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1. "As a successful young man, I have developed myself to a level where physiological needs, safety and security needs, social needs and ego needs are no more challenge to me. I do not think about how to sleep with a girl on the street. I do not think about how to make the guy next door my friend. I do not think about how to be happy with my achievements. I know how to! The only thing I make a go at and keep on going strong for is actualizing myself; life fulfilling itself in me; Becoming who I want to be so that I can do someone a world of good as I really want to."
Author: Anyaele Sam Chiyson
2. "This move is called Qworegoys,and the women of my grandmother's family taught it to their daughters just as they taught them to make thorn-bush fences to protect the hut from hyenas."
Author: Ayaan Hirsi Ali
3. "I'm learning skills I will use for the rest of my life by doing homework...procrastinating and negotiation."
Author: Bill Watterson
4. "My family came over from Spain about nine generations ago. I was born in San Diego, but by the time I was four days old, I was on a flight back to Spain because that's where my family was living at the time."
Author: Bitsie Tulloch
5. "To share out your soul freely, that is what metanoia (a change of mind, or repentance)really refers to: a mental product of love. A change of mind, or love for the undemonstrable. And you throw off every conceptual cloak of self-defense, you give up the fleshly resistance of your ego. Repentance has nothing to do with self-regarding sorrow for legal transgressions. It is an ecstatic erotic self-emptying. A change of mind about the mode of thinking and being."
Author: Christos Yannaras
6. "Su mirada se enfoca en la mía y toma mis manos, luego entrelaza sus dedos con los míos. Nos miramos fijamente, como lo hemos hecho tantas veces antes, pero esta vez, puedo sentirlo en cada parte de mi ser. La siento aella en cada parte de mí y la sensación es nueva y fuerte e intensa, y me doy cuenta, justo en este momento, que juntos nos convertimos en muchísimo más de lo que pudimos haber sido por separado."
Author: Colleen Hoover
7. "We have a very hard time "seeing" our cognitive activity because it is the medium in which we swim. The attempt to put our finger on what counts in any given situation leads us at times to making connections between situations that are enormously different on their surface and at other times to distinguishing between situations that on first glance seem nearly identical. Our constant jockeying back and forth among our categories runs the gamut from the most routine behaviors to the most creative ones."
Author: Douglas R. Hofstadter
8. "Ako više ne želite stvarati bol sebi i drugima, ako više ne želitepovecavati ostatke bolova iz prošlosti koji još žive u vama, tada višene stvarajte vrijeme ili ga barem ne stvarajte više nego što je potrebnodok se bavite prakticnim vidovima vlastita života. Kako prestatistvarati vrijeme? Duboko u sebi shvatite kako uvijek imate samosadašnji trenutak. Neka Sada postane prvobitna žarišna tocka vašegaživota. Dok ste prije boravili u vremenu i tek nakratko posjecivaliSadašnji trenutak, sada prebivajte u njemu, a tek nakratko posjecujteprošlost i buducnost kad se morate pozabaviti prakticnim vidovimasvoje životne situacije. Sadašnjem trenutku uvijek recite: »Da«. Što bimoglo biti jalovije i lude nego stvarati unutarnji otpor necemu štovec postoji! Sto bi moglo biti lude nego se suprotstavljati samom životu,koji jest sada i uvijek samo sada? Predajte se onome što jest. Recite»da« životu - i vidjet cete kako život iznenada pocinje raditi zavas, umjesto da vam se suprotstavlja."
Author: Eckhart Tolle
9. "Sono convinto che chi non legge resta uno stupido. Anche se nella vita sa destreggiarsi, il fatto di non ingerire regolarmente parole scritte lo condanna ineluttabilmente all'ignoranza, indipendentemente dai suoi averi e dalle sue attività."
Author: Edward Bunker
10. "I'm not too bothered about what category my music goes in and there's no point in limiting in who you can reach, but I want it to be respected."
Author: Emeli Sande
11. "A man's ego is a fragile thing; as fragile as a woman's heart"
Author: Eric Jerome Dickey
12. "I think maybe Mr. Sinise and Mr. Bacon have slightly bigger egos than I do."
