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1. "You want a piece of all this fabulousness?" He gestured to himself. "Well, my best friend comes along with it. I wouldn't cut you out of my life, Clary, any more than I would cut off my right hand and give it to someone as a Valentine's Day gift.""Gross," said Clary. "Must you?"He grinned. "I must."
Author: Cassandra Clare
2. "If he's just not into you anymore, then buy yourself a cute pair of shoes and strut your fabulousness elsewhere."
Author: Jody Gehrman
3. "I was concentrating on taking in all this fabulousness so I might have missed the full orgasm, but I was relatively certain I had a mini one.Then he smiled.There it was.The full orgasm.It was a wonder I didn't moan."
Author: Kristen Ashley
4. "Claire - "Go ahead. And thanks. Oh, and be careful?"Eve - "Please. I am the queen of careful. Also, princess of punk fabulousness."
Author: Rachel Caine
5. "Fabulous. If you possess it, you don't need to ask what it is. When you attempt to delineate it, you move away from it. Fabulous is one of those words that provide a measure of the degree to which a person or event manifests a particular oppressed subculture's most distinctive, invigorating features. What are the salient features of fabulousness? Irony. Tragic History. Defiance. Gender-fuck. Glitter. Drama. It is not butch. It is not hot. The cathexis surrounding fabulousness is not necessarily erotic. The fabulous is not delineated by age or beauty. It is raw materials reworked into illusion. To be truly fabulous, one must completely triumph over tragedy, age, and physical insufficiencies. The fabulous is the rapturous embrace of difference, the discovering of self not in that which has rejected you but in that which makes you unlike, the dislike, the other."
Author: Tony Kushner

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The mourners clustered around the edge of the grave, paralyzed by the horror of this thing, this first discovery of death that was worse than the death itself."
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