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1. "Civilisation has ever accompanied emigration and conquest - the conflict of opinion, of religion, or of race."
Author: Alfred Russel Wallace
2. "... whichever of my friends was and is sensitive, touchy even, had to choose... emigration... and I emigrated inwardly, here to the pub for example..."
Author: Bohumil Hrabal
3. "On the subject of emigration, it is not my intention to dwell at any length."
Author: Charles Sturt
4. "How emigration is actually lived - well, this depends on many factors: education, economic station, language, where one lands, and what support network is in place at the site of arrival."
Author: Daniel Alarcon
5. "Die Emigration kann ein Zeichen der Stärke oder der Schwäche einer Nation sein."
Author: Ismail Kadaré
6. "Emigration, forced or chosen, across national frontiers or from village to metropolis, is the quintessential experience of our time."
Author: John Berger
7. "It is a simple logic truth that, short of mass emigration into space, with rockets taking off at the rate of several million per second, uncontrolled birth-rates are bound to lead to horribly increased death –rates. It is hard to believe that this simple truth is not understood by those leaders who forbid their followers to use effective contraceptive methods. They express a preference for ‘natural' methods of population limitation, and a natural method is exactly what they are going to get. It is called starvation."
Author: Richard Dawkins
8. "Emigration is no longer a solution; it's a defeat. People are risking death, drowning every day, but they're knocking on doors that are not open."
Author: Tahar Ben Jelloun
9. "A great emigration necessarily implies unhappiness of some kind or other in the country that is deserted."
Author: Thomas Malthus
10. "This necessity, like a gravitating power, would soon form our newly arrived emigrants into society, the reciprocal blessing of which, would supersede, and render the obligations of law and government unnecessary while they remained perfectly just to each other; but as nothing but heaven is impregnable to vice, it will unavoidably happen, that in proportion as they surmount the first difficulties of emigration, which bound them together in a common cause, they will begin to relax in their duty and attachment to each other; and this remissness, will point out the necessity, of establishing some form of government to supply the defect of moral virtue."
Author: Thomas Paine
11. "Migration - whether emigration or return - at the micro level is an individual choice, and government both at the Centre and the states have role only to facilitate the decision of the individuals."
Author: Vayalar Ravi

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