disirami oleh pertemuan, canda, dan diskusi *Ranah 3 Warna, halaman 36*"
Author: Ahmad Fuadi
2. "...dat ook het meest sluitende systeem en het meest universele rationalisme ten slotte altijd stoot op het irrationele van het menselijk denken. Geen enkele ironische evidentie, geen enkele belachelijke tegenspraak, die de rede in diskrediet brengt, ontgaat hem. Slechts één ding interesseert hem en wel de uitzondering, of deze nu door de geschiedenis van het hart of van de geest voorkomt.[...] Hij stelt om te beginnen vast dat er geen absolute waarheid bestaat..."
Author: Albert Camus
3. "An diesem Abend versuche ich mit L. zumindest pro forma ein paar Argumente für und gegen einen jungen Hund aus dem Tierheim zu diskutieren, aber er ist nicht recht bei der Sache, weil er nebenbei die Fotos vom Hund auf seinem Handy betrachtet und an Freunde verschickt."
Author: Alexandra Reinwarth
4. "From within he produced a crumpled piece of paper, and old-fashioned brass key, a peg of wood with a ball of string attached to it, and three rusty old disks of metal."
Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
5. "The paintings are transferred from my computer to a disk, and I can hand it to the printer this way; or I can modem the painting to the printer over the phone lines from my house in Hawaii."
Author: Buffy Sainte Marie
6. "I do everything from home. I broadcast commentaries for CBS News Radio every day - from home, on a disk that I mail in. I write a weekly op-ed piece for the 'New York Daily News,' and any books or plays or movies that I'm crazy enough to write, I do that from home."
Author: Charles Grodin
7. "~Do you like him much?~I told you I like him a little. Where is the use of caring for him so very much? He is full of faults.~Is he?~All boys are.~More than girls?~Very likely. Wise people say it is folly to think anyboy perfect, and as to likes and diskiles, we should be friendly to all, and worship none."
Author: Charlotte Brontë
8. "Nëse unë do të dëshiroja një mashkull, atëherë ai duhej të ishte i bukur si Antonio, i mencur si Brehti dhe erotik si Koheni. Besnik si një qen dhe diskret si një mace. I pasur si Hermani. Kjo ishte e pamundur dhe unë isha e pashpresë."
Author: Christine Grän
9. "Shotgunning anybody in this room would be the moral equivalent of killing a car, a vacuum cleaner, a Barbie doll. Erasing a computer disk. Burning a Book. Probably that goes for killing anybody in the world. We're all such products."
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
10. "I was nerdy girl who went to Catholic school and wanted to be an engineer. I was all set to attend the Illinois Institute of Technology. And then I took a hard left turn and studied Liberal Arts at Northern Illinois University, majored in Communications. Then worked in radio as a disk jockey and as the weather girl."
Author: Cindy Morgan
11. "Will flash cards invade the disk drive makers' core markets and supplant magnetic memory? If they do, what will happen to the disk drive makers? Will they stay atop their markets, catching this new technological wave? Or will they be driven out?"
Author: Clayton Christensen
12. "Tiap ada musibah tahan diri buat saling menyalahkn,saling kritik. tapi lebih baik saling menolong atasi musibah.Nanti kalau sdh kelar baru diskusi, evaluasi"
Author: Dian Nafi
13. "The first human-to-computer uploads of 2100 will prove that a perfect simulation is the thing being simulated - that a silicon soul doesn't need a physical body to inhabit. So eventually everybody who ever lived will be resurrected inside a living machine indistinguishable from God. Isn't it amazing what you can do with unlimited hard-disk space?"
Author: Frank Tipler
14. "- Ka minuta që e ndien praninë e harmonise së përjetshme, dhe e shikon qartë që e ke arrirë. Nuk është tokësore, domethene, njeriu, si qenie tokesore që është, këtë s'ka si e arrin. Duhet shndërruar fizikisht ose duhet vdekur. Është ndjenjë e qartë, e padiskutueshme, sikur e ndien tërë natyren dhe thua: "Po, kjo është e vërtetë, është diçka e mirë". Nuk është vetëkenaqesi, është vetëm ngazellim. Ju asgjë nuk falni, sepse s'keni ç'të falni. Ju nuk është që dashuroni, kemi të bëjmë me diçka më të lartë! Të tmerron qartesia dhe ngazellimi! Në zgjaste sadopak, shpirti s'e mban dot, duhet të zhduket. Në ato pesë sekonda rroj jetën, ia vlen të japesh jetën për to. Që të durosh deri dhjetë sekonda , duhet transformuar fizikisht. Them se njeriu nuk duhet të linde më. Ç'duhen fëmijët, ç'duhet zhvillimi, kur synimi është arritur? Në ungjill thuhet se të dielave njerëzit nuk do të lindin, do jene si engjejt e perendise. S'i thuhet kot. Gruaja si, po lind?"