Author: Eric Roberts
13. "The fierce poet of the Middle Ages wrote, "Abandon hope, all ye who enter here," over the gates of the lower world. The emancipated poets of to-day have written it over the gates of this world. But if we are to understand the story which follows, we must erase that apocalyptic writing, if only for an hour. We must recreate the faith of our fathers, if only as an artistic atmosphere. If, then, you are a pessimist, in reading this story, forego for a little the pleasures of pessimism. Dream for one mad moment that the grass is green. Unlearn that sinister learning that you think is so clear, deny that deadly knowledge that you think you know. Surrender the very flower of your culture, give up the very jewel of your pride, abandon hopelessness, all ye who enter here."
Author: G.K. Chesterton
14. "There was one special thing you promised me at the beginning of the affair, and which you have certainly given me by the end of it.""What do you mean?" cried the chaotic Gregory. "What did I promise you?""A very entertaining evening," said Syme, and he made a military salute with his sword-stick as the steamboart slid away."
Author: G.K. Chesterton
15. "It takes two sides to make a deal, two sides to negotiate and two sides to make it go bad."
Author: Gary Bettman
16. "William: You're just gonna have to take who I give you and dealParis: Like anyone would pick you over me.William: You just wait and see. I'll have every single on of them eating out of my hand.Paris: Only if you had one of those delicious fried Twinkies.Strider rolled his eyes. Egotistical morons. Anyone with a set of eyes could see that Strider was the pretty one in their little three-some."
Author: Gena Showalter
17. "If I were to categorize what I sing, I have many different influences, and a lot of them are from back in time."
Author: Haley Reinhart
18. "And many years later, as an adult student of history, Knecht was to perceive more distinctly that history cannot come into being without the substance and the dynamism of this sinful world of egoism and instinctuality, and that even such sublime creations as the Order were born in this cloudy torrent and sooner or later will be swallowed up by it again...Nor was this ever merely an intellectual problem for him. Rather, it engaged his innermost self more than any other problem, and he felt it as partly his responsibility. His was one of those natures which can sicken, languish, and die when they see an ideal they have believed in, or the country and community they love, afflicted with ills."
Author: Hermann Hesse
19. "Pjesnik ciji nas stihovi ushicuju možda je bio tužan usamljenik a glazbenik neki sjetan sanjar, ali i tada njegovo djelo dijeli vedrinu bogova i zvijezda. Ono što nam umjetnik daje, to više nije njegov mrak, njegova patnja ili tjeskoba, to je kaplja cišste svjetlosti, vjecite vedrine. Kad i cijeli narodi i jezici pokušavaju doprijeti do dubine svijeta, u mitovima, kozmologiji i raznim religijama, ono posljednje i najviše što mogu dostici, to je ta vedrina. Sjecas li se starih Indijaca, naš je stari waldzellski ucitelj jednom o njima pricao: svijt patnje, razmišljanja, pokore, askeze; ali posljednja velika otkrica njegova duha bila su svijetla i vedra, vedar je smješak onih koji su preboljeli svijet i smješak Buddhe, vedri su likovi njegove dubokoumne mitologije."
Author: Hermann Hesse
20. "What is man, when you come to think upon him, but a minutely set, ingenious machine for turning, with infinite artfulness, the red wine of Shiraz into urine? You may even ask which is the more intense craving and pleasure: to drink or to make water. But in the meantime, what has been done? A song has been composed, a kiss taken, a slanderer slain, a prophet begotten, a righteous judgment given, a joke made. The world drank in the young story-teller Mira. He went to its head, he ran in its veins, he made it glow with warmth and color. Now I am on my way down a little; the effect has worn off. The world will soon be equally pleased to piss me out again, and I do not know but that I am pressing on a little myself. But the tales which I made—they shall last."
Author: Isak Dinesen
21. "Jedna polowa ludzi na swiecie nie potrafi zrozumiec, dlaczego drugiej polowie cos sprawia przyjemnosc."
Author: Jane Austen
22. "Si uno quiere descubrir cualidades realmente excepcionales en el carácter de un ser humano, debe tener el tiempo o la oportunidad de observar su comportamiento durante varios años. Si este comportamiento no es egoísta, si está presidido por una generosidad sin límites, si es tan obvio que no hay afán de recompensa, y además ha dejado una huella visible en la tierra, entonces no cabe equivocación posible."
