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1. "Please, never tell me what 'horror erotica' is. Real #art is being lost in a bizarre swamp of over-processed, sexually exploitative garbage."
Author: Amaya Ellman
2. "Today, it's possible to read both erotica and books written for children without fear of social castigation."
Author: Amelia Gray
3. "Touching wasn't orchestrated or choreographed to fulfill the requirements of foreplay. It was an event all its own. And it was erotically chaste, tender, and telling."
Author: Amy Harmon
4. "I gathered poets around me and we all wrote beautiful erotica. As we were condemned to focus only on sensuality, we had violent explosions of poetry. Writing erotica became a road to sainthood rather than to debauchery."
Author: Anaïs Nin
5. "People who label erotica writers as sluts/men-whores remind me of the mob that once condemned smart women as witches. Mankind has not evolved much."
Author: Anna Bayes
6. "Writing Vampire Erotica is like writing sex scenes for porcupines."
Author: Benjamin R. Smith
7. "When I wrote erotica I had a fascination with the word abdomen. I also, in my smutty days liked the word 'turgid.' it sounded much more dirty than 'hard."
Author: Benjamin R. Smith
8. "In fact I have a full page warning, right in the front of the book, that no one under the age of eighteen should read this book and no one should even turn the pages if they are sexually conservative or erotically deprived."
Author: Burt Ward
9. "[W]hat upset grownups of both sexes about Elvis' performance was that he had broken the deepest taboo of all. He used his body as rhythmically and erotically and seductively as a woman--that was the forbidden territory he had entered. It was not only repulsive and offensive--it was nauseating--the word most used. It was an attack on male dignity.The kids, however, not yet grown into the stereotypes of gender, saw in him an exhilarating physical freedom."
Author: Elaine Dundy
10. "Pasiunea pentru sfintenie înlocuieste alcoolul în aceeasi masura ca muzica. Tot asa, erotica si poezia. Forme diferite ale uitarii, perfect substituibile. Betivii, sfintii, îndragostitii si poetii se afla initial la aceeasi distanta de cer sau, mai bine zis, de pamînt. Numai caile difera, desi toti sînt pe cale sa nu mai fie oameni."
Author: Emil Cioran
11. "For [erotically intelligent couples], love is a vessel that contains both security and adventure, and commitment offers one of the great luxuries of life: time. Marriage is not the end of romance, it is the beginning. They know that they have years in which to deepen their connection, to experiment, to regress, and even to fail. They see their relationship as something alive and ongoing, not a fait accompli. It's a story that they are writing together, one with many chapters, and neither partner knows how it will end. There's always a place they haven't gone yet, always something about the other still to be discovered."
Author: Esther Perel
12. "An editor asked me what led me to write erotica. I replied, "A dirty mind, excess words, and an overactive sacral chakra."
Author: Fierce Dolan
13. "Erotica is using a feather; pornograpy is using the whole chicken."
Author: Isabel Allende
14. "Singling out "women's fiction" for genre derision never fails to piss me off. Somehow worse when women do it. Case in pt: Editor says crowd-sourcing editorial for romance & erotica not bad idea b/c "no great artistry at stake" Yes, genre fiction not high art. But it's a craft we take seriously, writing for love of storytelling, not writing whatever sells."
Author: Kelley Armstrong
15. "If you haven't developed morals by the time you start reading erotica, it's probably too late."
Author: Kitty Thomas
16. "Living erotically is opening oneself up to nature-- externally and within."
Author: Kristie LeVangie
17. "This gown, is it cut from shadow?" the general asked. "I can barely feel it between my fingers."Not for want of trying, thought Madrigal."Perhaps it is a reflection of the night sky," he suggested, "skimmed from a pond?"She supposed that he was being poetic. erotic, even. In return, as unerotically as possible- more like complaining of a stain that wouldn't come out-she said, "Yes, my lord. I went for a dip, and the reflection clung."
Author: Laini Taylor
18. "What is classical music if not the epitome of sensuality, passion, and understated erotica that popular music, even with all of its energy and life, cannot even begin to touch?"
Author: Lara St. John
19. "Erik Erikson has commented: Potentially creative men like (Bernard) Shaw build the personal fundament of their work during a self-decreed moratorium, during which they often starve themselves, socially, erotically, and, at last but not least, nutritionally, in order to let the grosser weeds die out, and make way for the growth of their inner garden."
Author: Lewis Hyde
20. "Although erotica authors are being targeted, this is an issue that should concern all indie authors. It affects indies disproportionately because indies are the ones pushing the boundaries of fiction. Indies are the ones out there publishing without the (fading) protective patina of a "traditional publisher" to lend them legitimacy. We indies only have each other."
Author: Mark Coker
21. "The lover of excellence is prone to being drawn out of himself, erotically almost, in a way that the universalist egalitarian is not. The latter's empathy, projected from afar and without discrimination, is more principled than attentive. It is similar to bad art and mathematical shoelaces, in this regard; it is content to posit rather than to see the humanity of its beneficiaries."
Author: Matthew B. Crawford
22. "In my early teens, I heard about Naked Lunch and its mutating typewriters and talking cockroaches. While I would hardly classify its dystopic vision as erotica now, at the time, Naked Lunch was my first foray into consuming smut. It was because of Burroughs that I knew about the particular musk that blooms when a rectum is penetrated, and that death-by-hanging produces spontaneous trouser tents. The first Burroughs I read was Naked Lunch, but I buried myself in a few of his stories, and thus the arc of my recollection is just as non-linear as his narrative."
Author: Peter Dubé
23. "When people say, ‘But what is acceptable in erotica?' I sometimes answer them by saying: there are certain taboos and limits in writing about sex as a positive, enjoyable, blissful, exciting activity. There are no taboos and limits whatsoever to describing the same sexual activities if they are traumatic, horrible, full of suffering and disgust. You can describe anything."
Author: Senta Holland
24. "Blomkvist had indeed had many brief relationships. He knew he was reasonably good-looking, but he had never considered himself exceptionally attractive. But he had often been told that he had something that made women interested in him . . .that he radiated self-confidence and security at the same time, that he had the ability to make women feel at ease. Going to bed with him was not threatening or complicated, but it might be erotically enjoyable. And that, according to Blomkvist, was as it should be."
Author: Stieg Larsson
25. "I'm writing a new book right now that is like an erotica manifesto."
Author: Susie Bright
26. "A man who looks like Frodo just spent $150 on erotica books and asked for my phone number. I considered giving him yours just to spite you."
Author: Syrie James
27. "...she knew right away she was entering a new world. One she had never witnessed or played a part in, but from first glance she knew her world and definition on sex was about to change—here at Club Pain, sex and erotica were redefined with BDSM."
Author: Talon P.S.
28. "Erotica is not porn. It's explicit romance."
Author: Tammy Louise Wilkins
29. "Evan and Matt where kissing. Passionately, erotically kissing. She saw tongues."
Author: Tere Michaels
30. "A Bible-quoting erotica writer--you are quite the oxymoron."
Author: Tiffany Reisz
31. "Romance is sex plus love. Erotica is sex plus fear."
Author: Tiffany Reisz

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