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1. "... Emilia'nin her türlü kusurdan arinmis oldugunu düsünüyordum ve benim de ona öyle göründügümü varsayiyordum. Ya da belki ben onun kusurlarini, o da benimkileri görüyordu ama ask duygusunun ürettigi gizemli bir dönüsüm nedeniyle bu kusurlar bize sadece bagislanabilir degil, ayni zamanda sevilebilir görünüyordu; bunlar sanki kusur degil, türünün özel bir örnegi olsa bile birer nitelikti. Her neyse, biz birbirimizi yargilamiyor, seviyorduk."
Author: Alberto Moravia
2. "I adore you, Emilia Ward, let me worship you and I will be your dog, your slave… anything you want. Just don't leave me."
Author: Amanda Lance
3. "–Los hombres son así desde que nacen –le comentó a su hija Emilia mientras la acomodaba en su cesta–. Quieren todo, pero no lo saben pedir."
Author: Ángeles Mastretta
4. "Love and light will always win against hatred and darkness, Emilia. It may take years, generations even but it always eventually will. Always."
Author: Bella Forrest
5. "Emilia typed in her password and checked her inbox. A review by the Secretariat de Gobernación of drug cartel activities across Mexico. A report of a robbery in Acapulco's poorest barrio neighborhood that would probably never be investigated. Notice of a reward for a child kidnapped in Ixtapa who was almost certainly dead by now. Her phone rang. It was the desk sergeant saying that a Señor Rooker wished to see her. Emilia avoided Rico's eye as she said, yes, the sergeant could let el señor pass into the detectives' area.A minute later Rucker was standing by her desk, sweat beaded on his forehead. The starched collar of his shirt was damp. "There's a head," he said breathlessly. "Someone's head in a bucket on the hood of my car."
Author: Carmen Amato
6. "Tampoco dice nada doña Carmen Bravo, a lo que he podido ver, de cuando doña Emilia Pardo Bazán se quitaba la dentadura postiza para hacerle mejores oficios a Perez-Galdós o a don Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, que ahí no llega mi erudición de monaguillo sobre el naturalismo español."
Author: Francisco Umbral
7. "Meredith,' interposed Celia, 'makes one of his women, Emilia in England, say that poetry is like talking on tiptoe; like animals in cages, always going to one end and back again."
Author: Harold Frederic
8. "-Emilia -dice, y cuando lo hace, me calienta hasta el alma-. Cada día me salvas."
Author: Katja Millay
9. "And maybe I'm a liar and I do need it, because being kissed by Josh Bennett is kind of like being saved. It's a promise and a memory of the future and a book of better stories.When he stops, I'm still here, and he's still looking at me like he can't believe I am, and I want to keep that look forever."Emilia," he says, and when he does, it warms me to my soul. "Every day you save me."
Author: Katja Millay
10. "'Othello' was my first Shakespearean discovery. I was obsessed with drama at school, and I studied the play for my English GCSE. Desdemona is the part that everyone wants, but Iago's wife Emilia is the one I've always been drawn to."
Author: Michelle Dockery
11. "Polybius managed to attach himself to the clan and person of Scipio Aemilianus, grandson of one of the two losing consuls at Cannae,"
Author: Robert L. O'Connell

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