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1. "Tis better people think you a fool, then open your mouth and erase all doubt."
Author: Abraham Lincoln
2. "Cansada del estruendo mágico de las vocalesCansada de inquirir con los ojos elevadosCansada de la espera del yo de pasoCansada de aquel amor que no sucedióCansada de mis pies que sólo saben caminarCansada de la insidiosa fuga de preguntasCansada de dormir y de no poder mirarmeCansada de abrir la boca y beber el vientoCansada de sostener las mismas víscerasCansada del mar indiferente a mis angustias"
Author: Alejandra Pizarnik
3. "I'm so happy that I finished college. Going into this crazy vortex of scrutiny is tough. If I was younger than I was now and I was going to fashion shows, I might have this distorted sense of self. I might rely on those cameras. Because when I was 18, I was half-baked."
Author: Allison Williams
4. "Sekarang, aku belajar satu hal; aku tidak perlu pergi jauh-jauh untuk menemukan apa yang aku cari. Karena orang yang kucari selama ini sudah berdiri setia di sampingku, menanti kepastian, tapi aku sempat tidak menyadarinya. Aku menyayangimu, dan perasaan ini jauh lebih kuat dari cinta."
Author: Alvi Syahrin
5. "Persahabatan sangat diperlukan dalam hidup, karena tanpa sahabat hidup terasa hambar, walau pun kita memiliki kekayaan dan kemasyhuran."
Author: Aristotle
6. "Begitulah, tapi kalau manusia sama sekali tidak pernah merasa putus asa, kita tidak akan tahu bagian mana dari diri kita yang tidak sanggup kita singkirkan. Lalu kita akan tumbuh dewasa tanpa benar-benar mengerti apa saja yang bisa membuat kita gembira. Aku bahagia karena bisa menderita"
Author: Banana Yoshimoto
7. "At the same time he could hardly believe what he had been reading. It struck him as verging on madness. This wild confession, this owing to a crime so outlandish, so totally different from the true ones of mating and theft of the negroes, outraged him with its insolence and perversity. In the conflict of these feelings Erasmus was swept by doubt and loneliness. His whole being seemed under threat of dissolution. What became of law, of legitimacy, of established order, if a man could assume such attitudes of private morality, decide for himself where his fault lay? It turned everything upside down. He could think of nothing more damnable. And yet… He remembered suddenly the second, rarer smile his cousin had, the one that came slowly, transforming his face. Briefly, unwillingly, Erasmus glimpsed the possibility of freedom."
Author: Barry Unsworth
8. "But no one may know the shape of the tale in which they move. And, perhaps, we do not truly know which sort of beast it is, either. Stories have a way of changing faces. They are unruly things, undisciplined, given to delinquency and the throwing of erasers. This is why we must close them up into thick, solid books, so they cannot get out and cause trouble."
Author: Catherynne M. Valente
9. "Orang yang merasa dirinya manusia paling bahagia, memang ia manusia yang paling bahagia."
Author: Charles Caleb Colton
10. "They are Man's and they cling to me, appealing from their fathers. This boy is Ignorance and this girl is Want. Beware them both, and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy for on his brow I see that written which is Doom, unless the writing be erased."
Author: Charles Dickens
11. "To be able to make a good living in a challenging medium like soap operas is great. The best is that I get to act and am rewarded for it. And the people I work with are great. Funny, intelligent, hard working. They're all great to be around."
Author: David Canary
12. "Keheningan seakan memiliki jantung. Denyutnya terasa satu-satu, membawa apa yang tak terucap. Sejenak berayun di udara, lalu bagaikan gelombang air bisikan itu mengalir, sampai akhirnya berlabuh di hati."
Author: Dee
13. "Perasaan bukan mainan, juga bukan kertas yang mudah dikoyak, diremuk sesuka hati..."
Author: Dodi Prananda
14. "Si tuvieras que elegir entre la cordura, tu vida tal como la recuerdas, antes que la verdadera inestabilidad, ¿qué elegirías como manera adecuada para vivir de un estudioso?"
