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1. "I did everything - I did newscasts, I did sports, I did dramas."
Author: Alex Trebek
2. "I don't enjoy other people's dramas, and I don't enjoy mine."
Author: Ali MacGraw
3. "I did 'Little Dorrit' a few years ago; I really love doing period dramas. It's stuff like that I really enjoy watching."
Author: Arthur Darvill
4. "In Korean films there is only really a strong tradition of melodramas."
Author: Bong Joon Ho
5. "I'm raising a child, and it's public. The media creates these dramas, and that's not what's happening in my life."
Author: Bridget Moynahan
6. "It gives me vertigo to watch TV dramas."
Author: Bruno Heller
7. "I hope to do big action movies and strong dramas, and to produce films. I also want to get kids more involved in what's going on in the world and to be politically active."
Author: Caity Lotz
8. "I think doing dramas kind of wears on you. It's just intense."
Author: Christine Ebersole
9. "The River of Baptism I met, my spiritual adoption confirmed. The changing dramas in my life I experienced. The Holy language preceded my salvation found tongue, candidate of heavenly power I'm made."
Author: Darmie Orem
10. "True brilliance has a well-known positive correlation with decency, much of the time--a fact the rest of us rely on, more than we ever know. The real world doesn't roil with as many crazed artists, psychotic generals, dyspeptic writers, maniacal statesmen, insatiable tycoons, or mad scientists as you see in dramas."
Author: David Brin
11. "I went to America to get away from constantly being cast in costume dramas, playing posh people."
Author: Dominic West
12. "I was trained classically, and that's something that I want to do, but I do want to say that right now it's a good market for female comedians, and I want to explore that right now. I really do want to do dramas and meatier roles, especially film."
Author: Eliza Coupe
13. "With family dramas, it's hard to keep those stories alive."
Author: Emily VanCamp
14. "As far as dramas are concerned, it's considered passe for playwrights to turn out anything the average person can understand."
Author: Ethel Merman
15. "I would say 80% of the scripts I get are dramas and not comedies or romantic comedies, which is funny because that's what I do every week."
Author: Eva Longoria
16. "I actually started in comedy, but then after 'Deadwood' I started concentrating on the dramas more. But then I just got tired for raping and killing and figured, 'It's time to do another comedy.'"
Author: Garret Dillahunt
17. "Era la enamorada de todas las novelas, la heroína de todos los dramas, el vago "ella" de todos los volúmenes de versos. Encontraba en sus hombros el color ambarino de la odalisca en el baño, tenía el largo corpiño de las castellanas feudales; se parecía también a la mujer pálida de Barcelona ¡Pero por encima de todo era un ángel!"
Author: Gustave Flaubert
18. "Now we shall have a vessel in which to pour the vital fluid, a bomb which, when we throw it, will set off the world. We shall put into it enough to give the writers of tomorrow their plots, their dramas, their poems, their myths, their sciences. The world will be able to feed on it for a thousand years to come. It is colossal in its pretentiousness. The thought of it almost shatters us."
Author: Henry Miller
19. "I know I'm as comfortable doing period as I am contemporary. I suppose we grow up with it in a sense, in the theater. We get to put on costumes and play a lot of period dramas or plays so we're exposed to it a little bit more I think because of our theatrical background."
Author: Ioan Gruffudd
20. "There's a kid or some kids somewhere. I'll never know them. They're particle-puzzle-cubing right now. They might be mini-misanthropes from Moosefart, Montana. They might be demi-dystopians from Dogdick, Delaware. They dig my demonic dramas. The metaphysic maims them. They grasp the gravity. They'll duke it out with their demons. They'll serve a surfeit of survival skills. They won't be chronologically crucified.They'll shore up my shit. They'll radically revise it. They'll pass it along."
Author: James Ellroy
21. "When love first happens, the individuals are giving each other energy unconsciously and both people feel buoyant and elated. That's the incredible high we call being ‘in love.' Unfortunately, once they expect this feeling to come from another person, they cut themselves off from the energy in the universe and begin to rely even more on the energy from each other--only now there doesn't seem to be enough and so they stop giving each other energy and fall back into their dramas in an attempt to control each other and force the other's energy their way."
Author: James Redfield
22. "Apparently, before we are born, each of us experiences a vision of what our life can be, complete with reflections on our parents and our tendencies to engage in particular control dramas, even how we might work through these dramas with these parents and go on to be prepared for what we want to accomplish."
Author: James Redfield
23. "I sort of was inspired by 'Friday Night Lights,' where it was a very different show, but similar in that they were both large ensemble dramas where you had many stories going on at once. I wanted to do a show that shared that element, and that's really why I wanted to develop 'Parenthood' as a series."
Author: Jason Katimis
24. "Art is central to all our lives, not just the better-off and educated. . . I know that from my own story, and from the evidence of every child ever born — they all want to hear and to tell stories, to sing, to make music, to act out little dramas, to paint pictures, to make sculptures. This is born in and we breed it out. And then, when we have bred it out, we say that art is elitist, and at the same time we either fetishize art — the high prices, the jargon, the inaccessibility — or we ignore it. The truth is, artist or not, we are all born on the creative continuum, and that is a heritage and a birthright of all of our lives."