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
15. "This whole earth which we inhabit is but a point in space. How far apart, think you, dwell the most distant inhabitants of yonder star, the breadth of whose disk cannot be appreciated by our instruments?"
Author: Henry David Thoreau
16. "Übertreibung und Maßlosigkeit im Kampf gegen den Terrorismus diskreditiert den Kampf gegen den Terrorismus."
Author: Heribert Prantl
17. "Katrai dienai ir savs vards. Tas atnak dažreiz ka melodisks motivs, uzpeld, parnem un neatstajas."
Author: Imants Ziedonis
18. "We are carrying contraband words with us, memorized, tucked away in tattered journals and stored magically on disks in Anna's left pocket. Canadian words, queer words that we spoke on-stage for money in the land of the brave. With no valid permit, license, visa or contract to do so. Felons, really, all of us, and now we intended to flee the scene without paying income tax on the twelve dollars and fifty American cents we each made. It's just this kind of shameless law-breaking that gives all poets a bad name."
Author: Ivan E. Coyote
19. "Mr. Lecky never got any farther than the third floor. Not conscious of impossible fatigue, feeling less than his distress of the morning, he was notwithstanding seized by a faintness. This sudden spinning dizzied him. A darkness as impalpable, more discrete, yet blacker than night's, spun out from dancing points to overlapping disks. They were so wide, so close to his eyes, that he could not strike them off. He had only a second given him to see and apprehend. This same second loosened his grip on consciousness. He seemed to let go, hardly struggling. His muscles let go everywhere, too. He had time to hear, like some remote accident, the bang of the shotgun, gone, the smash of glass in at least one flashlight lens. This was the thin segment of the actual second, and Mr. Lecky knew nothing of himself slumping to lie on the stairs with the things he had dropped."
Author: James Gould Cozzens
20. "He sat the silver disk between Poocher's shoulder blades. The pig turned around in a circle, as if he were trying to see the disk on his back, which his fat neck wouldn't allow. After his third revolution, he closed his eyes and scrunched up his snout. His wings unfolded. He floated off the ground, looking smug.Everyone in the room knew there was something that needed to be said. But not even Hex, who'd never shown any fear of an obvious joke, dared say it."
Author: James Maxey
21. "History is never something carved in stone, but more like something saved to a temporary cache file on a computer disk vulnerable to the imperfections of memory and always ready to be revised. The Confessions are Augustine's own first draft of history."
Author: James O'Donnell
22. "Those of a future generation will one day look back on printed books with the same benign and befuddled expressions that we use when we look at floppy disks or those colossal IBM mainframes with spinning reels of tape that you see in the background of the villain's lair in James Bond movies. Books are bulky, and an individual book doesn't hold much data compared to what an e-reader can hold."
Author: Jason Merkoski
23. "My favorite laser disk ever was the laser disk for The Graduate, which had a commentary track that wasn't even the filmmakers, it was a professor, some film criticism guy who just happen to be this amazing commentator who went off into the whole theory of comedy."
Author: Jay Roach
24. "I mean, this whole digital revolution is really eroding the director's importance on a movie because, number one, just from a practical standpoint, with floppy disks and the ability to put all of the film onto a disk, more people have access to the movie."
Author: John Frankenheimer
25. "A disk unbeknownst to the director can go to the producer in another city or in another office and that producer can edit behind the director's back much easier than in the old days. Since these dailies are now put on videotape, more kinds of people have access to dailies."
Author: John Frankenheimer
26. "Wenn ich den Eindruck hätte, dass in dem, was Sie da sagen, auch nur ein Körnchen Vernunft steckt, würde ich mir vielleicht die Mühe machen, mich auf eine solche Diskussion einzulassen. Aber wie die Dinge liegen, werde ich einfach an etwas anderes denken, während Sie weiter vor sich hin plappern."
Author: Kazuo Ishiguro
27. "I scooted over, patting the bed next to me. "No such luck. And now you get to watch forty straight hours of Easton Heights with me!" He turned on the first disk, shaking his head, then got onto the bed next to me. "Small price to pay for getting to hold your hand." I wasn't cold anymore."