Author: Elizabeth Kostova
15. "I'm the girl who is lost in space, the girl who is disappearing always, forever fading away and receding farther and farther into the background. Just like the Cheshire cat, someday I will suddenly leave, but the artificial warmth of my smile, that phony, clownish curve, the kind you see on miserably sad people and villains in Disney movies, will remain behind as an ironic remnant. I am the girl you see in the photograph from some party someplace or some picnic in the park, the one who is in fact soon to be gone. When you look at the picture again, I want to assure you, I will no longer be there. I will be erased from history, like a traitor in the Soviet Union. Because with every day that goes by, I feel myself becoming more and more invisible..."
Author: Elizabeth Wurtzel
16. "History written in pencil is easily erased, but crayon is forever."
Author: Emilie Autumn
17. "Semoga Tuhan mendekatkan semua rahasia perasaan pada jawabannya."
Author: Fahd Djibran
18. "Tuhan...tolonglah kami, agar berusaha lebih keras untuk memahami daripada dipahami."
Author: Francis Of Assisi
19. "Vedea în fata sa fiinta pe care si-o alesese ca sa mearga alaturi de el pe drumul viitorului si se grabea, ca sa zicem asa, sa i se destainuie. Se prea poate ca exagerase mult în privinta Sofiei Matveevna, dar o si desemnase în gând aleasa lui. Nu se putea lipsi de prezenta unei femei. Îsi dadea seama el însusi, dupa expresia chipului ei, ca dânsa aproape ca nu-l întelege deloc si nici macar esentialul din ce spunea el."
Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky
20. "There's four biggies. There was Elizabeth I, George III, Victoria, and the current queen, who really dominated four eras."
Author: Geoffrey Rush
21. "Given my antipathy for the paparazzi, she thinks it's hysterical that I'm so attached to my cameras. But to me, what I do is the anti-paparazzi. TMZsters want to capture surface. If a picture's in focus, it's great. My goal is to capture what the surface is hiding. There's a story behind every face, every landscape, every still life. There's a soul in every subject, and when my camera and I are really speaking, really working together properly, we can capture it."
Author: Hilary Duff
22. "Ada saatnya kita harus merasakan sakit karena dikecewakan. Tapi percayalah, akan datang bahagia berlipat sebagai gantinya."
Author: Irin Sintriana
23. "I believe the causes that create them [serial killers] are theological in nature, rather than societal. I believe they make a conscious choice to erase God's thumbprint from their souls."
Author: James Lee Burke
24. "As the blood poured from his tattered heart into the open air and his brain suffocated, all those incomplete thoughts of Wittgenstein decayed with the dying neurons. Neural connections in the gray matter storing memories and ideas in their ordered configurations fired across the gaps, last gaps of mental life. Thoughts on Truth and Will were erased as flesh sloshed soft and limp against alabaster, no more than rotting human fruit."
Author: Janna Levin
25. "¿Sabes que? No me importa lo que pienses o lo que quieras. La única forma en que me iré sin Olivia es si me arrastan fuera de aquí. Y me gustaría verte intentarlo."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
26. "God is more powerful than anybody's past, no matter how wretched. He can make us forget - not by erasing the memory but by taking the sting and paralyzing effect out of it"
Author: Jim Cymbala
27. "Lo que yo quiero, corazón cobarde,es que mueras por mí.Y morirme contigo si te matasy matarme contigo si te mueresporque el amor cuando no muere mataporque amores que matan nunca mueren."
Author: Joaquín Sabina
28. "Jarak itu sebenarnya tak pernah ada. Pertemuan dan perpisahan dilahirkan oleh perasaan"
Author: Joko Pinurbo
29. "—Estás despierto, despierto de verdad.Asiente y dice:—Más o menos.—Me alegro de que hayas vuelto. —Y es verdad, no cabe en sí de felicidad—. ¡Has vuelto de veras!—Nunca me fui.—Me salvaste en el río.—Y tú a mí aquí."
Author: Julianna Baggott
30. "Anna está descendiendo sobre mí, bajando las escaleras sin tomar pasos. Arrastra horriblemente los pies como si no pudiera utilizarlos en absoluto. Venas oscuras y de color púrpura cortan a través de su pálida piel blanca. Su pelo es un tono menos negro, y se mueve a través del aire como si estuviera suspendida en el agua, serpenteando detrás y a la deriva como juncos. Es la única cosa sobre ella que parece viva."
