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1. " come being happy and making your dreams come true are two different things? Even now, I still don't know why..."
Author: Ai Yazawa
2. "Do It Under the Influence Yourself! That's what we're shooting for! Get drunk and make your dreams come true."
Author: Aziz Ansari
3. "Dreams come true, but then things happen that are beyond anything you could dream. To be in a movie and to be in the same room participating in a movie with Meryl Streep? Come on!"
Author: BeBe Winans
4. "Sometimes we think people are like lottery tickets, that they're there to make our most absurd dreams come true."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
5. "Fangtasia, where all your bloody dreams come true,' said a bored female voice.'Pam. Listen.''The phone is pressed to my ear. Speak.''Appius Livius Ocella just dropped in.''Fuck a zombie!"
Author: Charlaine Harris
6. "Yeah, we won't have much as we start this new life.But we'll have us.We'll have love.We'll have family.....Carter Jax has already made all my dreams come true.And it's only the beginning." ~Sophie"
Author: Chelsea Fine
7. "A positive attitude can really make dreams come true - it did for me."
Author: David Bailey
8. "Anything can be real. Every imaginable thing is happening somewhere along the dimensional axis. These things happen a billion times over with exactly the same outcome and no one learns anything. Whatever a person can think, imagine, wish for, or believe has already come to pass. Dreams come true all the time, just not for the dreamers."
Author: Eoin Colfer
9. "Man is born violent but is kept in check by the people around him. If he nevertheless manages to throw off his fetters, he can count on applause, for everyone recognizes himself in him. Deeply ingrained, nay, buried dreams come true. The unlimited radiates its magic even upon crime, which, not coincidentally, is the main source of entertainment in Eumeswil. I, as an anarch, not uninterested but disinterested, can understand that. Freedom has a wide range and more facets than a diamond."
Author: Ernst Jünger
10. "The place that the shepherds found was not an academy or an abstract republic, it was not a place of myths allegorised or dissected or explained or explained away. It was a place of dreams come true."
Author: G.K. Chesterton
11. "Now let's talk about dreams. Yes. Dreams. I believe that dreams are one of the best thing in the world. It's so powerful. Because of people dreaming; things are being done and things are being made. Things happen. Dreams are being manifested to beautiful things. Dreams can make people happy, but sad as well (if they don't happen). Well let me tell you, I believe dreams come true because one person decided it so."
Author: Happy Positivity
12. "Think about your dreams. Think of every detail of what you want to manifest. Imagine every person included in your plans. Sense all the emotions that you want to happen when your dreams come true. Visualize where will you be when your dreams already happened. Breathe the air where you want to manifest it. Dream. Imagine. Believe. There's no more truer than this. It is what it is."
Author: Happy Positivity
13. "As far as it's ideal that you get helped by people, it doesn't mean they are compelled to make your dreams come true without your own efforts."
Author: Israelmore Ayivor
14. "Desire to impact lives! Change destinies and make dreams come true."
Author: Jaachynma N.E. Agu
15. "The best part of having your dreams come true is you get to make new ones!"
Author: Jaimie M. Engle
16. "Some kids get called 'bundles of joy' or 'slices of heaven' or 'dreams come true.' We got 'the fifty-fourth generation of DNA experiments.' Doesn't have the same warm and fuzzy feel. But maybe I'm oversensitive."
Author: James Patterson
17. "Man is an animal whose dreams come true and kill him."
Author: James Tiptree Jr.
18. "In this new year, may you have a deep understanding of your true value and worth, an absolute faith in your unlimited potential, peace of mind in the midst of uncertainty, the confidence to let go when you need to, acceptance to replace your resistance, gratitude to open your heart, the strength to meet your challenges, great love to replace your fear, forgiveness and compassion for those who offend you, clear sight to see your best and true path, hope to dispel obscurity, the conviction to make your dreams come true, meaningful and rewarding synchronicities, dear friends who truly know and love you, a childlike trust in the benevolence of the universe, the humility to remain teachable, the wisdom to fully embrace your life exactly as it is, the understanding that every soul has its own course to follow, the discernment to recognize your own unique inner voice of truth, and the courage to learn to be still."
Author: Janet Rebhan
19. "Dreaming is good. But working to make those dreams come true is even better."
Author: Joel L.
20. "Dreams come true; without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them."
Author: John Updike
21. "To see your friend's dreams come true, there's really nothing that can make you happier."
Author: Josh Hopkins
22. "My life is up to me to define. I needed to make my own dreams come true."
Author: Kaira Rouda
23. "Look at me, making one of your dreams come true. You and your Norm truck driving around Normville.""You're practically a god."
Author: Kasie West
24. "You've made all her dreams come true. The moment she holds Noah in her arms for the first time any of the pain and suffering she experienced will just evaporate in an instant. And you will be the one who gave that to her."
Author: Katie Ashley
25. "We all keep dreaming, and luckily, dreams come true."
Author: Katie Holmes
26. "Sometimes your dreams come true, and it's a real drag."
