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1. "I have nothing left to give,I have found the perfect end,you were made to make it hurt,dissapear into the dirt"
Author: Breaking Benjamin
2. "Talent does not just appear. Talent comes from within yourself, it already has to be there. Talent is like can't make it appear or dissapear but you can bend it to your will."
Author: Georgia Whybird
3. "When people inexplicably dissapeared into thin air, it was usually because they had a new zip code. Something like 666"
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
4. "One by one they dissapeared Pumpkin last of all. The last May saw of himwas his sad face under his waving tuft of hair and then his long fingers,reaching out toward her for a hug that would never happen now as they turned around the bend."
Author: Jodi Lynn Anderson
5. "The room was a machine that measured my codition: how much of me remained, how much of me was no longer there. I was both perpetrator and witness, both actor and audience in a theater of one. I could follow the progress of my own dismemberment. Piece by piece, I could watch myself dissapear."
Author: Paul Auster
6. "Outside, the city is changing. While we have been talking of God's laws and seacrets of the earth, a cold fog has come rolling off the sea, pushing through the allys, sliding over the water, rubbing up agienst the cold stone. As I walk the street falls away behind me, the shop's blue awning lost within seconds. People move like ghosts, their voices disconnected from their bodies; as fast as they loom up they dissapear agien. The fog is so dense that by the time I have crossed toward the Merceria, I can barely see the ground under my feet or tell if the gloom is weather of the beginning of dusk."
Author: Sarah Dunant

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