Author: Kiersten White
28. "Have any of your clients died?" Ford asked. "Someone you were trying to help?" "Brett," Jenks said. "Peter?" I blurted out. But the amulet went a negative gray. "Nick," Jenks said nastily, and the color on the metal disk became a violent shade of purple. Ford blinked, trying to divorce himself from the hate. "I'd say no," he whispered."
Author: Kim Harrison
29. "I knew it was a trap, itchy witch," the demon said, but then a flash of white exploded against the inside of the circle. I felt the bubble go down, leaving a white disk of ash where the carpet had burned away. "But I didn't know it was a lethal one," he continued,"
Author: Kim Harrison
30. "Jeg peker på mit navn at der står det og at jeg er den og den. De forstår intet, men de klapper mig og finder at jeg er i orden. Så er det en som går bort til disken og forlanger musik. Og straks begynder et orkestrion å gå. Dette er til ære for dig! tænker jeg, og jeg reiser mig og hilser i alle retninger. Som ved et trylleri begynder jeg å bli meget glad, jeg forlanger vin og vi blir rigtig mange til å drikke. Hehe, det rygtes i salen at jeg er kommet til Moskva, en mand blir hentet som kan fransk; men jeg syntes det gik bra på russisk også og jeg kan desuten ikke stort fransk, så manden er mig uvelkommen. Men vi skjæner ham også og later ham sætte sig ved siden av os."
Author: Knut Hamsun
31. "Jeg henvender mig til disken og spør efter kognak. Manden ved disken forstår mig og sætter ned en flaske. Den har et mig ubekjent mærke, og det står Odessa på den. Tvi! sier jeg; har han ikke andet? Det forstår han ikke. Jeg langer selv op i hylden og finder mig en anden kognakflaske. Den viser sig å være av samme Odessamærke, men har fem stjærner. Jeg ser på den og anskuer den og finder den simpel. Om han ikke har bedre? Det forstår han ikke. Jeg tæller stjærner for ham, at det er fem, og føier til et par selv med blyant. Det forstår han. Han kommer virkelig med en seksstjærnet Odessaflaske. Hvad koster den? Fire og en halv rubel. Og den foregående? Tre og en halv. Det er en rubel pr.stjærne. Men jeg tok allikevel den med fem stjærner, og det viste sig å være en lynende stærk kognak som jeg fik sove av. Og idag er jeg trods alle kloke koners og alle turisters visdom bedre av feberen skjønt jeg drak kognak inat."
Author: Knut Hamsun
32. "The hours here are flat and round, disks of gray layered one on top of the other...they move slowly, at a grind, until it seems as though they are not moving at all. They are just pressing down..."
Author: Lauren Oliver
33. "By now you must have guessed: I come from another planet. But I will never say to you, Take me to your leaders. Even I - unused to your ways though I am - would never make that mistake. We ourselves have such beings among us, made of cogs, pieces of paper, small disks of shiny metal, scraps of coloured cloth. I do not need to encounter more of them.Instead I will say, Take me to your trees. Take me to your breakfasts, your sunsets, your bad dreams, your shoes, your nouns. Take me to your fingers; take me to your deaths.These are worth it. These are what I have come for."
Author: Margaret Atwood
34. "There, Margaret, the sun is forever visible, its broad disk just skirting the horizon and diffusing a perpetual splendour. There—for with your leave,"
Author: Mary Shelley
35. "Attention is the limited resource on the internet - not disk capacity, processor speed or bandwidth."
Author: Mills Davis
36. "?...Gold is gold everywhere, fungible and indifferent. But when a disk of gold is stamped by a coiner with certain pompous words and the picture of a King, it takes on added value -- seigneurage. It has that value only in that people believe that it does -- it is a shared phant'sy."
Author: Neal Stephenson
37. "Mysterious My paper shinesWhite, like snow, but the paper looks empty.I could decorate itwith tiny spidersor stars or sketches of melooking at a blank page,but the clock ticks,and somehow I must write.I like the sight of untouched snow.Gentle, slow, silent,it drifts and swirls, layers itself, and I seea new world of mysterious,inviting shapes. I walk in its whitewhispers, susurrus.I driftback to this paper that feelshard on the disk, and I beginto listen-to the story I tell myself.The paper is a white, patient place,my private spacefor remembering,saving: spring sun on my faceventing and inventing,arguing with my mother,wondering: who am I,wandering through cobwebs of old dreams,crying, sighing at people who don't see me, hoping to write music so bluelisteners forget to breathe,playing the sounds, jamming with myself,changing....into the me I can't quite see."
