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1. "Deep, choking sobs that sounded like his soul was being torn apart. He clutched at his father and Max took his in his arms. "I am so sorry dad." Kyle sobbed. "And I forgive you because that is what fahters do" said Max"
Author: Clive Cussler
2. "I bolted upright in my bed, gasping for air and still feeling his touch on my hand. I could feel him watching me. I could feel him waiting for me."
Author: Dana Michelle Burnett
3. "I've played for the Miami Heat my whole career under Pat Riley. Mr. GQ himself. So when I pick out my outfits before a game, I'm already feeling confident. And some of that swagger stays with me when I take the court."
Author: Dwyane Wade
4. "Ut haec ipsa qui non sentiat deorum vim habere is nihil omnino sensurus esse videatur."If any man cannot feel the power of God when he looks upon the stars, then I doubt whether he is capable of any feeling at all."
Author: Horace
5. "THIRTY–ZERO! TAKE THAT, YOU DIRTY, CHEATING —" "Jordan, if you can't commentate in an unbiased way — !" "I'm telling it like it is, Professor!"
Author: J.K. Rowling
6. "I don't think men ever grow out of their little boy games. They mature and find ways to make you not care or forget completely, if they know what they are doing and possibly your own name too, if you're real lucky. I'm feeling very lucky these days."
Author: Jennifer Loren
7. "I just want to be enough for you, but I never can be. This can never be enough for you. But this is all you get. You get me, and your family, and this world. This is your life. I'm sorry if it sucks. But you're not going to be the first man on Mars and you're not going to be an NBA star, and you're going to hunt Nazis."
Author: John Green
8. "You've got to shake your fists at lightning now, you've got to roar like forest fireYou've got to spread your light like blazes all across the skyThey're going to aim the hoses on you, show 'em you won't expireNot till you burn up every passion, not even when you dieCome on now, you've got to try, if you're feeling contempt, well then you tell itIf you're tired of the silent night, Jesus, well then you yell itCondemned to wires and hammers, strike every chord that you feelThat broken trees and elephant ivories conceal"
Author: Joni Mitchell
9. "Having a mate has given me that feeling of safety."
Author: Lisa Bonet
10. "Perhaps things are most beautiful when they are not quite real; when you look upon a scene as an outsider, and come to possess it in its entirety and forever; when you live in the present with the lucidity and feeling of memory; when, for want of connection, the world deepens and becomes art."
Author: Mark Helprin
11. "What happens when you have great grief in your life is the arteries of that heart begins to spasms down, just literally squeezes down like this because you're feeling the tension of your life and then the heart muscle itself will also begin - to get stressed out."
Author: Mehmet Oz
12. "It is useless to talk with those who do not understand one and troublesome to talk with those who criticize from a feeling of superiority. Especially one-sided persons are troublesome. Few are accomplished in many arts and most cling narrowly to their own opinion."
Author: Murasaki Shikibu
13. "Wade walked into the room. "I hope you two girls are playing nice?""If by, hope, you mean, a feeling of expectation, and desire for a particular thing to happen, then no," Grace answered."
Author: Patti Roberts
14. "If a great outfit gets you one step closer to feeling good about yourself, then it's worth every penny."
Author: Rachel Roy
15. "The vainglory of wishing to understand is dangerous, immoral and, above all, old-fashioned. The modern way – perhaps the final way - is to say: Go forward, without knowing why, as quickly as possible, towards an unknown goal! To act and think are opposites which identify one only in the Absolute. To accomplish all one's movements – of the head, the arms, the legs – without ever quite attaining the status of a puppet, but with a certainty that gives one a feeling of rightness: that is what is nowadays held up as the ideal. Be citizens of Universal activity! Forget to be conscious of ourselves! The blind horse gallops without hesitation, not knowing where it is going, not caring where it has been: so let up put out our eyes!"
Author: Remy De Gourmont
16. "I am sorry about being so…amorous with you. I never wanted to hurt you. I simply…wanted you."
Author: S.C. Stephens
17. "So how are you feeling this morning?" – Nick"Like I got my ass kicked by a bunch of psycho demons." – Caleb"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
18. "If you're feeling emotional when you're creating something, it'll sound that way."
Author: Steve Vai
19. "Every corny thing that's said about living with nature - being in harmony with the earth, feeling the cycle of the seasons - happens to be true."
Author: Susan Orlean
20. "Promises mean everything, but after they are broken, sorry means nothing."
Author: Waseem Shamsi

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