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1. "For in eating of the forbidden fruit our first parents committed an act of theft. Is it not then something more than a coincidence that we find a "thief" (yea, two thieves) connected with the second Tree also?"
Author: Arthur W. Pink
2. "It was good for us, I suppose. Those kinds of times produce qualities in us that make us better for having had them. My parents were not getting along. My mother was quite intolerant of friendships that were being developed."
Author: Fay Wray
3. "As I grow older and meet more and more people, I realise how lucky I am to have had a stable family environment. Both my parents had loving families but unstable upbringings, so they wanted us to have a more stable situation."
Author: Jamie Cullum
4. "I've inherited a sense of that loss from my parents because it was so palpable all the time while I was growing up, the sense of what my parents had sacrificed in moving to the United States, and yet at the same time, building a life here and all that that entailed."
Author: Jhumpa Lahiri
5. "I've found it easier to write, to coalesce my thoughts, since having children. It brings you back to what you experienced yourself as a child, and you empathize with what your parents went through."
Author: Jill Hennessy
6. "Sometimes his life felt like a Venn diagram, a series of overlapping circles, each with their disconnects. He could share Mac with Ben, his godson. He could discuss Ben with Sabrina. He could talk to his parents about Sabrina and his work. He could talk about work with Mac. He didn't talk about Marty with anyone."
Author: Kaje Harper
7. "Weird it showed it me that when I've had so many other awful things happen directly to me," I said beginning to tick them off my fingers. "Elodie getting killed, having to kill Alice, escaping a burning building with the help of a ghost..." And then because both my parents looked so deflated I added, "Oh, and this really heinous pageboy haircut in the sixth grade."
Author: Rachel Hawkins
8. "My parents are amazing, but when I was like, 'Well, I'm going to be an actress,' and they're all doctors, that wasn't the best and easiest thing to do. I'm sure that I probably went through a year period when I wasn't telling them exactly what I was doing. But that's going to evolve."
Author: Reshma Shetty
9. "But wasn't there some sort of rule that said parents had to be smarter than their kids? It didn't seem fair."
Author: Ruta Sepetys

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Quotes About Empowering Parents

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