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1. "We don't really consider ourselves famous. we're just four dorks who ride around on a bus."
Author: Big Time Rush
2. "Honestly, I have a tendency to date dorks. Which means that a lot of times, I date guys that no one else would deem to be a hunk."
Author: Ivanka Trump
3. "I just know so many people who have six or seven foreign languages and have read everything and have musical training and they are still dorks."
Author: Joseph Epstein
4. "Do vampyres play chess? Were there vampyre dorks? How about Barbie-like vampyre cheerleaders? Did any vampyres play in the band? Were there vampyre Emos with their guy-wearing-girl's-pants weirdness and those awful bangs that cover half their faces? Or were they all those freaky Goth kids who didn't like to bathe much? Was I going to turn into a Goth kid? Or worse, an Emo? I didn't particularly like wearing black, at least not exclusively, and I wasn't feeling a sudden and unfortunate aversion to soap and water, nor did I have an obsessive desire to change my hairstyle and wear too much eyeliner."
Author: Kristin Cast
5. "Dorkdom isn't something you can choose. It's something you are. But instead of dividing the world up into dorkside and darkside, I've realised that we all have a little bit of dork inside us."
Author: Sarra Manning
6. "There's very few dork movies made by dorks."
Author: Zack Snyder

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