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1. "Never allow your game to be played by someone else's rules. The game you create is the reality you wish to live and that will be the love you do or do not endure."
Author: A.H. Carlisle III
2. "A friend is one who has the same enemies as you have."
Author: Abraham Lincoln
3. "And he waited. He felt like he was going to throw up. What the fuck was he doing? Hadn't he learned anything? It was one thing to flirt about sex, but this wasn't flirting. This was pulling your heart out of your chest and giving it to someone who might not like blood all over their floor. He'd already put himself out there with the note and now he wasn't even pretending to be subtle. Physical sadist and emotional masochist."
Author: Arden Aoide
4. "If your whole life is in those boxes, Hunter, I want you to hold on to all of it."
Author: Brigid Kemmerer
5. "God has a way of making sure you reach your destiny, regardless of what others do to you."
Author: Daniel Black
6. "Every life has a purpose. Share your story and you may help someone find their own."
Author: Demi Lovato
7. "Why is being an unmarried woman something that we should be ashamed of, as if we've failed? Men don't feel this way. When they haven't married, they make it sound like they've gotten away with something. Their single status makes them even more appealing to the other sex."
Author: Eileen Cook
8. "It sounds kind of farfetched, yet I can't tell you how many people have had this syndrome... the 'Old Hag Syndrome.' Apparently, there's this little old lady who comes into your room at night, sits on your chest and tries to suffocate you. You can Google her - she'll pop up. She's out there."
Author: George Noory
9. "Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal."
Author: Henry Ford
10. "I resent you—" Robespierre said. His words were lost. "The People," he shouted, "are everywhere good, and if they obstruct the Revolution—even, for example, at Toulon—we must blame their leaders.""What are you going on about this for?" Danton asked him. Fabre launched himself from the wall. "He is trying to enunciate a doctrine," he shrieked. "He thinks the time has come for a bloody sermon." "If only," Robespierre yelled, "there were more vertu.""More what?""Vertu. Love of one's country. Self-sacrifice. Civic spirit.""One appreciates your sense of humor, of course." Danton jerked his thumb in the direction of the noise. "The only vertu those bastards understand is the kind I demonstrate every night to my wife."
Author: Hilary Mantel
11. "The best advice I can give women at all levels is increase training. There are still areas where we have to break through that glass ceiling."
Author: Hilda Solis
12. "What will happen between you and I, Ella? You will still want the normal life you have been fighting for, and I will be an ageless accessory in your life you will soon outgrow."
Author: Inger Iversen
13. "The Mexican utopia has consisted of enjoying your fifteen minutes of impunity."
Author: Juan Villoro
14. "Therefore let your soul exalt your reason to the height of passion, that it may sing;"
Author: Kahlil Gibran
15. "We want our children to have a childhood that's magical and enriched, but I'll bet that your best childhood memories involve something you were thrilled to do by yourself. These are childhood's magic words: "I did it myself!"
Author: Lenore Skenazy
16. "Just because I did the proposing doesn't mean I don't want a ring.""Yeah, yeah, I'll get to it.""I'll pick it out.""No, you won't.""Why not? I'm the one who'll be wearing it.""You're the one wearing your face, too, but you didn't pick that out, either."On a sigh, she knelt beside him. "That makes absolutely no sense." But she tipped her head ontohis shoulder as he worked. "When I came here I was scared and angry. Now I'm scared, angry andhappy. It's better," she decided. "A lot better."
Author: Nora Roberts
17. "The cutthroat savagery of high school romance inspired in nearly all adults a collective amnesia. Having survived it themselves, they locked those memories far away in some dark chamber of their subconscious where things that are too terrible to contemplate are permanently stored."
Author: Richard Russo
18. "Perhaps you have a lumpy ass because you are perserving your fat cells with diet soda"
Author: Rory Freedman
19. "A camera is an opening in a box: that is the best emblem of the fact that a camera holding an object is holding the rest of the world away. The camera has been praised for extending the senses; it may, as the world goes, deserve more praise for confining them, leaving room for thought."
Author: Stanley Cavell
20. "Listen, it's not nice to have your mum kill herself, that is difficult. But at the end of the day, it happened a long time ago. My mother was, I hope, not the reason that I have been successful. It's not as simplistic as 'My mum killed herself; I've got to prove myself.' I was very lucky that my parents took an interest in me."
Author: Stuart Rose

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