Author: Kendare Blake
31. "Cannot admit that darkness exists because humanity itself exists, and that to erase one, you erase the other."
Author: Keri Arthur
32. "Humanists were people who wanted to return to ideas found in old Greek and Latin writing of Greece and Rome, written many centuries earlier. Christian Humanists also wanted to get back to these ideas, but they were mainly concerned with learning about the early Christian Church, before it had become involved with money-making and superstition. They wanted to read the books of the early Church, especially the gospels of Christ, in the original language of Greek, so that they would know exactly what the writings meant. The leader of the Christian Humanists was Desiderius Erasmus (1466-1536), who attacked superstitions in the Catholic Church in his writing."
Author: Michael A. Mullett
33. "Your eyes are not really windows through which you look out into the world. Your eyes are cameras that send electronic images of the world into you."
Author: Michael A. Singer
34. "En términos generales, la capacidad del parque para controlar la diseminación de las formas de vida. Porque la historia de la evolución es que la vida escapa a todas las barreras. La vida evade los encierros. La vida se expande a nuevos territorios. De manera dolorosa, quizá hasta peligrosa, pero la vida encuentra el modo. No pretendo filosofar, pero así son las cosas."
Author: Michael Crichton
35. "Once, lovers on faraway shores sat by candlelight and dipped ink to parchment, writing words that could not be erased. They took an evening to compose their thoughts, maybe the next evening as well."
Author: Mitch Albom
36. "Don't most astrophysicists now predict some "end of the line" - an end to it all? Not just the death of things, but the annihilation of everything. Some great contraction, or collapse. Or, perhaps, some vast dissipation into eternal emptiness. Maybe it's all swallowed up by an immense black hole, which then swallows itself. But, whatever the case, their extinction is inevitable and absolute. So complete as to erase any and all evidence that this reality - this existence - ever took place. So complete that, perhaps, for all intents and purposes, it never really did. (attrib: F.L. Vanderson)"
Author: Mort W. Lumsden
37. "When my children were born, I didn't have them baptized because I felt baptism was about erasing Original Sin - something the Church said children got from their mother - and I absolutely refused to believe women carry Original Sin."
Author: Olympia Dukakis
38. "Cerró los ojos y en los labios sintió sus labios calientes, y en las mejillas sus lágrimas, que quizá no eran suyas, y en la cabeza sus manos ligeras, sujetándosela y conteniendo los pensamientos, confinándolos en el espacio que ya no existía entre ellos."
Author: Paolo Giordano
39. "Dan dengan tidak terasa umur manusia pun lenyap sedetik demi sedetik ditelan siang dan malam. Tapi masalah-masalah manusia tetap muda seperti waktu, Di mana pun juga dia menyerbu ke dalam kepala dan dada manusia, kadang-kadang ia pergi lagi dan di tinggalkannya kepala dan dada itu kosong seperti langit. (Bukan Pasar Malam, 68)"
Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
40. "The average pencil is seven inches long, with just a half-inch eraser - in case you thought optimism was dead."
Author: Robert Brault
41. "Atau, apakah didunia ini sebetulnya seperti didalam amplop ya Sukab, dimana kita tidak tahu apa yang berada di luar diri kita, dimana kita merasa hidup penuh dengan makna padahal yang menonton kita tertawa-tawa sambil berkata, "Ah, kasihan betul manusia." Apakah begitu Sukab, kamu yang suka berkhayal barangkali tahu."
Author: Seno Gumira Ajidarma
42. "Matahari kalah terang dengan hatinya,Bulan kalah indah dengan senyumannya,Air kalah jernih dengan jiwanya,Bumi kalah subur dengan amalnya,Langit kalah cerah dengan akhlaknya,Batu kalah keras dengan imannya,Dan aku pun kalah hati kepadanya."
Author: Siti Khadijah Bashir 2010
43. "Life would be a lot easier if conversations were rewindable and erasable, like videos."
Author: Sophie Kinsella
44. "Dalam sebuah skenario infiltrasi ide jangan pernah peduli dengan latar belakang lawan biacara kalian. Konsep egaliter menemukan tempat sebenar-benarnya. Bahkan termasuk ketika kalian wawancara pekerjaan misalnya. Sekali kalian merasa sebagai "orang yang mencari pekerjaan" sementara mereka yang menyeleksi adalah "orang yang memegang leher masa depan kalian," tidak akan pernah ada dialog yang sejajar, pantas, dan mengesankan."
