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1. "I am super-proud to have a sort of famous character in my background that if you're a certain age, he was probably a part of your youth. I think that's pretty cool."
Author: Adam Brody
2. "The best physicians are Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet, and Dr. Merryman."
Author: Daniel D. Palmer
3. "I wanted to be a rich, famous rock-and-roll star in that order."
Author: Dee Snider
4. "A matter, as the famous book intoned, of finding the shade of the parachute that best complemented you. But really: With no parachute at all you'd hit the pavement so hard it probably wouldn't even hurt, and you'd unleash a whole new color palate-bone, blood, muscle-in the process."
Author: Elisa Albert
5. "The Bumpuses were so low down on the evolutionary totem pole that they weren't even included in Darwin's famous family tree. They had inbred and ingrown and finally emerged from the Kentucky hills like some remnant of Attila the Hung's barbarian horde. Flick said that they had webbed feet and only three toes. It might have been true."
Author: Jean Shepherd
6. "I do not need to hear people tearing into Lisa Lampanelli for liking to have sex only with black men. I'm sad that this is her famous running gag. I'm sad that I now know this. I'm sad that a legitimate rung on the ladder of making it in comedy is writing hateful stuff about total strangers. I don't know."
Author: Mindy Kaling
7. "Pleasure without God, without the sacred boundaries, will actually leave you emptier than before. And this is biblical truth, this is experiential truth. The loneliest people in the world are amongst the wealthiest and most famous who found no boundaries within which to live. That is a fact I've seen again and again."
Author: Ravi Zacharias
8. "Computers are famous for being able to do complicated things starting from simple programs."
Author: Seth Lloyd
9. "He's probably their battle poet, too." "You mean he makes up heroic songs about famous battles?" "No, no. He recites poems that frighten the enemy....When a well-trained gonnagle starts to recite, the enemy's ears explode."
Author: Terry Pratchett
10. "The disease of an evil conscience is beyond the practice of all the physicians of all the countries in the would."
Author: William E. Gladstone

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