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1. "If you think of having a family as being loved as a child, cared for - I did not experience that."
Author: Daniel Pauly
2. "My whole family has been such a great support, and they're the ones who have kept me grounded and allowed me to be who I am today."
Author: David Archuleta
3. "Giving women education, work, the ability to control their own income, inherit and own property, benefits the society. If a woman is empowered, her children and her family will be better off. If families prosper, the village prospers, and eventually so does the whole country."
Author: Isabel Allende
4. "But I don't think that it's a form of family that I would be comfortable in. I've found a way to this character and this family, but I still believe that a marriage is between two people and not seven or three."
Author: Jeanne Tripplehorn
5. "Love and fear. Everything the father of a family says must inspire one or the other."
Author: Joseph Joubert
6. "It's kind of funny...the moments on which life hinges. I think growing up you always imagine your life--your success--depends on your family and how much money they have, where you go to college, what sort of job you can pin down, starting salary...But it doesn't, you know. You wouldn't believe this, but life hinges on a couple of seconds you never see coming. And what you decide in those few seconds determines everything from then on... And you have no idea what you'll do until you're there..."
Author: Marisha Pessl
7. "The same regions of the brain light up when someone touches their smartphone as when they touch a family member or a pet."
Author: Matt Cohler
8. "A family is a collection of strangers trapped in a web of DNA and forced to cope."
Author: Neal Shusterman
9. "I learned that one person hurting another really is like a hand curling into a fist to smash the foot. And that all that really matters is family and other people. And that the purpose of life is to find the Light of God, but not the light from some old guy with a beard sitting up there judging us. The light is the love we give each other on our way back home. And that God wouldn't mind if we spent a little less time telling him how great he is and a little more time loving each other, and not just the people we're supposed to love, but everyone."
Author: Paul H. Magid
10. "Everybody in my family are doctors."
Author: Reshma Shetty
11. "We're playing Scrabble. It's a nightmare.""Scrabble?" He sounds surprised. "Scrabble's great.""Not when you're playing with a family of geniuses, it's not. They all put words like 'iridiums'. And I put 'pig'."
Author: Sophie Kinsella
12. "All this family shit! Harry said. How can you reinvent your life if the original versions won't leave you alone?"
Author: Tom Spanbauer
13. "I am really good about compartmentalizing and treating my family as one thing and the show or whatever my job as a secondary thing."
Author: Tony Vincent
14. "My family background was heavily slanted toward business and seafaring matters."
Author: William Standish Knowles

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