Author: Tere Liye
45. "Orang yang memendam perasaan sering kali terjebak oleh hatinya sendiri. Sibuk merangkai semua kejadian disekitarnya untuk membenarkan hatinya berharap. Sibuk menghubungkan banyak hal agar hatinya senang menimbun mimpi. Sehingga suatu ketika dia tidak tahu lagi mana simpul yang nyata dan mana simpul yang dusta."
Author: Tere Liye
46. "Cinta bukan sekedar memaafkan. cinta bukan sekedar soal menerima apa adanya. cinta adalah harga diri. cinta adalah rasionalitas sempurna.Jika kau memahami cinta adalah perasaan irasional, sesuatu yang tidak masuk akal, tidak butuh penjelasan, maka cepat atau lambat, luka itu akan kembali menganga. kau dengan mudah membenarkan apapun yang terjadi di hati, tanpa tahu, tanpa memberikan kesempatan berpikir bahwa itu boleh jadi karena kau tidak mampu mengendalikan perasaan tersebut. tidak lebih, tidak kurang"
Author: Tere Liye
47. "Apakah cinta sejati itu? Apakah ia sebentuk perasaan yang tidak bisa dibagi lagi? Apakah ia sejenis kata akhir sebuah perasaan? Tidak akan bercabang? Tidak akan membelah diri lagi? Titik? Penghabisan? Bukankah lazim seseorang jatuh cinta lagi padahal sebelumya sudah berjuta kali bilang ke pasangan - pasangan lamanya, "Ia adalah cinta sejatiku!"
Author: Tere Liye
48. "One time I listened to Farmer give a talk on HIV to a class at the Harvard School of Public Health, and in the midst of reciting data, he mentioned the Haitian phrase "looking for life, destroying life," Then he explained, "It's an expression Haitians use if a poor woman selling mangoes falls off a truck and dies." I felt as if for that moment I could see a little way into his mind, It seemed like a place of hyperconnectivity, At moments like that, I thought that what he wanted was to erase both time and geography, connecting all parts of his life and tying them instrumentally to a world in which he saw intimate, inescapable connections between the gleaming corporate offices of Paris and New York and a legless man lying on the mud floor of a hut in the remotest part of remote Haiti. Of all the world's errors, he seemed to feel, the most fundamental was the "erasing" of people, the "hiding away" of suffering. "My big struggle is how people can not care, erase, not remember."
Author: Tracy Kidder
49. "Ledakan ilmu yang dikatakan berlaku masa kini sebenarnya lebih tepat disifatkan sebagai ledakan maklumat kerana dalam banyak hal maklumat yang pelbagai dan kadang-kadang saling bertentangan itu bukan sahaja tidak bermakna, malah lebih banyak menimbulkan kekeliruan. Maklumat yang tidak benar, walaupun mungkin bermakna besar kepada pemiliknya bukanlah ilmu, tetapi sekadar perasaan (dugaan), syak, atau zan. Perasaan (atau dugaan), syak dan zan atau gejala lain yang anti-ilmu akan hancur jika ditentangi oleh ilmu."
Author: Wan Mohd Nor Wan Daud
50. "Bagiku, hujan menyimpan senandung liar yang membisikan 1001 kisah.Tiap tetesnya yang merdu berbisik lembut, menyuarakan nyanyian alam yang membuatku rindu mengendus bau tanah basah.Bulir-bulir yang jatuh menapak diatas daun, mengalir lurus menyisakan sebaris air di dedaunan.Sejuk, mirip embun.Hidup seperti ini.Aku bisa merasakan senja yang bercampur bau tanah basah sepeninggal hujan.Seperti kanvas putih yang tersapu warna-warna homogen indah.Dentingan sisa-sisa titik hujan di atas atap terasa seperti seruling alam yang bisa membuatku memejamkan mata.Melodi hidup, aku menyebutnya seperti itu.Saat semua ketenangan bisa kudapatkan tanpa harus memikirkan apa pun."
Author: Yoana Dianika

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