Author: Pat Mora
38. "- og nu er det jeg som står og blir liten på den siste krumning i hyldens blygt hendøende motiv.-Drømmer jeg? Er dette et skridt på en jordisk menneskevei? Kan det være en fjeldvægg, en stivnet form, denne foss av gulgrått sva, dette Niagara i sten, som med lydløs torden styrter sig ned over kanten og smelder i skogen efter et eneste sopende sveip på nærmere tusen meter?"
Author: Peter Wessel Zapffe
39. "Drømme tåler ikke å bli virkeliggjort, sier dikterne, for da dør de. Her gikk den lys levende og i all sin høireiste glans like lukt ind i sin jordiske inkarnation - i et fjorten hundrede meters eventyrslott av sølvgrå granitt."
Author: Peter Wessel Zapffe
40. "You could feel the war getting ready in the sky that night. The way the clouds moved aside and came back, and the way the stars looked, a million of them swimming between the clouds, like the enemy disks, and the feeling that the sky might fall upon the city and turn it to chalk dust, and the moon go up in red fire; that was how the night felt."
Author: Ray Bradbury
41. "I've got an L3 bulging disk and degenerating disk. It's bulging in two places. Yeah, it's not good."
Author: Retief Goosen
42. "Clothes, when abstracted from the flow of present time and their transmogrifying function on the human body, and seen as forms in themselves, are strange tubes and excrescences worthy of being classed with such facial decorations as the ring through the nose or the lip-stretching disk. But how enchanting they become when seen togetherwith the qualities they bestow on their wearer! What happens then is no less than the infusion, into some tangled lines on a piece of paper, of the meaning of a great word."
Author: Robert Musil
43. "The myth says that Osiris was cut into fourteen pieces and was buried in fourteen graves. Here in this profound myth we have a wonderful reference to the cosmic event. The fourteen aspects of the moon are the fourteen pieces of the dismembered Osiris.  10  The complete Osiris is the whole moon-disk."
Author: Rudolf Steiner
44. "Lihatlah baik-baik, Gadisku, jika nazar tak mau menyantap mayat artinya manusia yang mati berjiwa buruk.Nazar-nazar kelaparan, bukankah tak tertinggal manusia baik kecuali beberapa gelintir?"
Author: Sinta Yudisia
45. "Hard disks have disappointed me more than most technologies."
Author: Steve Wozniak
46. "Such a captive maiden, having plenty of time to think, soon realizes that her tower, its height and architecture, are like her ego only incidental: that what really keeps her where she is is magic, anonymous and malignant, visited on her from outside and for no reason at all. Having no apparatus except gut fear and female cunning to examine this formless magic, to understand how it works, how to measure its field strength, count its lines of force, she may fall back on superstition, or take up a useful hobby like embroidery, or go mad, or marry a disk jockey. If the tower is everywhere and the knight of deliverance no proof against its magic, what else?"
Author: Thomas Pynchon
47. "There were no clouds, the sun was going down in a limpid, gold-washed sky. Just as the lower edge of the red disk rested on the high fields against the horizon, a great black figure suddenly appeared on the face of the sun. We sprang to our feet, straining our eyes toward it. In a moment we realized what it was. On some upland farm, a plough had been left standing in the field. The sun was sinking just behind it. Magnified across the distance by the horizontal light, it stood out against the sun, was exactly contained within the circle of the disk; the handles, the tongue, the share—black against the molten red. There it was, heroic in size, a picture writing on the sun."
Author: Willa Cather
48. "If you had come to me a hundred years ago, do you think I should have dreamed of the telephone? Why, even now I cannot understand it! I use it every day, I transact half my correspondence by means of it, but I don't understand it. Think of that little stretched disk of iron at the end of a wire repeating in your ear not only sounds, but words—not only words, but all the most delicate and elusive inflections and nuances of tone which separate one human voice from another!"
Author: William Crookes
49. "The instant that the blade tore open his flesh, the bright disk of the sun soared up and exploded behind his eyelids."
Author: Yukio Mishima
50. "Penyakit orang-orang 'muda' yang baru menapakkan kakinya beberapa langkah di dunia ilmu keislaman adalah mereka tidak mengetahui kecuali satu pendapat dan satu sudut pandang yang mereka dapatkan dari satu orang syaikh. Mereka membatasi diri dalam satu madrasah dan tidak bersedia mendengar pendapat lainnya atau mendiskusikan pendapat-pendapat lain yang berbeda dengannya.."
Author: Yusuf Al Qaradawi

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