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1. "I said "I love you so much it's killing me"and you kept saying sorryso I stopped explainingfor it never made sense to youwhat always did to meto let what you love kill youand never regret. As Romeo is dying Juliet says"I am willing to die to remain by your side"and love was never a static place of restbut the last second of euphoriawhile throwing yourself out from a 20 store windowto be able to say"I flew before I hit the ground",and it was glorious.Don't be sorry.The fall was beautiful, dear.The crash was beautiful."
Author: Charlotte Eriksson
2. "Thank you for explaining that my eye cancer isn't going to make me deaf. I feel so fortunate that an intellectual giant like yourself would deign to operate on me."
Author: John Green
3. "You don't want to spend your life explaining yourself."
Author: Peter Garrett

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Quotes About Explaining Yourself
Quotes About Explaining Yourself
Quotes About Explaining Yourself

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