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1. "Don't use your past as an excuse, excuse your excuses and take action now!!!"
Author: Bernard Kelvin Clive
2. "New Rule: Apple's next device must be a computer that you control with your tongue. Thanks for eliminating the keyboard and the mouse, but pointing and pushing at things already seems too complicated and tiring. We're Americans--and until you free our hands from the computer entirely, we can never attain our ultimate goal: Web surfing while eating and masturbating."
Author: Bill Maher
3. "I used to play works in progress to people, but now I wait 'til it's finished, because you make excuses all the time: 'Well, there's gonna be an orchestra on it.' Rather than make excuses, wait 'til it's finished, and then they can say they don't like it."
Author: Chris Lowe
4. "It's a source of great sadness to me that my father died without having seen me do anything worthwhile. He was constantly having to make excuses for me."
Author: Daniel Day Lewis
5. "We, as conservative intellectuals, should not be in the business of making excuses for bad parliamentary decisions by Republican leaders in Congress."
Author: David Frum
6. "I made my excuses and left, thinking, really, after a certain age, people are just going to do what they're going to do and you're either going to accept them as they are or you're not."
Author: Helen Fielding
7. "Doubt is like dye. Once it spread into the fabric of excuses you've woven, you'll never get rid of the stain."
Author: Jodi Picoult
8. "You can make EXCUSES and earn SYMPATHY,ORYou can make MONEY and earn ADMIRATION.The choice is always yours..."
Author: Manoj Arora
9. "The politics of partisanship and the resulting inaction and excuses have paralyzed decision-making, primarily at the federal level, and the big issues of the day are not being addressed, leaving our future in jeopardy."
Author: Michael Bloomberg
10. "I overlooked some obvious problems, made excuses for others."
Author: Nicholas Sparks
11. "It wasn't by eliminating the impossible that you got at the truth, however improbable; it was by the much harder process of eliminating the possibilities. You worked away, patiently asking questions and looking hard at things. You walked and talked, and in your heart you just hoped like hell that some bugger's nerve'd crack and he'd give himself up."
Author: Terry Pratchett
12. "The immature person makes excuses to avoid the responsibility of his own potential. -Wade D. Sadlier"
Author: Wade D. Sadlier

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Quotes About Eliminating Excuses
Quotes About Eliminating Excuses

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