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1. "But, Eminem... No, I've loved rap for a long time, especially when it got out of its first period and became this gangsta rap, ya know this heavy rap thing? That's when I started to fall in love with it. I loved the lyrics. I loved the beat."
Author: Alan Vega
2. "You're gonna laugh when I tell you this, man, but I'm starting to enjoy Eminem."
Author: Alan Vega
3. "That's something - you laugh about Eminem... It's funny, man, because I didn't like him when he first came out, ya know. It seemed like a big joke. But I think the guy's for real, and I like his lyrics!"
Author: Alan Vega
4. "Dans les épaisseurs de la nuit sèche et froide, des milliers d'étoiles se formaient sans trêve et leurs glaçons étincelants, aussitôt détachés, commençaient de glisser insensiblement vers l'horizon. Janine ne pouvait s'arracher à la contemplation de ces feux à la dérive. Elle tournait avec eux et le même cheminement immobile la réunissait peu à peu à son être le plus profond, où le froid et le désir maintenant se combattaient. Devant elle, les étoiles tombaient, une à une, puis s'éteignaient parmi les pierres du désert, et à chaque fois Janine s'ouvrait un peu plus à la nuit. Elle respirait, elle oubliait le froid, le poids des êtres, la vie démente ou figée, la longue angoisse de vivre et de mourir."
Author: Albert Camus
5. "La tristesse est une complication. Jamais je ne cherchais à analyser mon bonheur. ... Et je me demande à present si c'est bien le bonheur que je souhaite ou plutôt l'acheminement vers le bonheur."
Author: André Gide
6. "I dont know what? all this hate is about?Tupac? started book of rap,Eminem finished it,Macklemore bought it for 99 cents"
Author: Auliq Ice
7. "[Malcolm X] avait formulé un jour, le voeu que le sang blanc qui coulait en lui (...) soit expurgé. (...) Mais en ce qui me concernait, je savais que dans mon cheminement vers le respect de moi-même, jamais je ne pourrais réduire mon propre sang blanc au rang de pure abstraction. Car que supprimerais-je en moi par la même occasion, si je devais laisser ma mère et mes grands-parents à la frontière d'un territoire inexploré ?"
Author: Barack Obama
8. "You actually can make it, no matter what. I truly am a firm believer in that. Eminem's living proof."
Author: Brittany Murphy
9. "I've never met Eminem; you don't meet Eminem. He has his own secret service."
Author: Chance The Rapper
10. "I love Eminem, I love Moby. Why can't we just be friends?"
Author: Chris Kirkpatrick
11. "Everybody in the '80s, well, we hate rap. Now, the biggest rapper in the world... Eminem. Rap's a black thing."
Author: Chubby Checker
12. "At first, I was just trying to sound like DOOM and Eminem, and then I dug out my own voice, I guess."
Author: Earl Sweatshirt
13. "I think YouTube has destroyed the genre barrier. People can be into Justin Bieber and Eminem at the same time. It's a good thing."
Author: Ed Sheeran
14. "There are many collaborations I'd like to explore. One is to co-write a rap concerto with Eminem."
Author: Evelyn Glennie
15. "Listening to Eminem makes me feel like a badass. Or at least as though I have the potential for badassery. I mean, the way he sings, it's like he'd probably punch out a puppy if it looked at him wrong. Obviously I'm not glorifying animal cruelty here, I'm just saying, I could use some of that attitude."
Author: Hannah Harrington
16. "I'm a hard-mouthed northeastern lad. That's me - the Eminem of Northeast England."
Author: Jamie Bell
17. "Lula had Eminem cranked up. He was rapping about trailer park girls and how they go round the outside, and I was wondering what the heck that meant. I'm a white girl from Trenton. I don't know these things. I need a rapcheat sheet."
Author: Janet Evanovich
18. "But it all came, and for me, hip-hop has done more for racial divide and racial sort of bringing together than anything in the last 30 years. Seeing people like Eminem sounding like somebody like Jay-Z and just the racial aspects of it all."
Author: Michael Rapaport
19. "You have to think outside the box! Can you imagine One Direction and Eminem?! That would be hilarious."
Author: Niall Horan
20. "When I was six, I entered a talent contest. I dyed my hair blond, had a chainsaw and pretended I was Eminem. The old folk weren't expecting that."
Author: Nico Mirallegro
21. "Eminem is more like a friend. And I'm also a fan on Eminem."
Author: Obie Trice
22. "I'm just going to do me; I'm not trying to do the Eminem thing, the D12 thing or the 50 thing."
Author: Obie Trice
23. "Well, Eminem, you know, I know him longer. Ive been signed to his label since 2001 and he's a good friend."
Author: Obie Trice
24. "Where's Eminem, when is Em coming out, Em this, Em that, 50 this, 50 that... What about Obie?"
Author: Obie Trice
25. "I'm a hip-hop guy, and the first time I heard Eminem was in '96. He was on a record with Shabban Siddiq. I was like, 'Who is this guy? He's dope!' First album came out: awesome. Second album came out: awesome. Third album, I was like, 'Eh.' He started to get really successful. He wasn't 'mine' anymore."
Author: Russell Peters
26. "Eminem's 'Lose Yourself' is my go-to song to pump myself up if I'm having a tough time or if I get really nervous right before a speech."
Author: Sara Blakely
27. "I love Nicki Minaj, Eminem, Katy Perry. They are all about being themselves and I love that."
Author: Selena Gomez
28. "Putting out a debut album is a bit scary - I want it to be just right, so I took some extra time to finish it. Eminem's increased involvement has been such a blessing; I'm getting guidance from an artist I really admire and trust."
Author: Skylar Grey
29. "I have periods where I listen to regular rap, Jay-Z, Eminem and Lil Wayne. The next day I might have some Christian alternative music. The next day I have on some dance music. It all varies what I listen to."
Author: Steve Blake
30. "The word we have in Korea for K-Pop is 'Gaio.' And I guess it's a huge umbrella term. Basically it's like saying Coldplay and Kanye West, or Eminem and Celine Dion, are the same genre."
Author: Tablo
31. "After reading Eminem's autobiography, which I did because I'm so interested in him as an artist, I respect him a lot. Even though he seems angry and mad, he's had to fight so many demons in his life."
Author: Taryn Manning
32. "I think Eminem should use Auto-Tune."
Author: T Pain

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