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1. "I definitely in filmmaking more and more find writing and directing a means to harvest material for editing. It's all about editing."
Author: Alexander Payne
2. "I grew up on film sets but more around the process of making films. I saw a lot of the editing process and the writing process, which takes years. That really affected me growing up, that side of it."
Author: Alice Englert
3. "The film's dramatic requirements should always take precedence over the mere aesthetics of editing."
Author: Edward Dmytryk
4. "I don't know why my lines that were cut from the film didn't make it onto the DVD. I have offered to go into the editing room with Christopher and work shoulder to shoulder with him to fit all my lines in. I think he thinks I'm kidding. I'm only trying to help."
Author: Fred Willard
5. "You have to edit the material. That assumes that some kind of a mind is operating in relation to the material. Not all minds are the same. Every aspect of filmmaking requires choice. The selection of the subject, the shooting, editing and length are all aspects of choice."
Author: Frederick Wiseman
6. "Filmmaking is a very complex form - ya know, acting, lighting, screenwriting, storytelling, music, editing - all these things have to come together."
Author: Jay Duplass
7. "Racing cars which have been converted for road use never really work. It's like making a hard core adult film, and then editing it so that it can be shown in British hotels. You'd just end up with a sort of half hour close up of some bloke's sweaty face."
Author: Jeremy Clarkson
8. "Editing is where movies are made or broken. Many a film has been saved and many a film has been ruined in the editing room."
Author: Joe Dante
9. "Even a fiction film is hard to end. You can going on shooting and editing a documentary forever."
Author: Leos Carax
10. "But I suppose film is distinctive because of its nature, of its being able to cut through time with editing."
Author: Oliver Stone
11. "I took courses at USC in film editing and art direction and photography when I was still in high school."
Author: Ray Harryhausen
12. "I no longer do a film for the wrong reasons. I have to be convinced ethically and morally. Both the director and I have to be on the same page. There are just five songs in most films these days, and they have to be amazing. There has to be a twist in the screenplay. The editing has to be crisp. Your hard work should show, but effortlessly."
Author: Salman Khan
13. "A lot of young filmmakers bring their movies to my dad because he always gives lots of good editing ideas and notes. He'd be a good film professor."
Author: Sofia Coppola
14. "Film editing is now something almost everyone can do at a simple level and enjoy it, but to take it to a higher level requires the same dedication and persistence that any art form does."
Author: Walter Murch
15. "This applies to many film jobs, not just editing: half the job is doing the job, and the other half is finding ways to get along with people and tuning yourself in to the delicacy of the situation."
Author: Walter Murch

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