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1. "I never grew up reading or fantasizing about fairy tales. I was always too busy, like, outside being a kid."
Author: Armie Hammer
2. "Jazz spent a chunk of the day fantasizing about ways to kill his grandmother, plotting them and planning them in the most excruciating, gruesome detail his imagination would allow. It turned out his imagination allowed quite a bit. He spent the rest of the day convincing himself--over and over--not to do it."
Author: Barry Lyga
3. "Doesn't matter. It's done. No use fantasizing other scenarios."
Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
4. "Did my moral upbrining somehow turn against itself? If looking at someone with desire was as bad as satisfying the desire, if having an active fantasy was as bad as the act you were fantasizing- then why not the satisfaction and the act itself? As the days went on, I discovered that I couldn't stop thinking sinful thoughts. In which case I also wanted the sin itself."
Author: Bernhard Schlink
5. "At a conference of sociologists in America in 1977, love was defined as "the cognitive-affective state characterized by intrusive and obsessive fantasizing concerning reciprocity of amorant feelings by the object of the amorance." That is jargon - the practice of never calling a spade a spade when you might instead call it a manual earth-restructuring implement - and it is one of the great curses of modern English."
Author: Bill Bryson
6. "Imagining and fantasizing did nothing but break her heart."
Author: Cecelia Ahern
7. "When a woman is frozen of feeling, when she can no longer feel herself, when her blood, her passion, no longer reach the extremities of her psyche, when she is desperate; then a fantasy life is far more pleasurable than anything else she can set her sights upon. Her little match lights, because they have no wood to burn, instead burn up the psyche as though it were a big dry log. The psyche begins to play tricks on itself; it lives now in the fantasy fire of all yearning fulfilled. This kind of fantasizing is like a lie: If you tell it often enough, you begin to believe it."
Author: Clarissa Pinkola Estés
8. "It is not very romantic, but reality is a better basis for building a relationship than fantasizing about a soul mate or counting on a god to find you a partner."
Author: Darrel Ray
9. "It became such a recurring experience during this period when I was twenty -- to be starving and afraid of running out of money -- as I wandered from Brussels to Burma and everywhere in between for months on end, that I later came to see it as a part of my training as a cook. I came to see hunger as being as important a part of a stage as knife skills. Because so much starving on that trip led to such an enormous amount of time fantasizing about food, each craving became fanatically particular. Hunger was not general, ever, for just something, anything, to eat. My hunger grew so specific I could name every corner and fold of it. Salty, warm, brothy, starchy, fatty, sweet, clean and crunchy, crisp and water, and so on."
Author: Gabrielle Hamilton
10. "In this way unwittingly the Widow-to-Be is assuring her husband's death—his doom. Even as she believes she is behaving intelligently—"shrewdly" and "reasonably"—she is taking him to a teeming petri dish of lethal bacteria where within a week he will succumb to a virulent staph infection—a "hospital" infection acquired in the course of his treatment for pneumonia. Even as she is fantasizing that he will be home for dinner she is assuring that he will never return home. How unwitting, all Widows-to-Be who imagine that they are doing the right thing, in innocence and ignorance!"
Author: Joyce Carol Oates
11. "Let's get outta here. Or I'm gonna put my mouth on you right here. I've been fantasizing ‘bout tasting you since Thanksgiving." ~ Clay"
Author: Kele Moon
12. "As Hunt's gaze suddenly locked with hers, Annabelle was perturbed by the realization that she had been staring at him. Staring, and fantasizing. Although they were sitting far apart from each other, she was aware of an immediate, electric connection between them…there was an arrested expression on his face, and she wondered what he saw that fascinated him so."
Author: Lisa Kleypas
13. "Fantasizing about an Italian hottie was far better than my normal dreams."
Author: Lisa Tawn Bergren
14. "I'm already fantasizing about the Chinese food IO'm going to order in. Moo shu chicken with hoisn sauce. Maybe I'll even eat it in the bathtub."
Author: Meg Cabot
15. "The gauzy skirt that flutters in strips over my hips and thighs provides the illusion of risqué without actually threatening to reveal my lacy panties to the world. Those are meant for Aron's eyes only, but only if he asks nicely. And by nicely, I mean I'm fantasizing about him begging. While on his knees. And maybe naked."
Author: Mila Ferrera
16. "In those days he seemed to be a nice old gentleman, and his existence always served practical purposes, such as when I was accused of misconduct, for then I could shift the blame to him by saying, "Old Tacet did it." Naturally, no one would believe me, this being a last-ditch effort to avoid the hairbrush. If my mother were alive today, she'd laugh at me for still fantasizing - yet it's the truth.Even now, whenever necessary, I still summon forth the old geezer - in theater programs, for example, to credit him for costumes that I've designed, ones for which I prefer not getting the hook. Yes, he's another of my names: the unlikely but lovely and perfectly logical"
Author: Paul Taylor
17. "If you are fantasizing love, you are still single from within a heart no matter what your relationship status is."
Author: Pratik Akkawar
18. "I am a bit of a 'dreamer,' so I love fantasizing about utopian futures, and I also love the way you can explore big concepts in sci fi."
Author: Rekha Sharma
19. "Do you mind?" she asked."Mind what?""While you were looking in the mirror I couldn't help myself and I began fantasizing about you. And I figured if I was going to continue to fantasize about you, the only polite thing to do was to ask your permission. So now I'm doing the polite thing again and asking, ‘do you mind?'""No, Nina. I don't mind at all."Then she leaned down and kissed him."
Author: Richard Finney
20. "In meditation, placing our attention on the breathing takes the mind from daydreaming, worrying, thinking, and fantasizing. It gives our mind something healthy to do."
Author: Sakyong Mipham
21. "I had an extremely boring time doing 20 to 30 trades a day while everyone was talking about baseball or basketball. So I stood there fantasizing about a device that could do the same thing I was doing."
Author: Thomas Peterffy
22. "First, if you are a homosexual or feel that inclination, keep yourself pure. If you are unmarried, you should practice abstinence from all sexual activity. I know this is difficult, but really what God is asking you to do is pretty much the same thing that he requires of all single people. That means not only keeping your body pure, but especially your mind. Just as heterosexual men should avoid pornography and fantasizing, you, too, need to keep your thought-life clean. Resist the temptation to rationalize sin by saying, "God made me this way." God has made it very clear that He does not want you to indulge your desires, but to honor Him by keeping your mind and body pure. Finally, seek professional Christian counseling. With time and effort, you can come to enjoy normal, heterosexual relations with your spouse. There is hope."
Author: William Lane Craig
23. "Words are useless without action. Stop fantasizing and just DO it. Be a "game changer" or get played like an idiot."
Author: Ziad K. Abdelnour

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