Author: Jean Giono
23. "Ocevidno je da ne postoji nikakav smisao povijesti koji bi se dao spasiti ledima okrenutim prema Auschwitzu niti postoji Bog kojemu se covjek može klanjati leda okrenutih prema Auschwitzu. Kao teološko-politicka katastrofa Auschwitz ne ostavlja poštedenima niti kršcanstvo i njegovu teologiju niti društvo i njegovu politiku."
Author: Johann Baptist Metz
24. "So one can lose a good ideaby not writing it down, yet by losing it one can have it: it nourishes other asidesit knows nothing of, would not recognize itself in, yet when the negotiationsare terminated, speaks in the acts of that progenitor, and doesrecognize itself, is grateful for not having done so earlier."
Author: John Ashbery
25. "You live in a world at war. Spiritual attack must be a category you think in or you will misunderstand more than half of what happens in your marriage."
Author: John Eldredge
26. "La sombra se endureció. Oscureció su semblante. Bajó el rostro y la mirada. Cerró los párpados con rabia y dejó de mirar el fuego. Sintió cómo las llamas seguían ardiendo dentro de él. «Huye», se decía, «corre, teme al fuego, pero no importa donde vayas, no importa lo que hagas... Nada te salvará de ti, Gryal, contigo estarás toda tu vida»."
Author: Jordi Balaguer
27. "... que si antes de cada acción pudiésemos prever todas sus consecuencias, nos pusiésemos a pensar en ellas seriamente, primero en las consecuencias immediatas, después en las probables, más tarde las posibles, luego las imaginables, no llegaríamos siquiera a movernos de donde el primer pensamiento nos hubiera hecho detenernos."
Author: José Saramago
28. "Ciegos que, viendo, no ven."
Author: José Saramago
29. "You can't fix this,' she ground out.'That is not true. There is nothing anyone could hold over you that could not be overcome.''By what?' she demanded. 'Rainbows and sprites and the everlasting good wishes of your family? It won't work, Gregory. It won't. The Bridgertons may be powerful, but you cannot change the past, and you cannot bend the future to suit your whims ... You don't understand. You can't possibly. You are all so happy, so perfect.''We are not.''You are. You don't even know that you are, and you can't conceive that the rest of us are not, that we might struggle and try and be good and still not receive what we wish for."
Author: Julia Quinn
30. "...underneath their human guises, they looked like the typical faery - that is, no wings, scantily clad and kind of man-pretty like Orlando Bloom's Legolas..."
Author: Kevin Hearne
31. "Jake was close to tears. In that moment he saw the world in its true light, as a place where nothing had ever been any good and nothing of significance done: no art worth a second look, no philosophy of the slightest appositeness, no law but served the state, no history that gave an inkling of how it had been and what had happened. And no love, only egotism, infatuation and lust."
Author: Kingsley Amis
32. "We attribute to ourselves qualities that we do not possess because if we possessed them, our lives would exactly mirror our image of ourselves. Our lies about what is really happening in our lives are what we use to "patch up" our ego with rationalizations and justifications, all of which conceal from us the fact that we cannot really do anything because we have no Being."
Author: Laura Knight Jadczyk
33. "GENERAL STATEMENT FOR ALL CONCERNED: I do not wish you to be perturbed in any way by my current uncommunicative behaviour. I wish it to be known that I am not pursuing any friendships at the moment because I can not think of anything to say and I suspect I am bad for people. I am too egotistically involved in my own decay to focus on the troubles and triumphs of others..."
Author: Lucy Ellmann
34. "Gets blamed for a lot of things, does the weather. Convenient scapegoat, if you ask me."
Author: Martin Edwards
35. "But the modern critic not only permits a false practice: he absolutely prescribes false aims." A true allegory of the state of one's mind in a representative history," the poet is told, "is perhaps the highest thing that one can attempt in the way of poetry."
Author: Matthew Arnold
36. "Some little pieces of sand are so full of ego that they see themselves as a giant rock! But then the wind blows, the big ego flies in the air!"
Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
37. "Samo si mene imao, osim onih grobova kod kuce, sad više nikog nemamo ni ti ni ja, ti si mene izgubio prije nego ja tebe, ili možda nisi, možda si mislio da stojim pred ovom okovanom kapijom, kao što bi ti stajao zbog mene, možda si se do posljednjeg casa nadao da cu ti pomoci, i kamo srece da si mi toliko vjerovao, ne bi te uhvatio strah od konacne samoce, kad nas svi napuste. A ako si sve znao, neka mi Bog pomogne."
