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1. "You learn to read so you can identify the reality in which you live, so that you can become a protagonist history rather than a spectator" Father Fernando Cardenal"
Author: Barbara Kingsolver
2. "I grew up half in South Central and half in the San Fernando valley."
Author: Cheech Marin
3. "Winter denial: therein lay the key to California Schadenfreude--the secret joy that the rest of the country feels at the misfortune of California. The country said: "Look at them, with their fitness and their tans, their beaches and their movie stars, their Silicon Valley and silicone breasts, their orange bridge and their palm trees. God, I hate those smug, sunshiny bastards!" Because if you're up to your navel in a snowdrift in Ohio, nothing warms your heart like the sight of California on fire. If you're shoveling silt out of your basement in the Fargo flood zone, nothing brightens your day like watching a Malibu mansion tumbling down a cliff into the sea. And if a tornado just peppered the land around your Oklahoma town with random trailer trash and redneck nuggets, then you can find a quantum of solace in the fact that the earth actually opened up in the San Fernando Valley and swallowed a whole caravan of commuting SUVs."
Author: Christopher Moore
4. "Marriage to Fernando offered shelter and security, but the shackle was the price I'd pay."
Author: Esther Williams
5. "3.(…)En la vida de hoy, el mundo sólo pertenece a los estúpidos, a los insensibles y a los agitados. El derecho a vivir y a triunfar se conquista hoy con los mismos procedimientos con que se conquista el internamiento en un manicomio: la incapacidad de pensar, la amoralidad y la hiperexcitación.—Libro del Desasosiego, Fernando Pessoa—"
Author: Fernando Pessoa
6. "Cuáles ideas nunca supe, ¡pero qué maravilla! Y la nostalgia de lo pasado, de lo vivido, de lo soñado me iba suavizando el ceño. Y por sobre las ruinas del Bombay presente, el casco de lo que fue, en una nube desflecada, rompiendo un cielo brumoso, me iba retrocediendo a mi infancia hasta que volvía a ser niño y a salir el sol, y me veía abajo por esa carretera una tarde, corriendo con mis hermanos. Y felices, inconscientes, despilfarrando el chorro de nuestras vidas pasábamos frente a Bombay persiguiendo un globo. Con su aguja gruesa una vitrola en la cantina tocaba un disco rayado:«Un amor que se me fue, otro amor que me olvidó, por el mundo yo voy penando. Amorcito quién te arrullará, pobrecito que perdió su nido, sin hallar abrigo muy sólito va..." Fernando Vallejo en La virgen de los sicarios"
Author: Fernando Vallejo
7. "Still holding my breath, I worked the dull point inside and slowly, slowly drew back the stopper, plunged it back in, and exhaled. At last, my grateful spirit eased out of the fetid bag of humanity crumpled in that Japanese car, eased out and drifted overhead, until it floated high over the San Fernando Valley, far away from all these people who just didn't understand, far away and high above the awful circumstance of what now passed for my life."
Author: Jerry Stahl
8. "Father Fernando did every thing in his power to assist the sick; and although he arrived much reduced in flesh, he did not become ill, and is now well."
Author: Junipero Serra
9. "My grandmother lives with my mother in a gorgeous house in the San Fernando Valley. I am afforded these luxuries, and I'm very young."
Author: Kirsten Dunst
10. "Mag sein, daß für manche die Literatur die angenehmste Art ist, das Leben zu ignorieren, wie Fernando Pessoa einmal geschrieben hat."
Author: Nicolas Barreau
11. "Seriously, Dyt? What are you waiting for? If he could care enough to help you without having you asked him, he seems worthy enough to be chased. ? Ilham Fernando Fauzi"
Author: Nina Ardianti
12. "Did you ever meet someone named Caleb?" I say. 'Caleb," Fernando says. "Yes, there was a Caleb in my initiate class. Brilliant, but he was... what's the colloquial term for it? A suck-up." he smirks."
Author: Veronica Roth
13. "I met him while I was imprisoned," I say, and my voice sounds far away even to me. "I was just curious." "I wouldn't judge him too harshly," says Fernando. "Jeanine can be extraordinarily persuasive to those who aren't naturally suspicious. I have always been naturally suspicious." ... "Yeah," I say. "So have I."
Author: Veronica Roth

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