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1. "Your anger and emotional outbursts usually result when someone penetrates to the core of what you do not like about yourself or still cannot accept."
Author: Bill George Peter Sims
2. "Ah! Indeed but! But he consumes too much spice, eats it like candy. Look at his eyes! He might have come directly from the Arrakeen labor pool. Efficient, Piter, but he's still emotional and prone to passionate outbursts. Efficient, Piter, but he still can err. -Baron Vladimir"
Author: Frank Herbert
3. "IN PERSIA I SAW that poetry is meant to be set to music & chanted or sung--for one reason alone--because it works.A right combination of image & tune plunges the audience into a hal (something between emotional/aesthetic mood & trance of hyperawareness), outbursts of weeping, fits of dancing--measurable physical response to art. For us the link between poetry & body died with the bardic era--we read under the influence of a cartesian anaesthetic gas."
Author: Hakim Bey
4. "It's a treat to portray a complex character. Besides... where else could I find a job where emotional outbursts and odd exclamations like 'Egad!', 'Narf!', 'Poit!', 'Splonk!' and 'Zort!' are allowed?"
Author: Rob Paulsen
5. "I just know once you're over your emotional outbursts, you'll come up with-'I mean if we even had a wheelbarrow, that would be something,' Westley said."
Author: William Goldman

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Quotes About Emotional Outbursts
Quotes About Emotional Outbursts
Quotes About Emotional Outbursts

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