Author: Kyle Kinane
27. "Many dreams come true, and some have silver linings"
Author: Led Zeppelin
28. "What makes one person's dreams come true when another's don't? Determination. Action. Desire."
Author: Lisa Renee Jones
29. "Wide awake I can make my most fantastic dreams come true."
Author: Lorenz Hart
30. "Are people who have been crazy held to unfair standards?Of course, but it's not in your best interest to complain. If you're paranoid and people are looking at you funny it's best to let it pass. Psychotic people have an uncanny knack for making their own worst dreams come true. Depressing things happen to depressed people way beyond what you would expect from random distribution."
Author: Mark Vonnegut
31. "When dreams come true creativity becomes art."
Author: Martin Schuster
32. "But that is what life is all about, he said. "It is about dreaming and making those dreams come true with effort and determination - and love."
Author: Mary Balogh
33. "In the New Year, may not all your dreams come true, but may only all your good and right dreams come true, because men have evil dreams as well!"
Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
34. "As you look back at your life, there are just a million different things that have happened, just in the right way, to allow you to make your dreams come true. And you know, someone has all that under control."
Author: Michael P. Anderson
35. "There are only 3 things that can make your dreams come true: your thoughts, your words, and your actions."
Author: Mike Dooley
36. "Follow through.Make your dreams come true.Don't give up the fight.You will be alright.Cause there's no one like you in the universe"
Author: Muse
37. "There is no fun than helping to make someone's dreams come true Especially when that person is ayoung person and who really want it and really dserve it"
Author: Oprah Winfrey
38. "It is an everlasting desire to make my dreams come true. And it's getting to the point now where it's like, come on I want my dreams to come true so that I can get on with the rest of my life. Sometimes I think about the rest of my life when I'm done."
Author: Picabo Street
39. "We could stay. You could sleep it off and we can still go to Disney with everyone tomorrow. Don't you want to go to Fantasyland?" I batted my eyelashes.Jackson ran his thumb and forefinger over his lip, catching his grin and a speck of dried blood at once. The second that grin appeared, it was as if the entire evening's events evaporated. "Why, Emma Pierce, do you want me to take you to Fantasyland and make all of your dreams come true?" He winked with his good eye. It was painfully adorable."
Author: Rachael Wade
40. "All of us,' he said, 'have hopes of being poet, artist, discoverer, philospoher, scientist; of possessing the attributes of all these simultaneously. Few are permitted to achieve any of them in daily life. But in travel we attain them all. Then we have our day of glory, when all our dreams come true, when we can be anything we like, as long as we like, and, when we are tired of it, pull up stakes and move on. Travel -- the solitude of the mountains, the emptiness of the desert, the delicacy of the minaret; eternal change, limitless contrast, unending variety.' (Eric Lang)"
Author: Robert Edison Fulton Jr.
41. "Wake up today and shake up the world...It's a New Year that welcomes you to shine and make your dreams come true.-RVM"
Author: Rvm
42. "...because she is already a doer who, I am certain, is fully capable of making all her dreams come true."Well, maybe not all> my dreams, I thought, smiling to Ian, who was smiling back. But most. Which was fine, since I'd learned that getting most of what you wish for in life is often as good as getting it all."
Author: Sarah Strohmeyer
43. "The disempowered mind believes dreams come true; the empowered mind knows you bring your dreams to life."
Author: Steve Maraboli
44. "In Genua, someone set out to make dreams come true. Remember some of your dreams?"
Author: Terry Pratchett
45. "I believe in god. I also believe that you should never ask god to make your dreams come true. You have to work for your dreams. And dream actually, with all your mind body and soul. I don't believe luck is when a super power grants us what we wished for. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. So we need to be prepared all the time. Our dream awaits us. It's already on its way. We just need to be prepared when it gets to us."
Author: Thisuri Wanniarachchi
46. "Every night is Christmas Eve on old East Main,Sailors and their sweethearts all agree.Neon signs of red and greenShine upon the friendly scene,Welcoming you in from off the sea.Santa's bag is filled with all your dreams come true:Nickel beers that sparkle like champagne,Barmaids who all love to screw,All of them reminding youIt's Christmas Eve on old East Main."
Author: Thomas Pynchon
47. "Anyone who has lost track of time when using a computer knows the propensity to dream, the urge to make dreams come true and the tendency to miss lunch."
Author: Tim Berners Lee
48. "Hang on to your dreams with everything you got. Because the best life is when your dreams come true. The second-best is when they don't but you never stop chasing them."
Author: Tim Dorsey
49. "Nothing else you want to do after all your dreams come true. You've become numb. You shouldn't have ever stopped dreaming."
Author: Toba Beta
50. "Somehow I can't believe that there are any heights that can't be scaled by a man who knows the secrets of making dreams come true. This special secret, it seems to me, can be summarized in four Cs. They are curiosity, confidence, courage, and constancy, and the greatest of all is confidence. When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable."
Author: Walt Disney Company

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