Author: Meša Selimović
38. "The gifts of fate come with a price. For those who have been favored by life's indulgence, rigorous respect in matters of beauty is a non-negotiable requirement. Language is a bountiful gift and its usage, an elaboration of community and society, is a sacred work. Language and usage evolve over time: elements change, are forgotten or reborn, and while there are instances where transgression can become the source of an even greater wealth, this does not alter the fact that to be entitled to the liberties of playfulness or enlightened misusage when using language, one must first and foremost have sworn one's total allegiance. Society's elect, those whom fate has spared from the servitude that is the lot of the poor, must, consequently, shoulder the double burden of worshipping and respecting the splendors of language."
Author: Muriel Barbery
39. "We are attempting to build, within our movement, non-exploitative ways of relating to one another based on trust and concern rather than political expediency. We have serious personal/political intentions in breaking down hierarchical and elitist structures, and for experimenting with leaderless groups and collective decision making. In dealing with the media these revolutionary principles and practices are destroyed. The media works to create leaders, it knows no way of relating to us on our own terms. Being interviewed and presented as a leader is a real ego trip--the media brings out the most counter-revolutionary traits in people. Elitism, dissension and division are the ultimate results."
Author: Nancy Ferro
40. "As a leader your job is to do everything in your power to create the perfect conditions for success by benching your ego and inspiring your team to play the game the right way. But at some point, you need to let go and turn yourself over to the basketball gods. The soul of success is surrendering to what is."
Author: Phil Jackson
41. "I do like children, but only as people. Not as if they're a special category."
Author: Quentin Blake
42. "Social networks do best when they tap into one of the seven deadly sins. Facebook is ego. Zynga is sloth. LinkedIn is greed."
Author: Reid Hoffman
43. "Strikers are egotists, selfish. We have to be."
Author: Romario
44. "How are you in the profession of protecting people without knowing who I am? I've been told I have one of the most recognizable faces in the world. (Aiden)Wow…just out of curiosity, when you go to bed at night, do you find yourself ousted off the mattress by that ego? (Leta)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
45. "I think we actually punish children out of their relationship with their bodies... we categorically separate mind and body and emotion and intellect."
Author: Susan Griffin
46. "The Archaic Revival is a clarion call to recover our birthright, however uncomfortable that may make us. It is a call to realize that life lived in the absence of the psychedelic experience upon which primordial shamanism is based is life trivialized, life denied, life enslaved to the ego and its fear of dissolution in the mysterious matrix of feeling that is all around us. It is in the Archaic Revival that our transcendence of the historical dilemma actually lies."
Author: Terence McKenna
47. "In order to get over the ethical difficulties presented by the naive naturalism of many parts of those Scriptures, in the divine authority of which he firmly believed, Philo borrowed from the Stoics (who had been in like straits in respect of Greek mythology), that great Excalibur which they had forged with infinite pains and skill—the method of allegorical interpretation. This mighty 'two-handed engine at the door' of the theologian is warranted to make a speedy end of any and every moral or intellectual difficulty, by showing that, taken allegorically or, as it is otherwise said, 'poetically' or, 'in a spiritual sense,' the plainest words mean whatever a pious interpreter desires they should mean."
Author: Thomas Henry Huxley
48. "Dobrze wiemy, ze odzwyczajenie sie i przyzwyczajenie do czegos nowego jest jedynym srodkiem, który utrzymuje nasze zycie, odswieza nasz zmysl czasu -- jedynym, dzieki któremu mozemy odmlodzic, wzmocnic, zwolnic nasze przezywanie czasu i tym samym odnowic nasze poczucie zycia w ogóle."
Author: Thomas Mann
49. "Nudien,labak vezis neka negodiga sirds. Ta nav svetuliba, tas ir vienkaršs aprekins. Vezis var tevi saest un var nesaest, bet negodiga sirds saedis uz galvošanu."
Author: Truman Capote
50. "Since the so-called Age of Enlightenment, our shaky anthropocentric, rationalist egos have been brainwashed to forget what 'primitive' cultures once understood: Animals can be manifestations of celestial beings in disguise; they possess supernatural abilities, and they can be our spiritual guides and healers."
Author: Zeena Schreck

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