Author: Jeanette Winterson
25. "I just want to be with great teachers. If that means I'm in a horror film with good teachers, I'll do another horror film. But I would love to branch out and do more comedy or just more straight dramas."
Author: Jennifer Carpenter
26. "It wasn't until I got involved in 'Doctor Who' that I started doing dramas on television."
Author: John Barrowman
27. "There are as many great superhero movies as there are comedies and dramas and cartoons. People just want to see good movies."
Author: Josh Trank
28. "I just love doing broader work - I always get asked to do fairly heavy-duty, intense dramas and interesting, psychologically intense characters. But you know, it's nice to make people laugh sometimes."
Author: Julian Sands
29. "Movie studios aren't making too many dramas anymore; they're in the superhero business. Material for television is much, much stronger for actors now."
Author: Julianne Moore
30. "Courtroom dramas can be boring."
Author: Laura Linney
31. "I'm ready for theatre. I'm ready for dramas, period stuff, films. I want to achieve everything."
Author: Lauren Socha
32. "I didn't think, 'I want to do dramas or I want to do comedies' - I wasn't clear in that way."
Author: Leslie Mann
33. "Scarlet and Wolf are saying gushy things in the galley," Iko said. "Normally I like gushy things, but its different when its real people. I prefer the net dramas."
Author: Marissa Meyer
34. "Anyone can write. But comedy, you've got to do some writing. You get one comedy script to every 20 dramas."
Author: Michael Caine
35. "I love political dramas. I love good story-telling."
Author: Nikolaj Coster Waldau
36. "Stories about the ongoing dramas in our lives as we age are not being told because women find it difficult to be honest about what's going on - about, for example, our heightened sexuality as we age or about living in a society that only values youth."
Author: Olympia Dukakis
37. "I looked round the place. The moment of parting had come. I felt sad. The whole thing reminded me of one of those melodramas where they drive chappies out of the old homestead into the snow.'Good-bye, Jeeves,' I said.'Good-bye, sir.'And I staggered out."
Author: P.G. Wodehouse
38. "I like soap opera acting. If it's done really well, there's nothing better. It's old school. It's like what those melodramas in the '30s and '40s were like."
Author: Parker Posey
39. "I am a happy person and I choose to be a positive person. I think some people think my life has been tragic and there have been these horrible dramas but things really have been, and are, fine."
Author: Patsy Kensit
40. "I love playing a dad. It's hard to find family dramas that are genuinely funny."
Author: Peter Gallagher
41. "I only had two real tasks [while in Norway]: gathering dead trees to burn from the surrounding small forest and getting water from a hole in a frozen stream. The rest of the time I wandered around, obsessed over my life dramas, stared into space, read books, wrote letters, made up songs, went crazy and eventually snapped out of my misery and noticed the dawn"
Author: Phil Elverum
42. "I told my agents that I love Holly Hunter and Frances McDormand and all of these women that are good at doing comedies as well as dramas."
Author: Rachael Harris
43. "I've done loads of things people have never seen - dramas on BBC4 and plays upstairs at the Royal Court and the Bush - and because I didn't go to drama school, they gave me an education."
Author: Rafe Spall
44. "She's definitely a romance writer. I've primed her to be a romance writer, subjecting her to so many romantic dramas it would be a miracle if she didn't become a romance writer."
Author: Samantha Young
45. "It's not that you have lost touch with these people. You haven't. It's just that they have kept in such close touch with each other. When scrolling through your cell phone, you generally let their numbers be highlighted for a second, hovering, and then move along to people you have spoken to within the last month. It's not that you're a bad friend to these people. It's just that you're not a great one. They know the names of each other's coworkers and the blow-by-blow nature of each other's dramas; they go camping in the Berkshires together and have such sentences in their conversational arsenal as "you left your lip gloss in my bathroom." You have no such sentences. Your connection to your friends is half-baked and you are starting to forget their siblings' names, never mind their coworkers. But you're still in the play even if you're no longer a main character."
Author: Sloane Crosley
46. "I've mainly been in dramas, so this is one of my first comedy kind of performances in Cecil B. Demented."
Author: Stephen Dorff
47. "I'm into parlor dramas. I'm into theatre. I'm trained for the stage. I trained to do Chekhov and Shakespeare, I was trained for the stage."
Author: Tom Hardy
48. "A lot of dramas get a bad name commercially because they are unremittingly bleak."
Author: Tom Hooper
49. "Cafe De Flore speaks of love, its joys, its pains and its dramas - to love and to lose. This story upset me, I was upside-down, in the depths of myself."
Author: Vanessa Paradis
50. "Mind-pictures brought feelings, and feelings dragged out dramas from the hollows of the heart."
Author: Zora Neale Hurston

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