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1. "The priestess of Artemis took hold of her almost with the violence of a lover, and whisked her away into a languid ecstasy of reverie. She communicated her own enthusiasm to the girl, and kept her mind occupied with dreams, faery-fervid, of uncharted seas of glory on which her galleon might sail, undiscovered countries of spice and sweetness, Eldorado and Utopia and the City of God."
Author: Aleister Crowley
2. "Concept to the Moriori as the telescope is to the Pygmy. Peace, not a hiatus betwixt wars but millennia of imperishable peace, rules these far-flung islands. Who can deny Old Rekohu lay closer to More's Utopia than our States of Progress governed by war-hungry princelings in Versailles & Vienna, Washington & Westminster? "Here," declaimed Mr."
Author: David Mitchell
3. "The Mexican utopia has consisted of enjoying your fifteen minutes of impunity."
Author: Juan Villoro
4. "Every utopia - let's just stick with the literary ones - faces the same problem: What do you do with the people who don't fit in?"
Author: Margaret Atwood
5. "This was London, in all its filth and glory. Nostalgic for the past, while yearning to cast off the chains of bygone ages and step forward into the bright utopia of the future. Proud of its achievements, yet despising its own flaws. A monster in both size and nature, that would consume the unwary and spit them out again, in forms unrecognizable and undreamt.London, the monster city."
Author: Marie Brennan
6. "The true socialist utopia turns out to be a field of F-1 hybrid plants."
Author: Michael Pollan
7. "We've reached utopia and it sucks"
Author: Richard Tomkins
8. "The commune movement is part of a reawakening of belief in the possibilities for utopia that existed in the nineteenth century and exist again today, a belief that by creating the right social institution, human satisfaction and growth can be achieved."
Author: Rosabeth Moss Kanter
9. "Books educate people and educated people ask awkward questions of those who govern them. The educated, in short, are considered ungovernable. Better to keep people ignorant of the past and to concentrate their minds on the utopia that lies ahead."
Author: The Economist

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Quotes About Fahrenheit 451 Utopia
Quotes About Fahrenheit 451 Utopia
Quotes About Fahrenheit 451 Utopia

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